HappyBet German Darts Open Draw

April 20 2017

THE draw and schedule of play for the HappyBet German Darts Open are now available ahead of this weekend's third PDC European Tour event.

The tournament, to be held at the Saarlandhalle in Saarbrucken, sees 48 players competing for £135,000 in prize money over three days.

Friday's first round sees the 32 qualifiers face off across two sessions - with the field being completed on Thursday night with four players coming through the Host Nation Qualifiers and eight coming from the European Qualifier.

Finland's Marko Kantele faces South Africa's Warrick Scheffer in one of the confirmed ties, while Polish qualifier Krzysztof Ratajski comes up against Scotland's Jamie Bain - with the winner going on to face German Darts Championship winner Peter Wright.

Last weekend's German Darts Masters winner Michael van Gerwen is awaiting the winner of a first round tie between two European Qualifiers.

Former European Tour winner Robert Thornton comes up against former World Youth Championship finalist Nathan Aspinall, while former German Darts Masters finalist John Henderson meets James Richardson in round one.

Former European Tour winner Mervyn King meets Robbie Green in a high-profile first round tie, while Paul Nicholson meets one of the German qualifiers.

The first round also features former World Championship finalist Andy Hamilton, 2005 UK Open runner-up Mark Walsh, emerging star Rob Cross and youngsters Stephen Lennon, Adam Hunt and Josh Payne.

The 16 seeded players enter the tournament in Saturday's second round, before Sunday sees the event conclude with the third round in the afternoon session and quarter-finals, semi-finals and final in the evening session.

The HappyBet German Darts Open will be streamed online worldwide for PDCTV-HD Subscribers through www.livepdc.tv, as well as live through a series of bookmakers' websites.

HappyBet German Darts Open
Draw Bracket (Second Round Onwards)

Michael van Gerwen (1) v ET3/ET2
Steve West (16) v HNQ2/Adam Hunt
Ian White (8) v Marko Kantele/Warrick Scheffer
Kim Huybrechts (9) v Mervyn King/Robbie Green
Simon Whitlock v Peter Jacques/Darren Webster
Michael Smith (12) v EQ4/Rob Cross
Benito van de Pas (4) v Paul Nicholson/HNQ3
Joe Cullen (13) v EQ1/EQ7
Peter Wright (2) v Jamie Bain/Krzysztof Ratajski
Cristo Reyes (15) v HNQ4/Josh Payne
Alan Norris (7) v EQ8/Andy Hamilton
Gerwyn Price (10) v John Henderson/James Richardson
Dave Chisnall (6) v Nathan Aspinall/Robert Thornton
Jelle Klaasen (11) v Stephen Lennon/EQ5
Mensur Suljovic (3) v Mark Walsh/EQ6
Stephen Bunting (14) v HNQ1/Brian Woods

Schedule of Play
Friday April 21

First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)
Marko Kantele v Warrick Scheffer
Peter Jacques v Darren Webster
Jamie Bain v Krzysztof Ratajski
Stephen Lennon v EQ5
Mark Walsh v EQ6
HNQ2 v Adam Hunt
John Henderson v James Richardson
HNQ1 v Brian Woods

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
Nathan Aspinall v Robert Thornton
EQ8 v Andy Hamilton
Mervyn King v Robbie Green
Paul Nicholson v HNQ3
EQ4 v Rob Cross
EQ1 v EQ7
HNQ4 v Josh Payne
EQ3 v EQ2

Saturday April 22
Second Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)
Stephen Bunting v HNQ1/Woods
Ian White v Kantele/Scheffer
Gerwyn Price v Henderson/Richardson
Steve West v HNQ2/Hunt
Kim Huybrechts v King/Green
Michael Smith v EQ4/Cross
Alan Norris v EQ8/Hamilton
Simon Whitlock v Jacques/Webster

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
Cristo Reyes v HNQ4/Payne
Joe Cullen v EQ1/EQ7
Benito van de Pas v Nicholson/HNQ3
Michael van Gerwen v EQ3/EQ2
Mensur Suljovic v Walsh/EQ6
Peter Wright v Bain/Ratajski
Jelle Klaasen v Lennon/EQ5
Dave Chisnall v Aspinall/Thornton

Sunday April 23
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)

Third Round

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)

All games are the best of 11 legs

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