South-West Regional Final - Day One

RESULTS from the first day of the Blue Square UK Open South-West Regional Final, played at four venues in Bristol.

The eight qualifiers for Sunday's final stages are:
Andy Hamilton
Steve Smith
Brendan Dolan
Tony Eccles
Dennis Priestley
James Wade
Colin Osborne
Martyn Turner
The quarter-finals onwards will be held at The Talbot Inn from midday on Sunday.

Northern Ireland's Brendan Dolan, who qualified for the 2004 SkyBet World Grand Prix, came from 4-0 down to defeat Chris Mason in his penultimate game, before edging out Gary Robson by the same scoreline to reach day two.

Tony Eccles joined Dolan in qualifying from The Talbot Inn, winning in a deciding leg in his final match against Denis Ovens.

Dennis Priestley saw off on-song Gary Anderson at The White Hart, with the Scot reaching the final game without dropping a leg before going down 5-2 to the two-time World Champion.

James Wade was that venue's other qualifier, following his triumph against Adrian Gray.

Colin Osborne whitewashed Steve Maish and also overcame John Part to book his place in the last eight alongside Martyn Turner, who was a 5-1 victor against John Quantock - his travelling partner from Yorkshire - at The Crab Apple in Clevedon.

Essex's Steve Smith and in-form Stoke star Andy Hamilton - a winner in the Players Championship in Gibraltar last month - were the qualifiers from The Fellowship.

Blue Square UK Open South-West Regional Final
The White Hart, Brislington
Preliminary Round

Paul Everson 4-2 Jon Jukes

First Round
Peter Green 4-1 Darren Moulsley
Jimmy Dunlop 4-2 Dave Pugh
Gary Anderson Bye (Trevor Higginson)
Paul Hollis 4-2 Paul Everson
Norman Fletcher 4-0 Fraser Hill
Kevin Thomas 4-1 Chris Gough
Richard Dunlop 4-2 Steve Evans
Deta Hedman 4-3 Ken Dobson
Scott Richardson Bye (Tim Green)
Simon Whatley 4-0 Gary Creamer
Brian Whybrow 4-3 John Elliott
Chris Hook 4-0 Colin Wonnacott
Kirk Shepherd 4-0 Jason Hollingworth
Ben Burton 4-1 Dean Lewer
Eddie Lovely 4-1 Stuart Dutton
Kevin Harris 4-3 Brian Jones

Second Round
Rico Vonck 5-4 Peter Green
Lionel Sams 5-2 Jimmy Dunlop
Gary Anderson 5-0 Alan Caves
Mark Lawrence 5-4 Paul Hollis
Wes Newton 5-2 Norman Fletcher
Dennis Priestley 5-2 Kevin Thomas
Mark Dudbridge 5-4 Richard Dunlop
Ian Whillis 5-2 Deta Hedman
Steve Beaton 5-0 Scott Richardson
Mark Robinson 5-1 Simon Whatley
James Wade 5-1 Brian Whybrow
Kevin Dowling 5-1 Chris Hook
Kirk Shepherd 5-4 Alan Green
Owen Caffrey 5-2 Ben Burton
Adrian Gray 5-4 Eddie Lovely
Kevin Harris 5-4 Dennis Smith

Third Round
Lionel Sams 5-3 Rico Vonck
Gary Anderson 5-0 Mark Lawrence
Dennis Priestley 5-2 Wes Newton
Ian Whillis 5-3 Mark Dudbridge
Steve Beaton 5-0 Mark Robinson
James Wade 5-1 Kevin Dowling
Owen Caffrey 5-0 Kirk Shepherd
Adrian Gray 5-3 Kevin Harris
Losers £75

Fourth Round
Gary Anderson 5-0 Lionel Sams
Dennis Priestley 5-0 Ian Whillis
James Wade 5-3 Steve Beaton
Adrian Gray 5-1 Owen Caffrey
Losers £150

