COREY CADBY was amongst the winners on the second weekend of the DartPlayers Australia's 2018 Pro Tour series in Victoria.

UK Open finalist Cadby is back in Australia at present having celebrated his marriage to partner Breana on March 18.

The former World Youth Champion took the opportunity to compete in the DPA weekend in Seaford, taking victory in Friday's Event Four and also reaching Saturday's semi-finals and Sunday's quarter-finals.

Cadby overcame Gordon Mathers in Friday's final, also also overcame former World Series of Darts qualifier Clinton Bridge and his father Fred during the event.

Raymond Smith was the winner of Saturday's Event Five, seeing off Cadby 6-5 in the semi-finals before overcoming Steve Macarthur 6-4 in the decider.

Mal Cuming was Sunday's Event Six winner as he defeated James Bailey in a deciding leg in the final.

The weekend was a successful one for former World Championship qualifier Macarthur, who reached one final, one semi-final and a quarter-final.

The next DPA Harrows Pro Tour weekend will be held from April 13-15 at the Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club in NSW. For more information, please visit

DPA Harrows Pro Tour
Seaford Hotel, Seaford, Victoria
Event Four
Friday March 23

Gordon Mathers def Tyler Fitch
Steve Macarthur def Stuart Coburn
Corey Cadby def Tic Bridge
Tim Pusel def Raymond O'Donnell

Gordon Mathers def Steve Macarthur
Corey Cadby def Tim Pusey

Corey Cadby def Gordon Mathers

Event Five
Saturday March 24

Raymond Smith 6-0 Raymond O'Donnell
Corey Cadby 6-4 Steve Fitzpatrick
Lucas Cameron 6-5 Rhys Mathewson
Steve Macarthur 6-4 Lawrence Ryder

Raymond Smith 6-5 Corey Cadby
Steve Macarthur 6-5 Lucas Cameron

Raymond Smith 6-4 Steve Macarthur

Event Six
Sunday March 25

Tim Pusey 6-2 Steve Macarthur
Mal Cuming 6-3 Mick Cassar
Raymond Smith 6-3 Corey Cadby
James Bailey 6-2 Lucas Cameron

Mal Cuming def Tim Pusey
James Bailey def Raymond Smith

Mal Cuming 6-5 James Bailey