Trio Complete International Qualifiers

November 19 2013

GINO VOS, Andree Welge and Zoran Lerchbacher have all qualified for the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship through qualifying events in Europe.

Vos was triumphant in the Western Europe Qualifier held in Italy as he ensured a second successive Alexandra Palace appearance, having lost to Adrian Lewis in the first round last December.

The Dutch youngster almost lost out in the event's preliminary round, missing five match darts before edging out compatriot Jerry Hendriks 6-5, and he went on to defeat Claudio Monaldi, Stefano Valdes, Michel Furlani and Leon de Geus to reach the final, where he won 6-3 against Dick van Dijk.

Welge, meanwhile, won the national German qualifying event for a second successive year, defeating Maik Langendorf 10-7 in the final, winning five successive legs to come from 7-5 down.

Welge had lost out to Langendorf in their round-robin fixture as the last eight were initially split into two groups, from which the top two players qualified.

Welge defeated Dragutin Horvath and Alexander Tauber in the group stage, before then seeing off Max Hopp 8-2 in the semi-finals.

The Bull's Super League Eastern Europe event was won by Mensur Suljovic, who saw off fellow Austrian Zoran Lerchbacher 10-4 in the final.

However, with Suljovic having already qualified for the World Championship through the ProTour Order of Merit, the qualifying place from the Eastern Europe event is passed to Lerchbacher, a former European Tour qualifier in Austria who will be making his Alexandra Palace debut next month.

Lerchbacher won all three of his group games in the round-robin stage, defeating Michael Rasztovits, Nandor Bezzeg and Boris Krcmar, and then overcame top Austrian youngster Rowby-John Rodriguez 8-4 in the semi-finals.

Suljovic overcame Rodriguez in, Robert Marijanovic and Csaba Nagy in winning through Group One, before winning 8-5 against Krcmar in the semi-finals and then taking the title in the decider with Lerchbacher.

The trio complete the list of International Qualifiers for the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship, with the field being finalised on Monday following the weekend's final Players Championship events in Barnsley and the subsequent PDPA Qualifier.

The PDPA Qualifier will see the winner progress directly into the first round of the World Championship, with the runner-up in the preliminary round alongside the international qualifiers.

2014 Ladbrokes World Darts Championship
Western Europe Qualifier
Preliminary Round

Mauro DeConto 6-3 Livio Toniolo
MArco Apollonio 6-0 Stefano Pellegrinet
Dick van Dijk 6-2 Gabriel Rollo
Gino Vos 6-5 Jerry Hendriks
Enrico Giacomazzi 6-1 Walter Donati
Sjaak Beijer 6-2 Paolo Vicenzotti

First Round
Paolo Zambon 6-1 Mauro DeConto
Romano Milani 6-2 Simone Coato
Gianni Miato 6-4 Fabio Pistolesi
Marco Brentegani 6-3 Claudio Dolcetti
Marco Apollonio 6-2 Daniele Petri
Richard van Zijtveld 6-2 Tino di Micheli
Walter Donati 6-2 Mirko De Faveri
Dick van Dijk 6-1 Claudio Vignali
Gino Vos 6-0 Claudio Monaldi
Stefano Valdes 6-1 Eric Fundaro
Leo Hendriks 6-3 Maurizio Monterubbianesi
Michel Furlani 6-2 Riccardo Portioli
Enrico Giacomazzi 6-0 Stefano Roveri
Leon de Geus 6-1 Daniele Nocent
Stefano Tomassetti 6-5 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Stefano Barbi 6-2 Sjaak Beijer

Second Round
Paolo Zambon 6-0 Romano Milani
Marco Brentegani 6-5 Gianni Miato
Richard van Zijtveld 6-3 Marco Apollonio
Dick van Dijk 6-0 Walter Donati
Gino Vos 6-1 Stefano Valdes
Michel Furlani 6-3 Leo Hendriks
Leon de Geus 6-2 Enrico Giacomazzi
Stefano Barbi 6-2 Stefano Tomassetti

Marco Brentegani 6-3 Paolo Zambon
Dick van Dijk 6-2 Richard van Zijtveld
Gino Vos 6-1 Michel Furlani
Leon de Geus 6-2 Stefano Barbi

Dick van Dijk 6-4 Marco Brentegani
Gino Vos 6-3 Leon de Geus

Gino Vos 6-3 Dick van Dijk

Bull's Super League Eastern Europe - Last Eight
Group One

Mensur Suljovic 6-1 Rowby John Rodriguez
Robert Marijanovic 6-2 Csaba Nagy
Rowby John Rodriguez 6-2 Csaba Nagy
Mensur Suljovic 6-2 Robert Marijanovic
Rowby John Rodriguez 6-4 Robert Marijanovic
Mensur Suljovic 6-3 Csaba Nagy

Group Two
Zoran Lerchbacher 6-2 Michael Rasztovits
Boris Krcmar 6-3 Nandor Bezzeg
Boris Krcmar 6-4 Michael Rasztovits
Zoran Lerchbacher 6-4 Nandor Bezzeg
Michael Rasztovits 6-2 Nandor Bezzeg
Zoran Lerchbacher 6-2 Boris Krcmar

Mensur Suljovic 8-5 Boris Krcmar
Zoran Lerchbacher 8-4 Rowby John Rodriguez

Mensur Suljovic 10-4 Zoran Lerchbacher

Bull's Super League Germany - Last Eight
Group One

Kevin Munch 6-3 Sascha Stein
Max Hopp 6-5 Jyhan Artut
Max Hopp 6-5 Kevin Munch
Jyhan Artut 6-5 Sascha Stein
Kevin Munch 6-2 Jyhan Artut
Sascha Stein 6-3 Max Hopp

Group Two
Andree Welge 6-2 Dragutin Horvath
Maik Langendorf 6-5 Alexander Tauber
Maik Langendorf 6-4 Andree Welge
Dragutin Horvath 6-4 Alexander Tauber
Dragutin Horvath 6-5 Maik Langendorf
Andree Welge 6-1 Alexander Tauber

Maik Langendorf 8-6 Kevin Munch
Andree Welge 8-2 Max Hopp

Andree Welge 10-7 Maik Langendorf

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