Record entries for 2020 Q Schools

Fallon Sherrock (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

A record number of players have entered the 2020 PDC Qualifying Schools, with 853 players to compete for PDC Tour Cards in Wigan and Hildesheim from January 16-19.

A total of 31 two-year Tour Cards will be available, with play being held at UK Qualifying School, where 521 players will compete at Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan, and European Qualifying School, where 332 players will be in action at Halle 39 in Hildesheim, Germany.

Tour Cards will be won automatically by the final two players on each day at UK Q School and the final player on each day at European Q School.

Players will earn ranking points per victory in each full round of the event (not including Byes), which will be used to form Order of Merits for each Q School, from which a further 19 players will win Tour Cards (12 from UK Q School and seven from European Q School).

Global sensation Fallon Sherrock will hope to make more history by becoming the first woman to win a Tour Card, with a number of other female players also in action including Mikuru Suzuki, Lisa Ashton - who came close at last year's Q School - and teenage prospect Beau Greaves.

A number of other experienced PDC stars will attempt to return to the PDC circuit, including former World Champion John Part and Players Championship Finals winners Paul Nicholson and Kevin Painter.

Newly-crowned BDO champion Wayne Warren heads the list of BDO players taking part, alongside runner-up Jim Williams and former champions Scott Mitchell and Scott Waites.

A number of international players who starred at the 2019/20 PDC World Championship will also compete, including Brisbane Darts Masters winner Damon Heta of Australia and Japanese duo Seigo Asada and Yuki Yamada.

Young talents Keane Barry, Nico Kurz and Danny Lauby are also among the list of entrants, alongside former World Youth Champions Arron Monk and James Hubbard.

Former BDO champion Mark Webster, who lost his PDC Tour Card at the end of 2019, has opted not to compete at Qualifying School in 2020.

Live video updates from the UK Qualifying School will be published on the hour through the PDC's Twitter and Facebook pages.

Live match stats and results can be followed through DartConnect each day.

A daily round-up will be published on

Both UK and European Qualifying Schools will begin at 1030 GMT each day.

All matches are best of nine legs.

