DAMON HETA extended his lead at the top of the 2019 Harrows Dart Players Australia ProTour Order of Merit by winning two of the four events held in Barooga.

The Barooga Sports Club played host to four tournaments across three days from Thursday to Saturday, with a total of $16,000 to play for.

Heta, who reached the Last 16 of the World Series of Darts Finals in November 2018, won Saturday's Event 20 with a 6-3 win over Koha Kokiri in the final, before posting averages of 102.6 and 99.4 in the quarter-finals and semi-finals to reach the final of Event 21 later in the day.

The final of Event 21 saw Heta go down 6-5 in the final to New Zealand's Haupai Puha, who racked up his third ProTour triumph in just two months.

Heta bounced back from that disappointment at Event 22, claiming the sixth ProTour title of his career with a 6-3 success over James Bailey in the final.

Friday's Event 19 saw Ben Robb pick up his second ProTour title in only his first year competing on the circuit, as he averaged 96.5 in the quarter-finals before defeating Bailey 6-2 in the final.

The Harrows DPA Pro Tour continues with Events 23-26 at the Seaford Hotel, Melbourne from September 20-22.

Visit dartplayersaustralia.com for more information on the DPA ProTour.

DPA ProTour Events 19-22 Results and Order of Merit

2019 DPA ProTour Event 19

Damon Heta 6-4 Peter Sutton
Ben Robb 6-3 Steve Fitzpatrick
James Bailey 6-5 Robbie King
Koha Kokiri 6-1 Haupai Puha

Ben Robb 6-2 Damon Heta
James Bailey 6-2 Koha Kokiri

Ben Robb 6-2 James Bailey

2019 DPA ProTour Event 20

Damon Heta 6-3 Mick Lacey
Steve Fitzpatrick 6-1 Ben Robb
Robbie King 6-1 Ryan Lynch
Koha Kokiri 6-4 Haupai Puha

Damon Heta 6-5 Steve Fitzpatrick
Koha Kokiri 6-5 Robbie King

Damon Heta 6-3 Koha Kokiri

2019 DPA ProTour Event 21

Damon Heta 6-2 Mick Lacey
Ben Robb 6-0 Steve Fitzpatrick
James Bailey 6-1 Robbie King
Haupai Puha 6-1 Lucas Cameron    

Damon Heta 6-1 Ben Robb
Haupai Puha 6-4 James Bailey

Haupai Puha 6-5 Damon Heta

2019 DPA ProTour Event 22

Damon Heta 5-2 Gordon Glen Mathers
Steve Fitzpatrick 5-1 Haupai Puha
Raymond O'Donnell 5-4 Koha Kokiri
James Bailey 5-4 Mick Lacey

Damon Heta 5-4 Steve Fitzpatrick
James Bailey 5-1 Raymond O'Donnell

Damon Heta 6-3 James Bailey

Dart Players Australia Order of Merit (PDC)