Record Qualifying School Field Confirmed!

January 13 2015

A RECORD field of over 400 players will compete in the 2015 PDC Qualifying School at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan from January 14-17 as hopefuls from around the world compete to win PDC Tour Cards a places on the PDC circuit.

The PDC Qualifying School forms the start of the new darting season, giving ANY darts player the chance to win a Tour Card to compete full-time on the PDC ProTour.

In addition, players who fail to win a Tour Card are eligible to compete on the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour - a series of 16 tournaments worth £10,000 apiece - as well as enter UK Open Qualifiers and European Tour Qualifiers throughout the year.

The PDC ProTour, comprised of the six UK Open Qualifiers, nine European Tour events and 20 Players Championships, will pay out over £2.5 million in prize money alone this year - with the stand-alone events also counting towards qualification for the major TV tournaments.

PDC Tour Cards are automatically awarded to the top 64 players from the PDC Order of Merit at the start of 2015, following the completion of the William Hill World Darts Championship, alongside the existing two-year Tour Card Holders from the 2014 Qualifying School.

In addition, a further four Tour Cards per day are awarded to the last four players on each day of Qualifying School, with further Tour Cards, up to a total of 128, awarded to players from the Q School Order of Merit based on finishing positions across the four days.

The field of 423 competitors at Qualifying School includes a host of big names from the darting world - including stars from the recent William Hill World Darts Championship Nolan Arendse, Robert Marijanovic, Ron Meulenkamp and Haruki Muramatsu.

International stars who have competed in the PDC World Cup include Devon Petersen - a former Tour Card holder - Sweden's Magnus Caris and Par Riihonen, Spain's Antonio Alcinas, Norway's Robert Wagner, Canadian youngster Shaun Narain and the Gibraltar-based pair Dylan Duo and Dyson Parody.

Former UK Open finalists Barrie Bates and Gary Mawson join PDC veterans Denis Ovens, Alex Roy, Matt Clark and Andy Jenkins in bidding to return to the PDC ProTour on a full-time basis.

2008 World Championship finalist Kirk Shepherd is also bidding to win back his Tour Card, while last year's UK Open giant-killer Aden Kirk is also in the field as he seeks to continue his emergence.

Former PDC major winners Peter Evison, the 1996 World Matchplay winner, and Peter Manley, the 2003 Las Vegas Desert Classic, are also in action in Wigan.

Former Lakeside Championship finalist Alan Norris is joined by Robbie Green, James Wilson and Jan Dekker in moving over to the PDC circuit after competing recently in the Lakeside Championship.

The field will also include a host of players who have competed in the PDC's European Tour events, including Austria's Roxy-James Rodriguez - the brother of 2014 Tour Card winner Rowby-John - Germany's Michael Rosenauer and Bernd Roith and Belgium's Mike De Decker.

Qualifying School Event Info
Play on each day of Qualifying School will be down to four players, who win an automatic two-year PDC Tour Card and do not compete in subsequent days of the event.

In addition, players are allocated ranking points based on their finishing position on each day of play, forming the Q School Order of Merit from which an additional number of PDC Tour Cards will be awarded. The exact number of players who will win a Tour Card from the QSOOM has yet to be finalised and will be confirmed in due course.

Ranking Points will be awarded as follows:
Last 8 defeat: 9 points
Last 16 defeat: 5 points
Last 32 defeat: 3 points
Last 64 defeat: 2 points
Last 128 defeat: 1 point

The Q School Order of Merit is also used during 2015 to allocate additional places, in ranking order, within Players Championship tournaments, should the full field of 128 Tour Card Holders not enter.

Players need only to play on a minimum of one day at Qualifying School, although the Q School OOM will be based on four days' results. All games are the best of nine legs.

* Players who have entered but not yet completed and returned their PDPA Membership Forms will be required to hand these in or complete these in person at the venue before competing at Qualifying School.

