Parry Secures Maiden Victory

March 24 2013

KURT PARRY secured his maiden PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour title on Sunday at the Barnsley Metrodome, which culminated in a 4-1 victory over Essex’ Daniel Day in the decider.

Parry, who hit a superb nine-dart finish in Friday’s PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship, produced a strong display to reach his first final on the Challenge Tour.

Parry disposed of James Young, James Nener and Sean McArdle without dropping a leg before overcoming Darren Beveridge with a tight 4-3 win to reach the last 16.

The 19-year-old Welshman then romped through to the final thanks to victories over Ryan Murray, Harry Miles and Shaun Littler, dropping just one leg in the process.

Parry continued his superb form of the day in the decider as he defeated Daniel Day 4-1 to secure his PDC Challenge Tour title, and with it the winners prize of £500.

Daniel Day, who reached the semi-finals of the first yesterday’s two events, started his run to the final with victories over Matthew Dicken and Marcellino Romeijn.

The 24-year-old from Essex recorded a fine 4-1 victory over Ricky Evans before progressing to the last eight with wins over Nick Paenen and Reece Robinson.

Day overcame Adam Hunt with a narrow 4-3 quarter-final and then recorded his third whitewash victory of the day over Shaun Littler.

That put Day into his first ever PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Final before having to settle for the runners-up cheque of £300, after defeat to Parry in the decider.

Rowby John Rodriguez, who secured a total of £800 in prize money for his efforts on Saturday, lost at the 32 stage to Cheshire’s Stuart Bousfield, who avenged his semi-final defeat to the Austrian, in the first of Saturday’s two events.

Bousfield went on to reach the quarter-finals before losing narrowly to Lincolnshire’s Jason Marriott, who fell victim to Parry in the last four.

Josh Payne, who secured his first Challenge Tour title after claiming the second tournament of yesterday’s double-header, suffered a first round exit at the hands of James Nener.

The next three events of this year’s PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour will take place in Wigan, at the Robin Park Tennis Centre, during the weekend of 20-21 April, where £3,000 in prize money will be on offer in each event.

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event Three
Sunday March 24, Barnsley Metrodome
First Round

Josh Clough 4-2 Kirsty Haw
Ryan Harrington 4-0 Corey Kent
James Nener 4-1 Josh Payne
Kurt Parry 4-0 James Young
Brandon Walsh 4-0 Joshua Carter
Dean Forde 4-1 Michael Ganz
Hermie van Orsouw 4-1 Sion Thomas
Gaz Cousins 4-3 Ryan de Vreede
Rowby John Rodriguez 4-2 Jordan David Lewis
Danny Knight 4-1 Daryl McDermott
Aaron Bateman 4-1 Dan Turney
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-1 Dan Read
Shane Edwards 4-2 Stephen Hardie
Scott Artiss 4-1 Robert Marsden
Shaun Griffiths 4-0 Mark Tomlinson
Jake Jones 4-0 Dan Butler
Shaun Littler 4-2 Martin Walker
Rick Veugelers 4-3 Lee Whitworth
Harley Kemp 4-3 Jamie Landon
Tom Lonsdale 4-1 Tommy Lishman
Jamie Lewis 4-1 Anthony West
Chris Aubrey 4-1 Michael McFall
George Killington 4-1 Jamie Holmes
Sam Davidson 4-0 Barry Holland
Dean Finn 4-2 Nathan Aspinall
Paul Cooper 4-1 Luke Rhodes
Marcellino Romeijn 4-1 Shane Friedlander
Daniel Day 4-2 Matthew Dicken
James Thompson 4-2 Peter Hughes

