THERE will be a record entry of over 190 players for the 2019 US Darts Masters and North American Championship Qualifiers in Las Vegas next week.

The PDC's World Series of Darts returns to the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, with two days of qualifying on July 2-3 preceding the stage events on July 4-5.

Eight places are on offer in the stage events, with each winner of the four qualifying events being joined by the top four players from the Qualifiers Order of Merit.

A total of 191 players have entered across the four qualifying tournaments, with interest building year-on-year since the World Series of Darts first visited Las Vegas in 2017.

This year's entrants are headlined by three-time World Champion John Part, 1994 World Matchplay winner Larry Butler, current PDC Tour Card Holder Dawson Murschell and reigning North American Darts Champion Jeff Smith.

Recent BetVictor World Cup of Darts representatives Jim Long (Canada), Darin Young and Chuck Puleo (both USA) will also be in action.

2008 UK Open finalist Gary Mawson is joined in the field by father-and-son duo Dan and Daniel Lauby, former World Championship qualifiers David Fatum, Ken MacNeil, Dan Olson, Ross Snook and Dave Richardson.

Chris White, Shawn Brenneman, Jim Widmayer and Roger Carter are other players with big-stage experience bidding to secure their spot.

"It's fantastic news to see record numbers of players entering the qualifiers in Las Vegas next week," said PDC Chairman Barry Hearn.

"The past two years of the US Darts Masters and North American Championship have been a huge boost to the sport across the USA and Canada, and next week promises to be a great start to the 2019 World Series of Darts.

"We know that competition in the Qualifiers alone will be fierce and not all of these brilliant players can win a spot on the big stage - but the opportunity is there for someone to make a name for themselves in the bright lights of Las Vegas!"

The US Darts Masters will be played from 1200 local time on Thursday July 4 and Friday July 5, with the eight qualifiers taking on eight top PDC stars in the World Series of Darts event.

The 2019 North American Championship will take place from 1800 on Thursday July 4, with the eight players facing off in a bid to win the $10,000 first prize and a place in the William Hill World Darts Championship.

Results from the Qualifiers will be available through the PDC website and DartConnect on July 2-3.

Worldwide TV coverage of the US Darts Masters and North American Darts Championship will include live broadcasts through DAZN in the USA, Canada and Brazil.

UK fans will be able to watch the US Darts Masters through ITV4, with the North American Championship available worldwide through PDCTV-HD at

Qualifiers - Daily Timings
Registration: 0800-0930
Play Commences: 30 minutes after draw displayed in the venue, likely to commence between 1000-1030
Players who have only entered the day's second event will be required to register before 1230.
The day's second event will begin as soon as possible following the conclusion of the first event.
All games will be the best of seven legs.

2019 US Darts Masters & North American Championship
Qualifiers Entry List

Stephen Adamkewicz
Rick Adcock
Daniel Baggish
Steve Bailey
Dustin Banghart
Jayson Barlow
Anthony Belloise
Andrew Bennett
Chad Bivens
Shawn Brenneman
Gary Brooks
Joe Brooks
Ricky Brown
Trevor Buboltz
Wayne Budgen
Jason Buitenhuis
Tyler Burnett
Michael Burns
Shawn Burt
Larry Butler
Joshua Buttrick
Mitchell Cabot
David Cameron
Matt Campbell
Anthony John Campoli Jr
Don Campos
Roger Carter
Ken Casey
Joseph Chaney
Tim Cherven
Steve Chorba
Aaron Christian
Gregory Coburn
Steve Corcoran
Dennis Cotto
Logan Crooks
Scott Crosby
Matt D’Angelo
Ronald Dalleo
Anthony DeArmas
James Decker
Joshua Decker
Danny Delfino
Kevin Delgado
David DePriest
Angelo DiGiulio
Rob Dixon
Timothy Doe
Tony Dowson
Kiley Edmunds
Darren Eldridge
Jeff Farnsworth
David Fatum
Justin Fawcett
David Flowers
Sean Force
Jon Foreman
Richard Frattaroli
Ed Garcia
Leonard Gates
Gerard Gautreau
Ronald Gayman
Nick Georgeson
Patrick Gibson
Micheal Griffin
Patricia Grzesik
Brad Hann
Jason Hann
Michael Harnum
Nicholas Harris
Maceo Hayden
Wade Henderson
James Henninger
Richard Henshaw
Shaun Hensley
Steve Hilger
Christopher Hoops
Aidan Houghton
Joseph Huffman
Noe Hurtado
Ken Hwang
Patrick Hynes
Brian Jackson
Elmer Jenny
Dustin Jensen
Kevin Jinkensen
Thomas Kaider
Rich Kendall
Dave Kisor
Patrick Kithi
Dan Lauby
Daniel Lauby
Broc Lawrence
David Lawrence
Aaron Legg
Ryan Levy
Junjie Li
Kyle Liddeke
John Liggett
Vaughan Lightowler
Chris Lim
Nick Linberg
Jim Long
Ronald Looker
Russ López
Russell Lopez Jr
Kyle Lottman
Mark Lowe
James Luebke
Kevin Luke
Kenny MacNeil
Michael Maguire
David Marshall
Gary Mawson
Nick McCoy
Damien McKenna
Elliot Milk
Jeremiah Millar
Julian Mixon
Scott Montague
Ray Morgan
Pat Murphy
Dawson Murschell
Michael Neubert
Terry Newberry
Tracy Newberry
Joseph Newman
Kory Nichols
Timmy Nicoll
Darryl Norman
John Norman Jnr
John Norman Snr
Dan Olson
Ryan Olson
Eric Paquette
Blayne Paquette
John Part
JD Perry
Robert Phillips
Johnnie Politi
Ryan Ponder
Brad Powell
Chuck Puleo
John Rafa
Tyler Rettie
Alejandro Reyes
David Richardson
Eddie Rigaud
Ken Ripp
Nick Rivera
Bruce Robbins
Daniel Robbins
Anthony Rohlfing
Pat Rose
Brett Rosenthal
Kenneth Sabourin
DJ Sayre
Paul Schwindamann
Tim Sheehan
Eric Sickler
Michael Skiffington
Robert Slade
Albert Smith
Andrew Smith
James Smith (Canada)
Jeff Smith
Matt Smooke
Sean Smyth
Ross Snook
Rod Snow
Nathan Squires
William St Croix
Aaron Stark
John Steinhofer
Neil Stewart
Curtis Strite
David Tarso
Matt Thom
Rod Tobin
Anthony Tomasello
Steve Tuerck
Mark Veatch
Willy Walker
Lewis Wallace
Scott Wells
Chris White
Wesley White
Jim Widmayer
James Wilhoite
Jacob Womack
Darin Young
NB: Not all players will compete in all four Qualifiers.