Ben Robb will make his William Hill World Darts Championship debut in December after winning the DartPlayers New Zealand qualifier on Saturday.

The 31-year-old from Canterbury has broken through over the past 18 months, making his World Series of Darts debut in Auckland in August 2018 and going on to compete in Brisbane and Hamilton earlier this year.

He has now ensured a spot in the sport's biggest tournament, defeating Mark Cleaver 7-3 in Saturday's DPNZ knockouts.

The success for Robb began a big day of World Championship international qualifiers worldwide, with the South-East Europe Qualifier being followed by the South American Qualifier.

2019/2020 William Hill World Darts Championship
DartPlayers New Zealand Qualifier

First Group Stage
Group A
Haupia Puha 4-2 Tukina Weko
Kayden Milne 4-1 Tahuna Irwin
Haupai Puha 4-2 Tahuna Irwin
Tukina Weko 4-1 Kayden Milne
Haupai Puha 4-0 Kayden Milne
Tahuna Irwin 4-1 Tukina Weko

Group B
Ben Robb 4-0 Paul Harper
Brett Walters 4-3 Alex Wade
Ben Robb 4-0 Alex Wade
Paul Harper 4-1 Brett Walters
Ben Robb 4-2 Brett Walters
Alex Wade 4-1 Paul Harper

Group C
Warren Parry 4-0 Rob Szabo
Max Dallimore 4-1 Graeme Lowe
Warren Parry 4-0 Graeme Lowe
Rob Szabo 4-1 Max Dallimore
Warren Parry 4-1 Max DalliMore
Rob Szabo 4-0 Graeme Lowe

Group D
Mark Cleaver 4-3 Darren Herewini
Mike Keen 4-0 Erik Pu
Mark Cleaver 4-2 Erik Pu
Darren Herewini 4-1 Mike Keen
Mark Cleaver 4-3 Mike Keen
Erik Pu 4-3 Darren Herewini

Second Group Stage
Group A
Darren Herewini 5-3 Haupai Puha
Warren Parry 5-1 Brett Walters
Haupai Puha 5-0 Brett Walters
Warren Parry 5-1 Darren Herewini
Haupai Puha 5-2 Warren Parry
Darren Herewini 5-4 Brett Walters

Group B
Ben Robb 5-1 Rob Szabo
Mark Cleaver 5-4 Tukina Weko
Ben Robb 5-3 Rob Szabo
Mark Cleaver 5-1 Rob Szabo
Ben Robb 5-2 Mark Cleaver
Rob Szabo 5-3 Tukina Weko

Mark Cleaver 6-5 Haupai Puha
Ben Robb 6-2 Warren Parry

Ben Robb 7-3 Mark Cleaver