JEFF SMITH and Danny Lauby were amongst the final six players to seal places in the William Hill North American Championship and US Darts Masters as the qualifiers concluded on Wednesday.

Smith defeated David Cameron 4-2 in their Qualifier Three final as he sealed his spot on stage at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

The Canadian ace - a former Lakeside Championship finalist and PDC Tour Card Holder - won his opening four games without dropping a leg as he defeated Tim Mitchell, Darryl Norman, Derek Hanley and Shawn Burt.

He then overcame Willy Walker and Ross Snook with a 4-2 margin of victory before repeating that scoreline against Cameron.

Lauby secured his big-stage debut as he follows in the footsteps of father Dan Lauby Snr - a four-time PDC World Championship qualifier between 1999-2004 - by winning Qualifier Four later on Wednesday.

Lauby was a 4-3 winner in his final against Joseph Huffman, who headed the four players who sealed their spot from the Qualifiers' Order of Merit.

Cameron, Snook and Dawson Murschell were the other qualifiers to complete the eight players who progress to compete in Thursday's North American Championship and the US Darts Masters on Friday and Saturday.

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William Hill North American Championship & William Hill US Darts Masters Qualifiers
Qualifier Three

Darin Young 4-3 Elliot Milk
David Cameron 4-3 Dawson Murschell
Jeff Smith 4-2 Willy Walker
Ross Snook 4-2 Ken MacNeil

David Cameron 4-3 Darin Young
Jeff Smith 4-2 Ross Snook

Jeff Smith 4-2 David Cameron

Qualifier Four

Danny Lauby 4-3 Gary Broomhead
Dawson Murschell 4-2 Jacob Womack
David Cameron 4-1 Ross Snook
Joseph Huffman 4-3 Michael Neubert

Danny Lauby 4-3 Dawson Murschell
Joseph Huffman 4-3 David Cameron

Danny Lauby 4-3 Joseph Huffman

Final Qualifiers' Order of Merit ($1,000 or more)
1 Joseph Huffman $2,700
2 Danny Lauby $2,600
3 Jeff Smith $2,500
4 John Norman Jnr $2,100
5 DJ Sayre $2,000
6 David Cameron $1,850
7 Dawson Murschell $1,750
8 Ross Snook $1,750
--- (Did Not Qualify)
9 Chuck Puleo $1,500
10 Kiley Edmunds $1,450
11 Chris Lim $1,350
12 Shawn Burt $1,100
13 Elliot Milk $1,100
14 Leonard Gates $1,050
15 Darin Young $1,050
16 Gary Mawson $1,000
17 Dave Richardson $1,000
18 Willy Walker $1,000