PDC Fantasy Darts launched for Premier League!

PDC Fantasy Darts Premier League

PDC Fantasy Darts has launched for the 2022 Cazoo Premier League, giving fans a new way get involved in the 17-night roadshow.

PDC Fantasy Darts proved popular among fans at the 2021/22 World Championship and returns as the official fantasy game of the Cazoo Premier League.

The game gives fans the chance to pick a team of stars and score points as they perform on stages across Europe.

Immerse yourself in the Premier League like never before and compete with friends in private leagues to prove who is boss of the oche.

A pair of tickets to a 2022 PDC event of your choice (subject to availability, excluding 2022/23 World Championship) will be on offer to each Gameweek winner.

The overall winner will receive a special prize bundle, featuring: a pair of tickets to the 2022/23 World Championship, a signed Premier League dartboard and a signed Premier League programme.

Once you've familiarised yourself with how PDC Fantasy Darts works, it's time to pick your team!




Listed below is all the key information on how to play, rules and scoring, leagues, prizes and frequently asked questions.

The 2022 Premier League will be split into 17 gameweeks, incorporating different stages of the tournament. PDC Fantasy Darts for the Premier League starts on Night 3.
Players must select a team following the rules below…
Gameweeks 3 -16
1x Player ranked 1-3
2x Players ranked outside the top 3
Gameweek 17 – The Play-Offs
2x Players of any ranking

3x180s: 1 Point
Checkout over 99.5: 2 points per checkout
Average over 99.99: 2 points
Match Win: 3 Points
Match Lost: -2 Points
Nine-Darter: 15 Points
Bonus Points (only for GW 3-16)
Weekly Winner - The player who wins the maximum number of matches at the end of the GW will be awarded this bonus.

Bonus points will be awarded according to:
Player Ranked 1-3 – 1 Bonus Points
Player Ranked 4 and above – 3 Bonus Points

How do I choose my squad?

Click the (+) icon on the blank player jersey to be taken to the transfers screen and make your selection. Reminder, there are squad building rules for the different Gameweeks.
You have unlimited transfers for the first Gameweek until the Gameweek 3 deadline, where your team will be locked in.
Why are just the quarter-final fixtures listed for upcoming Gameweeks?
Each Gameweek will feature seven games, but the quarter-final fixtures are the only ones pre-determined before the evening starts. After the quarter-final matches, we will then know our semi-finalists, and following this our finalists. and Finals for the evening and by the end of the night, all seven fixtures will have been played.
Can I play against friends?
You can compete with your friends by either creating or joining a Private League. Each Private League has a unique code, which you or your friends can use to join the league.
When will the league tables update?
The league tables will be updated at the end of the Gameweek, once all the fixtures have been completed. Please see the matches tab to see all the games in the current Gameweek.
Why is a player who is still in the tournament no longer in my squad?
If all your selections in the Gameweek won their game, they will all progress to the next Gameweek. Therefore, the lowest ranked players in your squad will be removed.
How do I make a transfer?
You will only be able to make a transfer once the Gameweek ends, and the transfer window opens. Click on a player in your team and select the transfer button, and then pick another player from the listings. Please keep aware of the squad building restrictions.
Can I make more transfers than the free amount?
You can make as many transfers as you require, but any more over the allotted free amount of transfers for the Gameweek will incur a -4 penalty. This total will be deducted from your score at the end of the Gameweek. 
What is a Captain?
The captain of your squad will receive 2x points for the Gameweek, so choose wisely! 
How do I change my Captain?
Tap on a player on your Squad Selection page to see their player card, and you will see a captain button on that card. Click that and then press the tick to confirm your squad changes.
What is a Triple Captain chip?
The Triple Captain Chip will triple the points scored by your selected captain. This chip can only be played once in the entire game.

What is the Wild Card Chip? 
The Wild Card Chip will allow you to make transfers to as many transfers in a Gameweek as you would like without incurring a minus penalty to your score. 
Can I report an offensive team name?
Please contact PDCFantasySupport@pdc.tv with the team details and user details and we will aim to assist you. Offensive actions online will not be tolerated by the PDC.