Koltsov & Oreshkin Seal World Cup Spots

Boris Koltsov & Aleksandr Oreshkin (EADC)

BORIS KOLTSOV and Aleksandr Oreshkin will represent Russia in the Betway World Cup of Darts, with Evgenii Izotov missing out on qualification despite his victory on the latest weekend of the EADC circuit.

Top Russian pair Koltsov and Oreshkin competed in the 2016 World Cup of Darts, losing out to Netherlands in round one, and will team up once again next month for the Pairs event in Frankfurt.

The pair are the top two players in the EADC rankings following the third double-header weekend of the year, with Koltsov picking up his second victory of the season by whitewashing Oreshkin in the Event Six final.

Oreshkin also reached the Event Five final, but lost out narrowly to Evgenii Izotov, who now sits in third place on the rankings.

EADC Russian Tour
Event Five
Saturday April 29

Boris Koltsov 6-1 Igor Dzasokhov
Evgenii Izotov 6-5 Maxim Aldoshin
Aleksandr Oreshkin 6-1 Evgenie Ivanov
Vadim Burykin 6-5 Roman Obukhov

Evgenii Izotov 6-5 Boris Koltsov
Aleksandr Oreshkin 6-2 Vadim Burykin

Evgenii Izotov 6-5 Aleksandr Oreshkin

Event Six
Sunday April 30

Boris Koltsov 6-0 Vadim Burykin
Aleksander Shevel 6-1 Evgenie Ivanov
Igor Dzasokhov 6-1 Evgenii Izotov
Aleksandr Oreshkin 6-4 Maxim Belov

Boris Koltsov 6-1 Aleksander Shevel
Aleksandr Oreshkin 6-4 Igor Dzasokhov

Boris Koltsov 6-0 Aleksandr Oreshkin

EADC Rankings
1 Boris Koltsov (700 pts)
2 Aleksandr Oreshkin (630 pts)
3 Evgenii Izotov (535 pts)
4 Aleksander Shevel (460 pts)
5 Igor Dzasokhov (410 pts)
6 Roman Obukhov (368 pts)
7 Maxim Belov (355 pts)
8 Maxim Aldoshin (340 pts)
9 Vadim Burykin (243 pts)
10 Evgenie Ivanov (225 pts)