Darts commentator Stuart Pyke has paid tribute to Sid Waddell, eight years after the legendary commentator passed away.

Waddell enjoyed worldwide fame as "the voice of darts" during his career, which began in television production before he later starred in the Sky Sports commentary box.

He was a part of a famous trilogy alongside Dave Lanning and John Gwynne during the PDC's early years, and was inducted into the PDC Hall of Fame in 2008.

Tuesday August 11 marks eight years since Waddell passed away - a day after his 72nd birthday - and Pyke has praised his contribution to the sport's development and popularity.

"Sid is way up there for being responsible for what darts is now," he said. "His popularity and his brilliance behind the microphone has done so much for the sport and continues to do so much for the sport.

"He was at the top of his trade and there will never be anybody better in darts commentary than Sid Waddell.

"Of course the Sid Waddell Trophy is played for every year at the Alexandra Palace and that is the fitting tribute to the very best of them all."

Waddell was famous for his unique commentary style, and many of his most famous phrases continue to be recited.

"Don't ever be mistaken that Sid wasn't spot on and prepared. He gave this aura of flapping all over the place, sometimes a bit like John Cleese in Fawlty Towers, but he was absolutely bang on it," Pyke added.

"He had reams and reams of paper and would studiously sit down and make sure he had it absolutely spot on.

"His famous lines, sometimes you'd learn to set him up as time went on and he would never let you down, but [he was] an amazing wordsmith.

"Some of the stuff he came out with, no-one will ever come close to Sid Waddell in darts commentary. His one-liners are still being used and quoted today."

Pyke joined the Sky Sports commentary team in 2003, and - in an interview with the PDC -  has spoken fondly of the welcome which he was given by Waddell.

"I'm proud to say that he really was my mentor and he became a great friend," said Pyke.

"Rod Studd and I had been to the Matchplay every year for three or four years and kindof looked up at the commentary box in awe, thinking 'There is the legend that is Sid Waddell'.

"In 2003 when I joined the Sky Sports team, originally I was going to Blackpool just to shadow, to have a look at how things went. Dave Clark had recommended me so Rory Hopkins, the exec producer, invited me up on the Monday morning.

"I got to the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool to be greeted by Sid running down the stairs at about half past ten in the morning wondering where his glasses were, pieces of paper flapping all over the place - that was Sid! Everyone who knew him would know that is Sid.

"He basically said 'Right kidda, you're on, two o'clock, me and you, Keith Deller against John Lowe and you're starting with me. I didn't know that was going to happen and he was an absolute star.

"He said to me 'Just be you. Don't be anybody else, just be you' and I've stuck by that all the way through my broadcasting career. That was the start of it and the start of me getting to know him and getting to know what it was like in the commentary box.

"It was just great to do any game with Sid, because it was always an experience.

"When I joined, it was Sid, Dave, John and I was absolutely proud and honoured to be a member of the quartet."

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