The Darts Regulation Authority

Every tournament staged by the Professional Darts Corporation is held under the rules laid down by the Darts Regulation Authority.

The DRA are responsible for the development of the rules, upholding discipline within the PDC and also for the Anti-Doping Programme in conjunction with UK Sport.

Click here to see the DRA Rule Book, downloadable as a PDF (current as of January 2019).

The DRA Anti-Doping Policy can be viewed via this link.

The DRA has its own website, where details of rules, charges and disciplinary hearings can be found.

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Click here to see the list of DRA Registered Agents at August 19 2020

Darts Integrity Unit
In November 2010, the DRA released the confidential integrity unit contact details.

Players and players' representatives can contact the Integrity Unit, anonymously or otherwise, via a Confidential Hotline to report approaches or leave information relating to any integrity issues.

The Integrity Unit is run independently on behalf of the Darts Regulation Authority by Monitor Quest, overseen by former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens.

The DRA has regular meetings with the Gambling Commission. While darts does not have a corruption problem the DRA is not complacent and constantly assess any betting developments. The unit will monitor any changes in that situation and take pro-active action where necessary.

Contact details are:
Confidential Telephone Hotline: 0207 034 3402
Confidential Email Address:

The Integrity Unit will assess and analyse information received on a confidential basis, together with information received through our Memorandums of Understanding with commercial partners. The unit reports to the Darts Regulation Authority any matters that it considers may require further investigation and regulatory action.

We would emphasise that no players' or representatives' identity or details will be released outside of the Integrity Unit without that person's consent

For further details about the DRA, click here to visit the DRA Website