Young Wins New World Series Event

April 10 2013

DARIN YOUNG took victory over Dan Olson in the final of the second New World Series of Darts event, held in Las Vegas.

Young claimed the $4,400 first prize with an 8-6 win over Olson in the final, although he had to withstand a fightback after taking an early 5-0 lead.

Olson took the next three and pulled back to 6-4 with a 124 checkout, and then hit back to one leg behind.

Young moved a leg away from the win before being punished for five missed match darts as Olson kept his hopes alive, before the left-hander finished 92 for the win.

Young also defeated Shannon Cullen, Ron Miller, Howard Meyers, Ryan Barnette and Steve Panuncialman on his way to the final.

Olson, meanwhile, picked up wins over Darren Starr, Mark McGuigan, Ralph McCool, Nico DePaynos and Chris White, being pushed all the way to a deciding 13th leg in his semi-final.

Canadian legend John Part was a first round victim in the event, though, as he went down 6-5 to Chris Peake.

Stacy Bromberg won the Ladies Championship event, coming from 5-4 down to defeat Paula Murphy 6-5 in the final.

Prize money won in the New World Series of Darts events this year will count towards the North American Order of Merit, alongside the eight PDC North American Championship Tour events to be held from June-November.

New World Series of Darts Event Two
Las Vegas, April 7 2013
Last 64

Darin Young 6-1 Shannon Cullen
Ron Miller 6-0 Kevin Moncrief
Howard Meyers 6-3 Kenneth Parker
Sheldon Lionel 6-3 Andrew Van Koeverden
Tim Nicoll 6-5 Joe Chaney
Jack Robinson 6-5 William Burt
Ryan Barnett 6-5 Brian Plum
Shane Meeks 6-1 Chris Latham
Andre Carman 6-1 Elliott Milk
Steve Panuncialman 6-2 Matt Thompson
Bob Sinnaeve 6-5 Kevin Yasenchak
Scott Wollaston 6-0 John Sison
Bernie Miller 6-1 Ross Snook
Mike Maloney 6-3 Paul Burns
DJ Sayre 6-0 Jesse Bates
Kurt Hartman 6-3 Ken Kustenmacher
Chris Peake 6-5 John Part
Connley Litton 6-5 Joe Slyvan
Gordon Dixon 6-1 Jeremiah Millar
Nico DePaynos 6-4 Ritchell Penalosa
Dan Olson 6-1 Darren Starr
Mark McGuigan 6-5 Wade Breaux
Ralph McCool 6-4 Ron Colvard
Robert Smith 6-2 Jerry Narvades
Larry Butler 6-5 Mark Fair
Allen Nutter 6-1 JD Newman
Danny Delfino 6-3 Eric Zarlenga
Michael Roundtree 6-3 Rich Hammond
Gary Mawson 6-4 Dave Switzer
Dieter Schutsch 6-5 Frank Hernandez
Chris White 6-0 Americo Canque
Jason Brandon 6-3 Rob Maison
Losers $100

Last 32
Darin Young 6-3 Ron Miller
Howard Meyers 6-5 Sheldon Lionel
Tim Nicoll 6-3 Jack Robinson
Ryan Barnette 6-2 Shane Meeks
Steve Panuncialman 6-5 Andre Carman
Scott Wollaston 6-5 Bob Sinnaeve
Mike Maloney 6-5 Bernie Miller
Kurt Hartman 6-5 DJ Sayre
Chris Peake 6-3 Connley Litton
Mico DePaynos 6-4 Gordon Dixon
Dan Olson 6-3 Mark McGuigan
Ralph McCool 6-1 Robert Smith
Larry Butler 6-1 Allen Nutter
Michael Roundtree 6-4 Danny Delfino
Gary Mawson 6-5 Dieter Schutsch
Chris Wite 6-3 Jason Brandon
Losers $200

Last 16
Darin Young 6-5 Howard Meyers
Ryan Barnette 6-3 Tim Nicoll
Steve Panuncialman 6-5 Scott Wollaston
Mike Maloney 6-2 Kurt Hartman
Nico DePaynos 6-1 Chris Peake
Dan Olson 6-4 Ralph McCool
Larry Butler 6-2 Michael Roundtree
Chris White 6-3 Gary Mawson
Losers $300

Darin Young 6-1 Ryan Barnette
Steve Panuncialman 6-2 Mike Maloney
Dan Olson 6-1 Nico DePaynos
Chris White 6-2 Larry Butler
Losers $600

Darin Young 7-3 Steven Panuncialman
Dan Olson 7-6 Chris White
Losers $1,200

Darin Young 8-6 Dan Olson
Winner $4,400
Loser $2,200


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