A FIELD of 153 players are set to compete in the UK & Ireland Women's Qualifier for the William Hill World Darts Championship in Milton Keynes on Sunday.

A spot in the world's biggest darts event is on offer in the knockout event at the Marshall Arena.

The winner will join Anastasia Dobromyslova at Alexandra Palace, after the Russian star won the Rest of the World Women's Qualifier last weekend.

The entries include reigning Lakeside Champion Lisa Ashton, who is joined in qualifying by daughters Lindsey and Danielle.

Lorraine Winstanley and Crissy Manley will be hoping to emulate husbands Dean and Peter, who have previously competed at Alexandra Palace, while Courtney Hine is hoping to follow in the footsteps of dad Steve, who will be bidding to qualify for his fifth World Championship 24 hours later.

Deta Hedman is looking to return to the PDC stage, having previously competed in three UK Opens between 2003-2005 during her time on the PDC circuit.

Play in Sunday's event will commence at 12pm, with the draw being made at 11am following the close of registration.

2018/2019 William Hill World Darts Championship
UK & Ireland Women's Qualifier Entries

Amanda Abbott
Grace Aken
Jodie Alligan
Joanne Allinson
Courtney Amos
Danielle Ashton
Lindsey Ashton
Lisa Ashton
Carol Bareham
Angela Barrow
Becca Barrow
Marie Barthrop
Dee Bateman
Terri Bellamy
Jane Biggs
Rachel Bird
Tania Blake
Kirsty Bond
Carla Jane Boyes
Claire Brookin
Rachel Brooks
Lisa Brosnan
Sarah Brown
Roz Bulmer
Paula Burgess
Robyn Byrne
Cat Callard
Tara Carr
Denise Cassidy
Jessica Cassidy
Sarah Ceska
Sarah Chick
Kirsty Chubb
Joanne Clark
Monica Cleere
Sue Condon
Lucy Connor
Joanna Coombes
Sharon Costello
Jackie Crew
Kerrie Crompton
Jessica Croxford
Sue Cusick
Ros Davies
Teri De Ruyter
Tara Deamer
Jane Densley
Lisa Deslandes
Debbie Dexter
Kelly Doleman
Pauline Donat
Kate Drake
Joanne Dudley
Colette Duffield
Lisa Dunford
Brenda Dyer
Tracey Eaton
Stacey Ellis
Emma Everett
Rebecca Farmer
Juliet Findley
Gina Freshwater
Danielle Fry
Casey Gallagher
Kirsty Gibbs
Lesley Gibbs
Natalie Gilbert
Donna Gleed
Sharon Godbeer
Dawn Goff
Nikki Goldsmith
Sarah Goodwin
Rhian Griffiths
Catherine Handley
Samantha Harris
Shelley Hayfield
Deta Hedman
Steph Hewson
Courtney Hine
Abigail Hulme
Liz Humphries
Kirsty Hutchinson
Donna Hutt
Linda Ithurralde
Stephanie James
Gerry Johnson
Debbie Jones
Jennifer Jones
Zoe Jones
Susan Jordan
Abi Jurd
Lisa Kennedy
Kerry Killick
Samantha Kirton
Theresa Knight
Stephannie Konya
Ellie Larsson-Brown
Emma Little
Jo Locke
Tammy Mackenzie
Fiona Macleod
Jacqueline Maiden
Sarah-Louise Mallott
Crissy Manley
Mem Martin
Vicky Martin
Hayley Martin-Underwood
Chloe McKivett
Sara Mortimer
Lisa Munt
Diane Nash
Tina Neylon
Tracy North
Maria O'Brien
Rhian O'Sullivan
Sandra Page
Leanne Palmer
Josie Paterson
Laura Patton
Louise Pearson
April Polden
Zoe Potter
Rachel Pritchard
Donna Rainsley
Sarah Roberts
Julie Robinson
Christine Savvery
Tracey Scully
Dawn Seaman
Jane Shearing
Fallon Sherrock
Felicia Sherrock
Rowena Sidley
Shellbie Simmons
Abby Sims
Mandy Smith
Suzanne Smith
Jane Sobey
Claire Stainsby
Sindy Stiles
Stephanie Stutley
Charlene Tate
Sharon Tompkins
Leanne Topper
Marie Tuinstra
Laura Turner
Andrea Walker
Hayley Watts
Lorraine Winstanley
Emily Withey
Lorraine Woodrow
Peri-May Yarrow
Sherrie Yeomans