UK Qualifying School Entries
Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Sean Adams
Michael Adamson
David Adshead
David Airey
Devon Allen
Martin Allerton
Cameron Anderson
Frankie Ansell
Connor Arberry
Aaron Argyle
Darren Armstrong
Seigo Asada
Lisa Ashton
Michael Ashurst
Dave Askew
Jason Askew
Steven Atkin
Jamie Atkins
Martin Atkins (Leeds)
Martin Atkins (Wigan)
Mike Atkinson
Chris Aubrey
Daniel Ayres
Richard Baillie
Michael Baker
Allen Baldock
Donal Balfe
Podge Balfe
Alex Ball
Jack Bannister
Mark Barilli
Matthew Barnfather
Keane Barry
Chas Barstow
Carl Batchelor
Tom Baughan
Max Baulcomb
Craig Baxter
Steven Beasley
Richard Beck
Aaron Beeney
Christopher Bent
Ben Bevan
Darren Beveridge
Martin Biggs
Gary Blades
David Blyth
Nathan Boon
William Borland
Philip Borthwick
John Bowles
Adam Bowman
Martin Bradbury
Bradley Brooks
Rachel Brooks
Cornelius Brouder
Anthony Brown
Darron Brown
John Brown
Paul Brown
Steve Brown (Eng)
Nathan Burdett
Kevin Burness
William Burness
Richie Burnett
Ryan Burns
Corey Burton
Stephen Burton
Alan Byrne
Shane Byrne
David Calvert
Ray Campbell
David Carr
Francis Carragher
Shaun Carroll
Jake Carter
Keith Carter
Jamie Cassidy
Jamie Caven
Andy Chalmers
Ben Chance
Ben Cheeseman
Alex Chubb
Kirsty Chubb
Jamie Clark
Tony Clark
Paul Clarke
Ricky Clarke
Tom Clarke
Brett Claydon
James Clifton
Lee Cocks
Nick Cocks
Stephen Colbourne
Jarred Cole
Robert Collins
Robert Comben
William Cook
Daniel Cooper
Aiden Cope
John Costigan
Derek Coulson
Gary Court
John Court
Martin Cowan
Daniel Cox
Ryan Craddock
Chris Craven
Terry Creed
George Cressey
John Crossley
Jason Cullen
Niall Culleton
Scott Darbyshire
Perry Davenport
John Davey
Andrew Davidson
Darren Davies
Stuart Davies
Ben Davies (Crewe)
Tom Dawson
Daniel Day
Jason Delahunty
Matthew Dennant
Nicky Denoon
Andy Derrick
Adrian Devine
Jack Dickinson
Jeremy Dolan
Kevin Dowling
Cameron Doyle
Kelvin Ducklin
Mark Dudbridge
Paul Dulson
James Duncan
Stuart Duncan
Dylan Duo
Stuart Dutton
Aaron Dyte
Gary Eastwood
Ritchie Edhouse
Dafydd Edwards
David Edwards
Kevin Edwards
Martin Edwards
Robbie Ellis
Owen Emmett-Bowden
David Evans
Kieran Evans
Lee Evans
Steve Evans
Dale Everett
Sean Ewing
Adam Fairns
Mark Farmer
Jason Fathers
Daniel Faulkner
Matthew Finch
Darryl Fitton
Allan Fitzpatrick
Glenn Fitzpatrick
Mark Flitton
Michael Flynn
Dean Forde
Andrew Forman
Andrew Foster
Martyn Fowler
Shaun Fox
Wayne France
Callum Francis
Mark Frost
Nick Fullwell
Ryan Furness
Casey Gallagher
Billy Gallie
Stephen Gallimore
Kevin Garcia
Leonard Gates
Keith Geraghty
Luke Getty
Andrew Gilding
Mike Gillet
Andrew Glover
Aled Goode
Paul Goodwin
Phillip Goodwin
Mark Graham
Martin Grearson
Beau Greaves
David Green
Robbie Green
Ian Greenaway
Lee Gregory
Thomas Gregory
Rhys Griffin
Shaun Griffiths
Mark Grimes
Ryan Groves
John Guy
Jacob Gwynne
Josh Habgood
Steve Haggerty
Graham Hall
Rees Hall
Brian Hallas
Andy Hamilton
Carl Hamilton
Corrine Hammond
Curtis Hammond
Steven Harbert
Stuart Harding
Stephen Harradine
Ryan Harrington
Lee Harris
Michael Harrison
Richard Harrison
Wayne Harrison
Kelvin Hart
Marcus Hawkins
Rhys Hayden
Danny Haygreen
Edward Hayward (Stafford)
Ben Hazel
Deta Hedman
Darren Herewini
Damon Heta
