Priestley Takes Victory On The Rock

DENNIS PRIESTLEY has won the Stan James Players Championship in Gibraltar with a 3-2 victory over Terry Jenkins in the final.

Priestley, whose last tournament win came in Montreal last May, took the £5,000 first prize and 20 ranking points for the triumph.

Jenkins had defeated Wayne Mardle and Colin Lloyd during the new tournament, but was edged out in a deciding set in the final by the Yorkshireman.

Lloyd reached the latter stages for the second successive event, while Jason Clark overcame Andy Jenkins and Alan Warriner-Little on his way to the semis.

Dave Honey defeated young guns Wes Newton and Adrian Lewis in a run to the last eight, alongside Ronnie Baxter, Mark Walsh and Mark Robinson.

Manolo Vilerio, Roy Rogers, Nicholas Cumbo, Amos Bassano, Juan Asquez, Francis Taylor, Eric Segui and Owen Phillips won places in the main event from a qualifying tournament for local players.

Stan James Players Championship - Gibraltar
Round One

(Q denotes Qualifier)
Colin Lloyd 3-0 Ray Stewart
Andy Hamilton 3-0 Leslie Ward
Steve Beaton 3-0 Francis Taylor (Q6)
Lionel Sams 3-0 Dyson Parody
Denis Ovens 3-0 Danny Peach
Adrian Gray 3-0 Joeri Raets
Matt Clark 3-0 Amos Bassano (Q4)
Mark Walsh 3-0 Justin Broton
Gary Welding 3-0 Bob Avenell
Andy Smith 3-0 Roy Rogers (Q2)
Wayne Mardle 3-2 Tab Hunter
Jamie Harvey 3-0 Paul Wills
Tery Jenkins 3-0 George Fredrick
Alan Caves 3-1 Eric Segui (Q7)
Peter Manley 3-0 Manolo Vilerio (Q1)
Wayne Jones 3-0 Kieron Lennon
Adrian Lewis 3-0 Alan Kimberley
Dave Honey 3-2 Wes Newton
Roland Scholten 3-0 Nicholas Cumbo (Q3)
Colin Osborne 3-0 Paul Williams
Dave Askew 3-0 Juan Asquez (Q5)
Owen Caffrey 3-1 Bob Anderson
Andy Jenkins 3-0 Justin Stagno
John Magowan 3-0 Nigel Russell
Andrew Davies 3-0 Darren Webster
Alan Warriner-Little 3-0 Henry Zapata
Jason Clark 3-2 Kevin Spiolek
Colin Monk 3-0 Jimmy Mann
Kevin Painter 3-0 Owen Phillips (Q8)
Steve Maish 3-0 Kevin Pearson
Dennis Priestley 3-0 Dylan Duo
Erik Clarys 3-0 Peter Evison
Ronnie Baxter 3-0 Nick Pinto
Keith Deller 3-1 Bob Crawley
Chris Mason 3-0 Glen Cameron
Ian Critchett 3-2 Lee White
James Wade 3-2 Yves Cottenge

Round Two
Colin Lloyd 3-1 Josephus Schenk
Andy Hamilton 3-2 Nick Fulwell
Steve Beaton 3-0 Robert Watson-Lang
Mick McGowan 3-0 Lionel Sams
Denis Ovens 3-0 George Dearman
Adrian Gray 3-2 Matt Clark
Mark Walsh 3-1 Dale Newton
Andy Smith 3-1 Gary Welding
Wayne Mardle 3-1 Tony Smith
Jamie Harvey 3-1 Richie Burnett
Terry Jenkins 3-1 Sean Palfrey
Alan Caves 3-0 Guy Christyn
Peter Manley 3-0 Henry O'Neill
Wayne Jones 3-1 Gary Ewington
Adrian Lewis 3-0 Jon Archer
Dave Honey 3-0 Darren Johnson
Roland Scholten 3-1 Anthony Vince
Colin Osborne 3-1 Chris Sargeant
Dave Askew 3-0 Tom Nagels
Mark Robinson 3-0 Owen Caffrey
Andy Jenkins 3-0 Kelvin Painter
John Magowan 3-0 Andrew Davies
Alan Warriner-Little 3-0 Rod Harrington
Jason Clark 3-0 Colin Monk
Steve Hine 3-0 Kevin Painter
Steve Maish 3-1 Mark Pooke
Dennis Priestley 3-2 David Platt
Tom Kirby 3-2 Erik Clarys
Ronnie Baxter 3-0 Barrie Bates
Ian Whillis 3-2 Keith Deller
Alan Reynolds 3-0 Chris Mason
James Wade 3-2 Ian Critchett
Losers £75/4 ranking points

Round Three
Colin Lloyd 3-0 Andy Hamilton
Mick McGowan 3-0 Steve Beaton
Adrian Gray 3-1 Denis Ovens
Mark Walsh 3-2 Andy Smith
Wayne Mardle 3-2 Jamie Harvey
Terry Jenkins 3-0 Alan Caves
Wayne Jones 3-2 Peter Manley
Dave Honey 3-0 Adrian Lewis
Colin Osborne 3-2 Roland Scholten
Mark Robinson 3-2 Dave Askew
Andy Jenkins 3-0 John Magowan
Jason Clark 3-1 Alan Warriner-Little
Steve Maish 3-2 Steve Hine
Dennis Priestley 3-1 Tom Kirby
Ronnie Baxter 3-0 Ian Whillis
James Wade 3-2 Alan Reynolds
Losers £150/6 ranking points

Round Four
Colin Lloyd 3-1 Mick McGowan
Mark Walsh 3-2 Adrian Gray
Terry Jenkins 3-0 Wayne Mardle
Dave Honey 3-0 Wayne Jones
Mark Robinson 3-1 Colin Osborne
Jason Clark 3-2 Andy Jenkins
Dennis Priestley 3-2 Steve Maish
Ronnie Baxter 3-0 James Wade
Losers £300/8 ranking points

Colin Lloyd 3-0 Mark Walsh
Terry Jenkins 3-1 Dave Honey
Jason Clark 3-1 Mark Robinson
Dennis Priestley 3-2 Ronnie Baxter
Losers £600/10 ranking points

Terry Jenkins 3-2 Colin Lloyd
Dennis Priestley 3-2 Jason Clark
Losers £1,250/12 ranking points

Dennis Priestley 3-2 Terry Jenkins
Winner £5,000/20 ranking points
Runner-up £2,500/16 ranking points