European Tour Tickets

TICKETS for the 2017 European Tour are available now.

The PDC's European Tour will feature 12 three-day tournaments this year, each worth £135,000 in prize money.

Tournaments tickets are on sale through PDC Europe.

Ticket information and prices can be seen at

Remaining 2017 European Tour Schedule
ET8: HappyBet European Darts Open - Leverkusen, Germany - Jun 30-Jul 2.

ET9: Dutch Darts Masters - Maastricht, Netherlands - Sep 1-3.

ET10: HappyBet German Darts Grand Prix - Mannheim, Germany - Sep 8-10.

ET11: HappyBet International Darts Open - Riesa, Germany - Sep 22-24.

ET12: HappyBet European Darts Trophy - Gottingen, Germany - Oct 13-15.