Fifth Round
Dennis Priestley 5-2 Gary Anderson
James Wade 5-1 Adrian Gray
Losers £300

The Talbot Inn, Keynsham
Preliminary Round

Darren Sutton 4-3 Sean Walshe
Tony Eccles 4-3 Roger Carter

First Round
Gary Robson 4-2 Mark Cox
Dan Cook 4-2 Steve Venn
Paul Dillon Bye (Andrew Davies)
Shaun McDonald 4-0 Darren Sutton
Stephen Leek 4-0 Kevin Biggs
Brendan Dolan 4-0 Ian Critchett
Gary Blades 4-3 Kelvin Painter
Chris Beeston Bye (Mitchell Butler)
Rick Andrews 4-2 Robert Watson-Lang
Sean Dowling 4-1 Jon Archer
Gary Whitcombe 4-1 Kevin Fletcher
Tony Eccles 4-1 Rikki Blay
Darrell Thorpe 4-2 Michael Kendrick
Nick Fulwell Bye (Rocco Maes)
Vernon Shepherd 4-2 Nigel Peden
Gary Noonan Bye (Mark Pooke)

Second Round
Gary Robson 5-3 Wayne Atwood
Dave Askew 5-4 Dan Cook
Kevin Painter 5-0 Paul Dillon
Shaun McDonald 5-3 Michael Barnard
Pete Allen 5-0 Stephen Leek
Brendan Dolan 5-2 John MaGowan
Darren Williams 5-0 Gary Blades
Chris Mason 5-0 Chris Beeston
Dave Jowett 5-1 Rick Andrews
Denis Ovens 5-2 Sean Dowling
Keith Deller 5-3 Gary Whitcombe
Tony Eccles 5-2 Colin Monk
Wayne Jones 5-2 Darrell Thorpe
Darren Johnson 5-0 Nick Fulwell
Steve Hine 5-4 Vernon Shepherd
Alex Roy 5-2 Gary Noonan

Third Round
Gary Robson 5-3 Dave Askew
Kevin Painter 5-1 Shaun McDonald
Brendan Dolan 5-2 Pete Allen
Chris Mason 5-3 Darren Williams
Denis Ovens 5-4 Dave Jowett
Tony Eccles 5-0 Keith Deller
Wayne Jones 5-2 Darren Johnson
Steve Hine 5-2 Alex Roy
Losers £75

Fourth Round
Gary Robson 5-3 Kevin Painter
Brendan Dolan 5-4 Chris Mason
Tony Eccles 5-4 Denis Ovens
Steve Hine 5-3 Wayne Jones
Losers £150

Fifth Round
Brendan Dolan 5-4 Gary Robson
Tony Eccles 5-4 Steve Hine
Losers £300

The Crab Apple, Clevedon
Preliminary Round

Matt Sheehan 4-1 Steve Cusick

First Round
Chris Dalglish 4-3 Ian Gleeson
Ross Macken 4-0 Robert Heard
Frank Davis 4-1 Steve Perry
Matt Sheehan 4-0 Barry French
Steve Grubb 4-2 Bob Crawley
Paul Harrison 4-2 Sean Cain
Garrett Gray 4-1 Simon Craven
Daniel Sare 4-1 Lee White
Dave Smith 4-2 Aaron Turner
Lyndon Davies 4-3 Dean Wilshere
Rikkie Williams 4-2 Matt Chapman
John Quantock 4-1 Jimmy O'Regan
Martyn Turner 4-2 Jamie Caven
Mark Frost 4-0 Carl Cooper
Mick Rodgers 4-3 Kieron Leal
Martin Whatmough 4-3 Steve Brown

