COREY CADBY'S winning streak on the DartPlayers Australia circuit continued as he completed a second successive treble on the Harrows Pro Tour.

The former World Youth Champion had won all three of April's events in Warilla, and dominated the treble-header at Brisbane's Brook Hotel to claim a further trio of titles.

After overcoming Tim Pusey to win Friday's final, Cadby defeated Raymond Smith in the decider on both Saturday and Sunday.

Pusey reached two further semi-finals over the weekend, while Steve MacArthur reached the last four twice and was also a quarter-finalist during a successful three days.

The next DPA Pro Tour weekend will be held in Hobart from June 15-17 as the circuit returns to Tasmania. For further details, visit

DPA Harrows Pro Tour
Event Ten - Friday May 18

Tim Pusey def John Bunyard
Lawrence Ryder def Andrew Eagers
Corey Cadby def Gordon-Glen Mathers
Steve MacArthur def Dave Williams

Tim Pusey def Lawrence Ryder
Corey Cadby def Steve MacArthur

Corey Cadby 6-2 Tim Pusey

Event 11 - Saturday May 19

Raymond Smith 6-3 Robbie King
Tim Pusey 6-3 Raymond O'Donnell
Steve MacArthur 6-2 Brendan Cunney
Corey Cadby 6-1 Stewart Smith

Raymond Smith 6-1 Tim Pusey
Corey Cadby 6-5 Steve MacArthur

Corey Cadby 6-3 Raymond Smith

Event 12 - Sunday May 20

Mick Lacey 6-1 Marshall Allen
Corey Cadby 6-4 Steve MacArthur
Raymond Smith 6-3 Robbie King
Tim Pusey 6-5 Raymond O'Donnell

Corey Cadby 6-1 Mick Lacey
Raymond Smith 6-4 Tim Pusey

Corey Cadby 6-5 Raymond Smith