UK Qualifying School took place from January 17-20 at Wigan's Robin Park Tennis Centre, with 397 players competing for 19 PDC Tour Cards.

The final two players on each of the four days won an automatic Tour Card. Those eight players were Jamie Hughes, Harry Ward, Scott Baker, Mark McGeeney, Reece Robinson, Matt Clark, Kirk Shepherd and Nathan Derry.

In addition, players earned ranking points per victory in each full round of the event (which does not include Byes), which were used to form the UK Q School Order of Merit, from which the top 11 players won Tour Cards.

The 11 players who won Tour Cards via the UK Q School Order of Merit were Jonathan Worsley, Carl Wilkinson, Glen Durrant, Gavin Carlin, Joe Murnan, Adrian Gray, Andy Boulton, Jamie Bain, David Pallett, Conan Whitehead and Barrie Bates.

2019 PDC UK Qualifying School
Automatic Tour Card Winners

Jamie Hughes
Harry Ward
Scott Baker
Mark McGeeney
Reece Robinson
Matt Clark
Kirk Shepherd
Nathan Derry

Tour Card Winners via UK Qualifying School Order of Merit
Jonathan Worsley
Carl Wilkinson
Glen Durrant
Gavin Carlin
Joe Murnan
Adrian Gray
Andy Boulton
Jamie Bain
David Pallett
Conan Whitehead
Barrie Bates