History-maker Lisa Ashton is hoping to leave a legacy in the sport and has welcomed the move by the PDC to establish the Women’s Series of events.

Announced this week, the PDC will stage a two-day, four-event series for women, with a £20,000 prize fund across the four events and two places at the 2020/21 William Hill World Darts Championships up for grabs.

Ashton, who made history back in January by becoming the first woman to win a PDC Tour Card, believes this is a milestone for women’s darts.

“It is brilliant news and it’s come at the right time for ladies darts to be fair. It’s nice that they’ve been listening to us and giving us this opportunity.

“It’s giving ladies darts another step, another level. We’ve always had the BDO and that’s the only competition we’ve ever had. We’ve never had the opportunity to go up another level.

“To be brought into the Professional Darts Corporation. This is the chance now and we’ve got to back it and prove what we’ve been saying. I know we are all determined to do it.”

Ashton, a four-time Lakeside Women’s Champion, has been an inspiration in the game for a long time.

And the 49-year-old is now looking to the future, and hopes that her success and the development of further opportunities for women in darts will create a legacy in the sport.

“There’s younger girls coming into the Junior Darts Corporation now, we’ve got to build a structure for them now and into the PDC. Then they’ve got something to aim for.

“The money is massive there they can potentially win. Hopefully they can build it up and gain as much money as the men have got.

“The way I’m looking at it is that I’m focusing on myself because it’s a new chapter in my life. I just want to be so successful,” she added.

“But I want to keep proving what women’s darts is all about and what our levels can go to. Then when I do retire hopefully I have left a legacy for young girls to look at and know they can do this and follow in my footsteps."