ALEKSANDER SHEVEL and Roman Obukhov were the winners on the second weekend of the EADC season in Russia.

Shevel (pictured, left) took victories over Alisa Burykina, Event One winner Boris Koltsov and Evgenii Izotov on his way to the Event Three final, where he overcame Maxim Belov 6-3.

Obukhov, meanwhile, denied Aleksandr Oreshkin his second victory of the season in the Event Four final, with his 6-3 win following up earlier defeats of Pavel Bobrikov, Maksim Evmenenkov, Izotov and Aleksei Kadochnikov.

Koltsov and Maxim Aldoshin were quarter-finalists in both tournaments over the weekend, with Izotov amongst the semi-finalists in Event Three and a last eight loser in Event Four.

Kadochnikov and Andrey Pontus were semi-finalists in Event Four.

Following four events, Koltsov leads the rankings with 420 points, ahead of Oreshkin (390 points) and Shevel (330 points).

2017 EADC Season
ProTour Event Three

Aleksander Shevel 6-3 Maxim Belov

ProTour Event Four

Roman Obukhov 6-3 Aleksandr Oreshkin