2015 PDC Qualifying School
Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Carl Abbiss
David Airey
Antonio Alcinas
Luke Allen
Paul Amos
Paul Anthony
Nolan Arendse
Nathan Aspinall
Wayne Atwood
Chris Aubrey
Kevin Bambrick
Paul Barham
Shaun Barlow
Michael Barnard
Darren Barnes
Martin Barratt
Daniel Batchelor
Barrie Bates
Jeff Batham
Craig Baxter
Michael Baynham
Michael Beal
Adrian Beale
Christopher Bent
James Bevan
Nigel Birch
Simon Birkett
Michael Blake
Andy Bless
Ryan Bloomfield
Philip Borthwick
Andy Boulton
Steve Bowers
Tony Bradley
Justin Bradshaw
Justin Broton
Craig Brown
Darron Brown
John Bryan
Darren Burdett
Michael Burgoine
Trevor Burkhill
Simon Burt
Michael Bushby
Sean Cain
Richard Calvert
Ray Campbell
Scott Campbell
Magnus Caris
Stephen Carrett
Joshua Carter
Mark Carter
Paul Carter
Simon Cassidy
Andrew Chamberlain
Matt Clark
Brett Claydon
Darrell Claydon
Jonny Clayton
Tony Cole
Steve Collins
Chris Cooper
Jamie Cooper
John Cooper
Richie Corner
Shane Cox
Simon Craven
John Crossley
Steven Cupitt
Lee Cusworth
Christopher Dale
Scott Dale
Scott Davidson
Barry Adam Davies
Ben Davies
Tony Dawkins
Daniel Day
Mike De Decker
Leon de Geus
Bryan de Hoog
Ryan De Vreede
Jeffrey De Zwaan
Jan Dekker
Fraser Scott Dempsey
Richard Denis
Matthew Dennant
Alan Derrett
Nathan Derry
Marc Dewsbury
Greg Dickinson
Aaron Dingivan
Chris Dobey
Eddie Dootson
Steve Douglas
John-Paul Dowdall
Kevin Dowling
Andy Downs
Matthew Draper
Dylan Duo
Stuart Dutton
Matthew Edgar
David Edmunds
Dafydd Edwards
Yuji Eguchi
Jamie Ellam
Richard Elms
Kieran Evans
Lee Evans
Nathan Evans
Peter Evison
BJ Fairhurst
Jon Farmer
Graham Filby
Mark Flawn
Dean Forde
Jay Foreman
Mark Forman
Karl Forrington
James Forster
Colin Fowler
Paul Fox
Alex Frith
Jack Fuller
Robert Fuller
Nick Fullwell
Ben Gaiter
Stephen Gallimore
Carlos Garbayo
John Goldie
Matt Goldie
Matthew Golding
Mike Gorst
Neil Gould
Thomas Gould
Adrian Gray
Robbie Green
Kenneth Greenall
Lee Gregory
Darren Greig
Shaun Griffiths
Michael Groover
Steve Grubb
Jamie Guilfoyle
Johnny Haines
Andreas Hajimina
Darren Hale
Rees Hall
Sam Hamilton
Curtis Hammond
Paul Hannaway
Ricky Hard
Stuart Harding
Aaron Hardy
Ryan Harrington
Michael Harrison
Kelvin Hart
Steve Hartley
Chris Hartrey
Will Harwood
Ryan Hawkes
Antony Hayman
Jerry Hendriks
Nigel Heydon
Scott Heywood
Jack Hill
Ryan Hoggarth
Erik Hol
Lee Holden
Stuart Holden
Ashley Holgate
Martin Homer
Dave Honey
Dave Honey Jr
Ben Horan
Kenny Hoult
Dale Howard
Andrew Howarth
Richie Howson
James Hubbard
Atif Hussain
Andy Hutchings
Mark Hylton
Ewan Hyslop
Andy Jenkins
Prakash Jiwa
Johnny Tucci
Andrew Johnson
Darren Johnson
Phillip Johnson-Hale
Jordan Johnston
Ian Jones
Jake Jones
Josh Jones
Mark Jones
Mark Jones (Worcs)
Jon Jukes
Luke Kennedy
James Kerwick
Rod Kinzett
Aden Kirk
Steven Kirkby
Daren Kitchen
Andre Knox
Joe Lacey
Jamie Landon
Kevin Lane
Mark Lawrence
Matthew Laws
Darren Layden
Benoit Le Thomas
Paul Lennon
Ian Lever
Dean Lewer
Brian Lewis
Tony Lincoln
Colin Littlecott
Anthony Littleton
Jason Lovett
Roy Lowe
Richard Ludlow
Andy Lynn