Second Round
Chris Dalglish Bye (Richie Burnett)
Ronnie Baxter 5-2 Ross Macken
Terry Jenkins 5-0 Frank Davis
Steve Maish 5-1 Matt Sheehan
John Part 5-1 Steve Grubb
Andy Jenkins 5-0 Paul Harrison
Garrett Gray 5-2 Jason Clark
Colin Osborne 5-1 Daniel Sare
Dave Smith 5-0 Gary Welding
Lyndon Davies 5-4 Mark Thomson
Geoff Wylie 5-1 Rikki Williams
John Quantock 5-4 Lee Palfreyman
Martyn Turner 5-1 Barrie Bates
Mark Frost Bye (Paul Williams)
Mick Rodgers 5-2 Dave Honey
Alan Reynolds 5-3 Martin Whatmough

Third Round
Ronnie Baxter 5-2 Chris Dalglish
Steve Maish 5-4 Terry Jenkins
John Part 5-2 Andy Jenkins
Colin Osborne 5-4 Garrett Gray
Dave Smith 5-2 Lyndon Davies
John Quantock 5-4 Geoff Wylie
Martyn Turner 5-2 Mark Frost
Alan Reynolds 5-1 Mick Rodgers
Losers £75

Fourth Round
Steve Maish 5-4 Ronnie Baxter
Colin Osborne 5-2 John Part
John Quantock 5-4 Dave Smith
Martyn Turner 5-3 Alan Reynolds
Losers £150

Fifth Round
Colin Osborne 5-0 Steve Maish
Martyn Turner 5-1 John Quantock
Losers £300

The Fellowship, Filton
Preliminary Round

Ray Farrell 4-3 Martin Angel
Paul Knighton 4-0 Jim Leighton

First Round
Graeme Stoddart 4-2 John Burton
Yves Cottenge 4-0 Ian Lever
Tony Randell 4-0 Paul Heston
Ray Farrell 4-3 Peter Evison
Tony Martin 4-3 Chris Dale
Martin Thomas 4-2 Shane Passey
Henry O'Neill 4-0 Lewis Russell
Kevin McDine 4-2 Chris Allen
Andrew Coulter 4-2 NIgel Langton
Raymond Procope 4-3 Lee Gregory
Jonathon Overton 4-0 Bruce Terrett
Paul Knighton 4-2 Kevin Reade
Mick Savvery 4-0 Jason Crawley
Kevin Hill 4-3 Chris Sargeant
Adrian Hillier 4-0 Richard Thomas
Brian Cathcart 4-3 Dave Honey Jnr

Second Round
Mick McGowan 5-1 Graeme Stoddart
Mark Walsh 5-4 Yves Cottenge
Alan Warriner-Little 5-4 Tony Randell
Ray Farrell 5-3 Matt Clark
Tony Martin 5-2 Andy Callaby
Steve Smith 5-1 Martin Thomas
Adrian Lewis 5-3 Henry O'Neill
Andy Smith 5-4 Kevin McDine
Darren Latham 5-4 Andrew Coulter
Jimmy Mann 5-0 Raymond Procope
Alan Tabern 5-0 Jonathon Overton
Paul Knighton 5-4 Dale Newton
Mick Savvery 5-1 Jamie Harvey
Andy Hamilton 5-0 Kevin Hill
Ian Branks 5-0 Adrian Hillier
Dave Ladley 5-4 Brian Cathcart

Third Round
Mick McGowan 5-0 Mark Walsh
Ray Farrell 5-1 Alan Warriner-Little
Steve Smith 5-3 Tony Martin
Andy Smith 5-3 Adrian Lewis
Jimmy Mann 5-3 Darren Latham
Alan Tabern 5-1 Paul Knighton
Andy Hamilton 5-1 Mick Savvery
Dave Ladley 5-2 Ian Branks
Losers £75

Fourth Round
Mick McGowan 5-1 Ray Farrell
Steve Smith 5-4 Andy Smith
Alan Tabern 5-0 Jimmy Mann
Andy Hamilton 5-1 Dave Ladley
Losers £150

Fifth Round
Steve Smith 5-4 Mick McGowan
Andy Hamilton 5-4 Alan Tabern
Losers £300