The William Hill World Darts Championship will be a cashless event for the first time in 2019/20.

Over 80,000 fans will attend the World Championship from December 13-January 1, and this year darts' biggest tournament is breaking new ground.
Away from the oche, the event will see the introduction of cashless payments at bars, food outlets and the official PDC merchandise stand.
Fans will receive a cashless payment card either with their tickets or on arrival at Alexandra Palace, onto which they can load money to be spent during the event - providing a faster and safer way of paying.
How Does It Work?

Step One
- Fans register a secure cashless account online using the unique barcode found on your ticket (if received pre-event).

Step Two - Visit and choose the amount of money you want to load onto your card. This can be done in advance of your visit.

Step Three - At the event, you can head to the top-up booths in the Fans' Village to collect pre-loaded cards or obtain a card to upload credit to.

*If you're attending more than one session of the World Championship, you can use the same card for further sessions.
* Unused funds of £1 or more can be refunded, with a refund process open from Thursday January 2 for five days.
For full information, please visit


Does everyone in my group require a cashless payment card?
No, you only need one payment card between your group to ensure that you can buy food/drink and merchandise on site. However we would encourage people to register for their own individual cards so that everyone can make purchases individually.
Do I have to register in advance?
No, you will be able to get a top-up card from the dedicated booths on arrival to the Fans Village at Alexandra Palace and top-up with credit. However we would recommend registering in advance, so you can just collect your card upon arrival and head straight through to the event. Plus you will also be able to:
i) Check spending history
ii) Top-up your account at any time on the website
iii) Block your card should you lose it and reclaim your balance
iv) Obtain a refund for any unspent money post-event
How do I collect my cashless card after registering online?
Simply head to the top-up booth in the Fans’ Village and collect your card from our team.
Can I pay by bank card or cash at the bars?
All bars, food outlets and merchandise points are using our cashless solution – cards and cash will not be accepted, as has been the case since the event has been staged at Alexandra Palace.
How do I know how much is on my card?
For those who have registered their card it is easy to go online and check the balance. Alternatively, any bar or food outlet can tap your card with their device and let you know how much is left.
What happens if I lose my card?
If your cashless account is linked to your card, you can block a lost card to prevent funds from being spent by going to the Cashless Information point onsite. There you can receive a new card which will be credited with the balance from the card you have blocked. If you do not create an account, and do not have a record of your 6 digit card number, blocking your card will unfortunately not be possible as we require this unique reference number from your chip.
Why is Alexandra Palace and the William Hill World Darts Championship going cashless?
Ultimately, we want to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. This cashless solution will essentially work in the same way as the old token system, but be safer, quicker and simpler to use.
Is it safe and secure?
Absolutely. We have partnered with Weezevent, a proven cashless provider for hundreds of events across Europe. Your money is safe on your card. It is a good idea to create a cashless account so that if you do lose your card we can transfer the money to a new one.
What happens if there is a mistake when ordering at the bar or food traders?
This can be rectified by the bar manager or trader who took your order.
How long do refunds take?
Refunds can be requested between January 2nd – 5th. Refunds will then take 3 – 5 working days to process. You must register your card online in order to be able to redeem your refund.
Will I be charged for refunds?
There is no charge for refunds. All money left on your card can be refunded to your account or donated to our charity (balances of £2 and above can be refunded). A donation from unspent funds will be made to the Matchroom Sport charitable foundation.
What is the activation fee for?
The 75p fee involved to implement this system and the activation fee covers this.
Alexandra Palace charitable trust and Matchroom Sport Charitable foundation are working in partnership to deliver our creative programmes for the local community.
Charitable Donations received from our darts customers will also contribute to delivering a new outdoor activity programme to encourage children and young people to discover what the great outdoors has to offer. In addition to ecology and conservation, it will include creative outputs using the park for performance, sculpture and more.
Thank you for contributing to our fantastic community.
What are you doing with all that data?
The data we collect is very useful when it comes to operational purposes – especially for staffing and providing the best range of food and drinks. We do not use it to study what individuals do and none of the spending data is passed on to any third party. Our GDPR policy extends to cover the use of your data in our cashless system.
Are you using this to track my movements?
Absolutely not, there is no GPS tracking system in the cards. It is simply a payment solution.