Second Round
Paul Barham 4-2 Dan Green
Ryan Murray 4-0 Matthew Dennant
Luke Woodhouse 4-2 Rhys Hayden
Ryan Harrington 4-1 Josh Clough
Darren Beveridge 4-1 Rainer Hofweber
Arron Fairweather 4-1 Peter Browning
Sean McArdle 4-0 Paddy Meaney
Kurt Parry 4-0 James Nener
Chris Millward 4-3 Tom Hodgson
Sam Hamilton 4-0 Mike Nissen
Michael Blake 4-1 Michael Airnes
Brandon Walsh 4-1 Dean Forde
Jack Hill 4-3 Curtis Hammond
Harry Miles 4-0 Danny van der Veen
Ashley Sandon James 4-2 James Marcroft
Gaz Cousins 4-1 Hermie van Orsouw
Martin Heneghan 4-0 Oisin Daly
Stuart Bousfield 4-2 Kevin Wensink
Darren Whittingham 4-0 David Hunt
Rowby John Rodriguez 4-0 Danny Knight
Oliver Stell 4-3 Bradley Coltman
Ross Smith 4-3 John Seagrave
Jake Patchett 4-2 Carl Draper
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-0 Aaron Bateman
Phillip Coward 4-2 Scott Johnson
Shaun Michael Lovett 4-2 Sean Ryan
Jason Marriott 4-2 Cain Unwin
Shane Edwards 4-1 Scott Artiss
Tom Sykes 4-0 Ryan Sullivan
Kai Gotthardt 4-3 Michael Meaney
Ben Ward 4-0 Samuel Poland
Shaun Griffiths 4-0 Dion Glennon
Sergio Garcia Espana 4-0 Lee Budgen
Josh Jones 4-3 Paul Blackstone
Jack Tweddell 4-0 Liam Critchley
Shaun Littler 4-2 Jake Jones
Lewis Venes 4-1 Ryan Jones
Darren Williams 4-0 Derek Park
Tony Cole 4-0 Neil Hunt
Harley Kemp 4-3 Rick Veugelers
Luke Cheevers 4-3 Brandonn Monk
John Esam 4-1 Andrew Clark
Steve Haggerty 4-0 Andrew Hughes
Jamie Lewis 4-0 Tom Lonsdale
John de Kruijf 4-3 James Welding
Max Hopp 4-2 Jackson Wilson-Young
Sam Hill 4-0 Jamie Clements
Jamie Wilkins 4-2 Chris Aubrey
Lewis McGurn 4-3 Chris Wickenden
Robin Schulz 4-3 Brandon Jones
Shaun Narain 4-2 Joe Harrison
George Killington 4-3 Sam Davidson
Alan Bell 4-2 Curtis Turner
Adam Hunt 4-1 Ricky de Vos
Charl Pietersen 4-2 Nicholas Day
Dean Finn 4-1 Paul Cooper
Nick Paenen 4-1 Chris Fairclough
Danny Lauby 4-2 Scott McCabe
Ricky Evans 4-0 John Bryan
Daniel Day 4-0 Marcellino Romeijn
Ben Songhurst 4-2 Robert Raine
Reece Robinson 4-2 Wouter Vaes
Alan James Tabern Jnr 4-3 Sean Fisher
James Thompson 4-0 Adam Smith Neale

Third Round
Ryan Murray 4-3 Paul Barham
Luke Woodhouse 4-2 Ryan Harrington
Darren Beveridge 4-3 Arron Fairweather
Kurt Parry 4-0 Sean McArdle
Sam Hamilton 4-3 Chris Millward
Brandon Walsh 4-0 Michael Blake
Harry Miles 4-3 Jack Hill
Gaz Cousins 4-0 Ashley Sandon James
Stuart Bousfield 4-0 Martin Heneghan
Rowby John Rodriguez 4-1 Darren Whittingham
Ross Smith 4-1 Oliver Stell
Jake Patchett 4-1 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Shaun Michael Lovett 4-3 Phillip Coward
Jason Marriott 4-0 Shane Edwards
Tom Sykes 4-2 Kai Gotthardt
Ben Ward 4-2 Shaun Griffiths
Josh Jones 4-3 Sergio Garcia Espana
Shaun Littler 4-3 Jack Tweddell
Lewis Venes 4-3 Darren Williams
Harley Kemp 4-2 Tony Cole
Luke Cheevers 4-1 John Esam
Jamie Lewis 4-1 Steve Haggerty
Max Hopp 4-2 John de Kruijf
Jamie Wilkins 4-2 Sam Hill
Lewis McGurn 4-1 Robin Schulz
Shaun Narain 4-0 George Killington
Adam Hunt 4-0 Alan Bell
Charl Pietersen 4-3 Dean Finn
Nick Paenen 4-3 Danny Lauby
Daniel Day 4-1 Ricky Evans
Reece Robinson 4-0 Ben Songhurst
James Thompson 4-1 Alan James Tabern Jnr

Fourth Round
Ryan Murray 4-3 Luke Woodhouse
Kurt Parry 4-3 Darren Beveridge
Sam Hamilton 4-2 Brandon Walsh
Harry Miles 4-2 Gaz Cousins
Stuart Bousfield 4-1 Rowby John Rodriguez
Jake Patchett 4-1 Ross Smith
Jason Marriott 4-1 Shaun Michael Lovett
Ben Ward 4-0 Tom Sykes
Shaun Littler 4-0 Josh Jones
Lewis Venes 4-3 Harley Kemp
Jamie Lewis 4-1 Luke Cheevers
Max Hopp 4-1 Jamie Wilkins
Shaun Narain 4-2 Lewis McGurn
Adam Hunt 4-3 Charl Pietersen
Daniel Day 4-2 Nick Paenen
Reece Robinson 4-3 James Thompson
Losers £50

Fifth Round
Kurt Parry 4-0 Ryan Murray
Harry Miles 4-3 Sam Hamilton
Stuart Bousfield 4-0 Jake Patchett
Jason Marriott 4-2 Ben Ward
Shaun Littler 4-3 Lewis Venes
Jamie Lewis 4-1 Max Hopp
Adam Hunt 4-0 Shaun Narain
Daniel Day 4-0 Reece Robinson
Losers £75

Kurt Parry 4-1 Harry Miles
Jason Marriott 4-3 Stuart Bousfield
Shaun Littler 4-3 Jamie Lewis
Daniel Day 4-3 Adam Hunt
Losers £100

Kurt Parry 4-1 Jason Marriott
Daniel Day 4-0 Shaun Littler
Losers £200

Kurt Parry 4-1 Daniel Day
Winner £500
Runner-Up £300

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