WEIHONG LI and Yuanjun Liu will represent China in the Betway World Cup of Darts next month after winning through the qualifying event held in Zhongshan.

Li began the weekend by taking victory in the third A Flights event of the year, following the previous wins for Yuanjun Liu and Bin Zheng earlier in 2017.

After whitewashing Wenqing Liu at the last 16 stage, Li defeated former World Championship qualifier Qiang Sun in the quarter-finals, saw off Yin Deng in straight sets in the semi-finals before defeating Di Zhuang 2-1 in the final.

The weekend's second day featured the 32-player World Cup Qualifier, with Li qualifying alongside Yuanjun Liu to represent China in Frankfurt from June 1-4.

Li defeated one of last year's World Cup representatives, Wenge Xie, at the last 16 stage and also overcame Zhiyong Wu, Lihao Wen and Wenqing Liu.

Liu will be competing in the World Cup for the second successive year, after defeating Ende Zhu, Qiugang Su, Qiang Sun and youngster Xiaochen Zong.

In the weekend's B Flights event, Zizhao Zheng defeated Junyi Tang 3-1 in the final, with Haoming He and Jinxi Wu reaching the semi-finals.

In the Womens event, Jim Chen defeated Siyuan Wu 3-0 in the final, with Li Peng and Hongyu Huang reaching the semi-finals.

Professional Darts China
2017 Event Three, Zhongshan
Last 16

Yuanjun Liu 5-2 Qiugang Su
Junyi Tang 5-4 Xuejie Huang
Bin Xu 5-4 Xiaochen Zong
Di Zhuang 5-4 Shaobin Miao
Wenge Xie 5-2 Chenhao Li
Yin Deng 5-4 Jianxin Wang
Qiang Sun 5-3 Weijie Zhao
Weihong Li 5-0 Wenqing Liu

Yuanjun Liu  2-0  Junyi Tang
Di Zhuang 2-1 Bin Xu
Yin Deng 2-1 Wenge Xie
Weihong Li 2-1 Qiang Sun

Di Zhuang 2-0 Yuanjun Liu
Weihong Li 2-0 Yin Deng

Weihong Li 2-1 Di Zhuang

Betway World Cup of Darts Qualifier
First Round

Yuanjun Liu 6-0 Ende Zhu
Qiugang Su 6-4 Jianxin Wang
Qiang Sun 6-2 Hongbo Yu
Yin Deng 6-5 Xuejie Huang
Di Zhuang 6-4 Puchun Chen
Jun Wang 6-4 Luming Zhao
Jun Chen 6-2 Wenfeng Zhang
Xiaochen Zong 6-4 Zizhao Zheng
Weihong Li 6-1 Zhiyong Wu
Wenge Xie 6-3 Junyi Tang
Lihao Wen 6-2 Shaobin Miao
Hao Li 6-1 Lulu Zhang
Wenqing Liu 6-1 Bin Zheng
Bin Xu 6-0 Jin Chen
Jun Zhang 6-5 Shuyong Mo
Jianhua Shen 6-5 Weijie Zhao

Second Round
Yuanjun Liu 2-1 Qiugang Su
Qiang Sun 2-0 Yin Deng
Di Zhuang 2-1 Jun Wang
Xiaochen Zong 2-1 Jun Chen
Weihong Li 2-1 Wenge Xie
Lihao Wen 2-0 Hao Li
Wenqing Liu 2-0 Bin Xu
Jun Zhang 2-1 Jianhua Shen

Yuanjun Liu  2-0  Qiang Sun
Xiaochen Zong 2-0 Di Zhuang
Weihong Li 2-0 Lihao Wen
Wenqing Liu 2-0 Jun Zhang

Yuanjun Liu 3-0 Xiaochen Zong
Weihong Li 3-0 Wenqing Liu

Weihong Li 6-3 Yuanjun Liu - Weihong Li is Team Captain