Barry Lynn
Kenny MacNeil
Rocco Maes
Simon Malpass
Peter Manley
John Mann
Craig Mansell
Robert Marijanovic
Jason Marriott
Tim Martin
Chris Mathews
Darren Mawer
Gary Mawson
Simon McCall
Ian McFarlane
Robert McKenzie
George McKie
Stephen McNally
Yordi Silvano Meeuwisse
Joerg Meinert
Karl Merchant
Ron Meulenkamp
Mareno Michels
Krit Middleton
Philip Milburn
Gary Miles
Paul Milford
Peter Mitchell
Ian Moar
Lee Moffat
Stuart Monaghan
Brandonn Monk
Carl Moorhouse
Barry Morgan
Steven Morrison
Johnathen Mulley
Haruki Muramatsu
Joe Murnan
Jay Murphy
Simon Mwangi
Coni Singh Nagi
Shaun Narain
Terry Nash
John Nelson
John Newland
Ryan Newton
Alan Norris
Richard North
Mike Norton
Damien O'Driscoll
William O'Connor
David O'Donovan
Tony Oak
Paul Osmotherley
Denis Ovens
Joey Palfreyman
Lee Palfreyman
Paul Palmer
Ricky Palmer
Ryan Palmer
Robert Parker
Dyson Parody
Kurt Parry
Jake Patchett
Jordan Patterson
Andy Pearce
Andy Pearson
Scott Pearson
Steven Pearson
Wayne Pepper
Steve Perkins
Devon Petersen
Robert Pinder
Danny Pinhorne
Dave Place
Craig Pope
Diogo Portela
John Power
Michael Power-Rodgers
Simon Preston
Alan Priestley
John Purcell
Christopher Quantock
John Quantock
Rohit Rabadia
Dave Randall
Steve Randall
Tony Randell
James Randle
Michael Rasztovits
Dan Read
Neal Redfern
Paul Redfern
Perry Regan
Lars Reinecke
Andy Relf
Dean Reynolds
Nathan Richards
James Richardson
Tony Richardson
Par Riihonen
Kev Rimmer
Ross Rimmer
Terry Roach
Neville Roberts
Keith Robertson
Jamie Robinson
Mark Robinson
Reece Robinson
Roxy-James Rodriguez
Colin Roelofs
Bernd Roith
Michael Rosenauer
Paul Rowley
Alex Roy
Dan Russell
Sean Ryan
Ashley Sandon James
Ron Schouten
John Scott
Ryan Searle
Kirk Shepherd
Vernon Sheppard
Damien Sherwood
Ben Simpson
Darran Sinfield
Joe Singleton
Chris Skeates
Brian Smith
Damian Smith
Daniel Paul Smith
Fred Smith
Jonathan Smith
Paul Smith
Steve Smith
Adam Smith-Neale
Ben Songhurst
Glenn Spearing
Garry Spedding
Sascha Stein
Oliver Stell
Mark Stephens
Mark Stephenson
Aaron Stevens
Simon Stevenson
Dean Barry Stewart
Stuart Stubbs
Ricky Sudale
Ryan Sullivan
Danny Summers
Lee Sutcliffe
Kentaro Suzuki
Thomas Sykes
Michael Symes
Adam Thomas
Kevin Thomas
Martin Thomas
Wayne Thomas
James Thompson
Vince Tipple
Aaron Turner
Martyn Turner
Robert Turner
Michael Uxa
Jeffrey van de Ven
Dirk van Duijvenbode
Hermie van Orsouw
Mike Veitch
Gino Vos
Robert Wagner
Peter Walford
David Walker
Jim Walker
Andy Walsh
Ian Walters
John Michael Walton
Harry Ward
Craig Watkins
John Watson
Matthew Watson
Jermaine Wattimena
Darren Weaver
James Welding
Harry West
Steve West
Darren Whittingham
Gary Whittles
Geoff Whitworth
Lee Whitworth
Paul Whitworth
Arron Wike
Stephen Willard
Ricky Williams
Trevor Williams
Steven Wills
James Wilson
Jason Wilson
Matthew Wilson
Michael wilson
Luke Woodhouse
Jonathan Worsley
Mike Zuydwijk

Membership For Challenge Tour Only
Ben Burton
Mark Layton
Stephen Lovett
Allan Manzie
Glen Parsons
Ross Parsons
Michael Reilly
Tony Tasker
Jack Tweddell

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