Barney Wins Amsterdam Casino Open Holland Masters

RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD picked up his first PDC Pro Tour victory of 2008 at the Amsterdam Casino Open Holland Masters.

The Dutchman defeated Colin Osborne in straight sets in the final of the event in Schiedam to pick up the £5,000 first prize.

Van Barneveld dropped just one set in defeating Dave Honey, Steve Maish, Ronnie Baxter and Mark Walsh to reach the semi-finals, where he defeated Wayne Atwood 3-1.

The Welshman - who included Andy Hamilton and last week's Scottish Sun Scottish Players Championship winner Mervyn King among his victims, threatened a comeback when he came from two sets down to take the third, but van Barneveld edged the next 2-1 to move into the final.

He then defeated Osborne 3-0, coming from a leg down to win the next four and move two sets up, before edging the third for victory.

The win is van Barneveld's first since the Blue Square UK Open Irish Regional Final last October.

Osborne reached his second PDC Pro Tour final of the year, with John Quantock, Mark Dudbridge, Tony Eccles and Jan van der Rassel his victims on the day.

Both Dudbridge and van der Rassel took him all the way in five-set matches, while Osborne received a semi-final bye after Adrian Lewis and Kevin Painter were disqualified by the Tournament Director for their conduct during their quarter-final match.

The event featured first-game losses for Dutch duo Jelle Klaasen and Michael van Gerwen - who could only watch as Alan Caves took out a superb 160 finish in the final leg of their clash.

Leon de Geus came through Friday's qualifier to win a place in the event, but reached the last 16 with wins over Robin Ferdinandus, Barrie Bates and Geert de Vos before losing to Mark Walsh.

Dennis Priestley overcame Kevin McDine in his first competitive game for a month, but was a 3-1 loser to Vincent van der Voort in the second round.

Picture courtesy BMAP - Doetinchem

Amsterdam Casino Open Holland Masters
Preliminary Round

Ron Meulenkamp 3-0 Didier de Vuyst
Tony Eccles 3-0 Maarten Pape
Ben Burton 3-1 Robert Watson-Lang
John Quantock 3-0 Daan Verchure
Danny de Haas Bye (Stephan de Wit)
Jan van der Rassel Bye (Mike Herold)
Steve Beaton 3-2 Miloslav Navratil
Ian Jopling 3-0 Kees Slokkers
Matt Clark 3-1 Richard Zuidijk
Colin Monk 3-0 Wayne Jones
Mensur Suljovic 3-1 Jelle Klaasen
Steve Smith 3-1 Steve Cusick
Michael Rosenauer 3-2 Dave Askew
Dennis Smith 3-2 Leroy Kwadijk
Kevin McDine 3-1 Wesley Bunk
Martyn Turner 3-2 Dave Ladley
Mart Boelaars 3-0 Theo Brouwer
Alan Caves 3-2 Michael van Gerwen
John Ferrell 3-0 Peter Wright
Darren Johnson 3-1 RIchard van Zijtveld
Jason Barry 3-1 Jasper Smidt
Dave Honey 3-0 Michael van Roon
Steve Maish 3-0 Marcel Plaewe
Rico Vonck 3-1 John Lokken
Anoop Ramdajal 3-1 Domies Raes
Peter Otten 3-0 Andreas Sterk
Rocco Maes 3-1 Lee White
Mark Walsh 3-1 Vincent van der Meer
Marco Smit Bye (Stefan Mindum)
Leon de Geus 3-2 Robin Ferdinandus
Mick McGowan 3-0 Pat Orreal
Geert de Vos 3-0 Steve Randall
Owen Caffrey 3-1 Jamie Caven
Adrian Gray 3-0 Andreas Muller
Bryan de Hoog 3-2 Gary Barnett
Carlos Rodriguez 3-0 Erwin Extercatte
Wayne Atwood 3-0 Yves Cottenge
Dirk Hespeels 3-0 Jozef Wolters
Alan Warriner-Little Bye (Marcel Bilk)
Bert Koster 3-0 Chris Sargeant
Jon Archer 3-1 Patrick Dekker
Jason Clark 3-2 Alexander Glatthorn

First Round
Peter Manley 3-0 Ron Meulenkamp
Tony Eccles 3-0 Ben Burton
Colin Osborne 3-1 John Quantock
Mark Dudbridge 3-0 Danny de Haas
Jan van der Rassel Bye (Colin Lloyd)
Steve Beaton 3-0 Ian Jopling
Matt Clark Bye (Wayne Mardle)
Colin Monk 3-1 Mensur Suljovic
Adrian Lewis 3-1 Steve Smith
Michael Rosenauer 3-1 Dennis Smith
Dennis Priestley 3-2 Kevin McDine
Vincent van der Voort 3-2 Martyn Turner
Terry Jenkins 3-0 Mart Boelaars
John Ferrell 3-0 Alan Caves
Kevin Painter 3-1 Darren Johnson
Andy Smith 3-2 Jason Barry
Raymond van Barneveld 3-0 Dave Honey
Steve Maish 3-0 Rico Vonck
Ronnie Baxter 3-2 Anoop Ramdajal
Kirk Shepherd 3-1 Peter Otten
Roland Scholten 3-2 Rocco Maes
Mark Walsh 3-1 Marco Smidt
Leon de Geus 3-1 Barrie Bates
Geert de Vos 3-1 Mick McGowan
Andy Hamilton 3-0 Owen Caffrey
Adrian Gray 3-0 Bryan de Hoog
Carlos Rodriguez 3-1 Alan Tabern
Wayne Atwood 3-2 Wes Newton
John Part 3-1 Dirk Hespeels
Alan Warriner-Little 3-1 Bert Koster
Denis Ovens 3-0 Jon Archer
Mervyn King 3-0 Jason Clark 
Losers £75

Second Round
Tony Eccles 3-0 Peter Manley
Colin Osborne 3-2 Mark Dudbridge
Jan van der Rassel 3-0 Steve Beaton
Matt Clark 3-2 Colin Monk
Adrian Lewis 3-1 Michael Rosenauer
Vincent van der Voort 3-1 Dennis Priestley
John Ferrell 3-1 Terry Jenkins
Kevin Painter 3-1 Andy Smith
Raymond van Barneveld 3-1 Steve Maish
Ronnie Baxter 3-1 Kirk Shepherd
Mark Walsh 3-0 Roland Scholten
Leon de Geus 3-0 Geert de Vos
Andy Hamilton 3-2 Adrian Gray
Wayne Atwood 3-2 Carlos Rodriguez
John Part 3-0 Alan Warriner-Little
Mervyn King 3-0 Denis Ovens
Losers £150

Third Round
Colin Osborne 3-1 Tony Eccles
Jan van der Rassel 3-2 Matt Clark 
Adrian Lewis 3-1 Vincent van der Voort
Kevin Painter 3-1 John Ferrell 
Raymond van Barneveld 3-0 Ronnie Baxter
Mark Walsh 3-1 Leon de Geus
Wayne Atwood 3-2 Andy Hamilton
Mervyn King  3-2 John Part
Losers £300

Colin Osborne 3-2 Jan van der Rassel
Adrian Lewis v Kevin Painter - both players disqualified
Raymond van Barneveld 3-0 Mark Walsh
Wayne Atwood 3-0 Mervyn King
Losers £600

Colin Osborne Bye
Raymond van Barneveld 3-1 Wayne Atwood (2-1, 2-0, 0-2, 2-1)
Losers £1,250

Raymond van Barneveld 3-0 Colin Osborne (2-1, 2-0, 2-1)
Winner £5,000
Runner-Up £2,500