Thornton To Miss Newcastle

February 11 2016

ROBERT THORNTON will miss Thursday's Betway Premier League Night Two in Newcastle through illness.

The Scottish ace has been laid low this week with a chest infection and has been ruled out on medical advice for Thursday's visit to the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, where he was due to face Michael Smith.

Following a coin toss involving the players who were due to play in the night's final game, James Wade and Phil Taylor, Wade will now play twice in Newcastle as he faces Smith in the night's opening match.

World Grand Prix champion Thornton will now play twice in Liverpool by facing Smith in his rearranged fixture before playing Michael van Gerwen.

Betway Premier League
Revised Fixtures
Night Two - February 11
Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

James Wade v Michael Smith
Raymond van Barneveld v Peter Wright
Adrian Lewis v Dave Chisnall
Gary Anderson v Michael van Gerwen
James Wade v Phil Taylor

Night Eight - March 24
Echo Arena, Liverpool

Michael Smith v Robert Thornton
Gary Anderson v Dave Chisnall
Adrian Lewis v Raymond van Barneveld
Phil Taylor v Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen v Robert Thornton

Thornton has also withdrawn from the weekend's Dutch Darts Masters in Venray, with his scheduled second round opponent now receiving a Bye.

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