Rob Hewson
Joseph Heywood
Mark Hickey
Steve Hine
Darrell Hodgson
Ryan Hogarth
Chris Hogg
Ashley Holgate
Paul Holloway
Ellis Hollyhead
Justin Hood
Ryan Hope
Scott Hope
Richard Hosey
Michael Howard
Joshua Howarth
Richie Howson
James Hubbard
Adam Huckvale
Brian Hudson
Peter Hudson
Adam Hunt
Rory Hunt
Sam Hunter
Ben Huntington
Conor Hurley
James Hurrell
Kirsty Hutchinson
Ewan Hyslop
Peter Jacques
Andy Jenkins
Adam Jenkinson
Paul Jenkinson
Nick Jennings
Prakash Jiwa
Darren Johnson
Brandon Jones
Christopher Paul Jones
Dean Jones
Jake Jones
Stephen Jones
Wayne Jones
Coby Jones-Swanson
Ian Jopling
Jon Jukes
Danny Kay
Jamie Kelling
James Kempster
Nick Kenny
Simon Key
Ricky King
John Kippen
Aden Kirk
Chris Lacey
David Ladley
David Lammie
Kevin Lane
Richard Langlois
Darren Latham
Daniel Lauby
Mark Lawrence
James Lawson
Mark Layton
Daniel Lee
Kai Fan Leung
Ian Lever
Tommy Lishman
Jordan Lister
Colin Littlecott
Alex Long
Tom Lonsdale
Eddie Lovely
Thomas Lovely
Jason Lovett
Jason Lowe
Joshua Lowthorpe
Derek Lumley
George Lynch
Patrick Lynskey
Jack Main
Peter Manley
Hywel Manuel
Scott Marsh
Ray Marshall
Gordon Mathers
Chris Mathews
Shaun Matthews
Gary Mawson
Michael McCloskey
Killian McCormack
Stephen McDermott
Kevin McDine
Ian McFarlane
Shane McGuirk
Kevin McKinney
Kyle McKinstry
Jimmy McKirdy
Stephen McNally
Ian Meaker
Michael Meaney
Liam Meek
Cameron Menzies
Andrew Mitchell
Liam Mitchell
Peter Mitchell
Scott Mitchell
Robert Modra
Taro Momma
Stuart Monaghan
Arron Monk
Alexander Morrison
Sandy Morrison
Steven Morrison
Jim Moston
Adam Mould
David Murphy
Jason Murphy
Russell Murphy
Geoffrey Murray
Ryan Murray
Eikichi Nakanishi
Terry Nash
David Neads
Jack Neary
Andy Neocleous
Tony Newell
Wes Newton
Daniel Nicholls
David Nicholson
Paul Nicholson
Alan Norris
Martin O'Boyle
Daniel O'Donnell
Damien O'Driscoll
John O'Shea
Tony O'Shea
William O'Toole
Colin Osborne
Dean Owen
Robert Owen
Tim Owen
Matt Padgett
Kevin Painter
Joey Palfreyman
Ryan Palmer
Dave Parletti
John Part
Josie Paterson
Darren Penhall
Danny Penney
Brad Phillips
Cavan Phillips
Paul Phillips
Chris Pick
Darryl Pilgrim
Matthew Pink
Darren Place
Ian Plumb
Michael Poole
Diogo Portela
Mario Portela
John Power
Simon Preston
Shane Price
Lewis Pride
Dave Prins
Tony Procter
Chuck Puleo
Andrew Pullen
Chris Quantock
Ben Quenby
Patrick Quinn
Rohit Rabadia
Hitesh Rabadiya
Nathan Rafferty
Dan Read
Dave Redding
Mikey Rees
Robert Rees
Curtis Reeves
Dean Reynolds
Nathan Richards
James Richardson
Joshua Richardson
Tony Richardson
Robert Rickwood
Samuel Ridgway
Scott Ridler
Ross Rimmer
Greg Ritchie
Terry Roach
Harry Robinson
Jamie Robinson
Gary Robson
Daniel Rose
Paul Rowley
Nigel Russell
Shaun Rutter
Sean Ryan
Kasumi Sato
Stephen Savage
Connor Scutt
Craig Searle
Jaikob Selby-Rivas
Matthew Shaw
Fallon Sherrock
Coni Singh Nagi
Keith Slocombe
Dennis Smith
Gavin Smith
Jeff Smith
Justin Smith
Lee Smith
Luke Smith
Matthew Joseph Smith
Suzanne Smith
Garry Spedding
Gary Stafford
Robert Stansbury
Mark Stephenson
Aaron Stevens
Evander Stevenson
Simon Stevenson
Mark Stocker
Stuart Stubbs
Mikuru Suzuki
Alan Tabern
Simon Tate
David Taylor
Dom Taylor
Scott Taylor
Terry Temple
William Thexton
Kevin Thomas
Martin Thomas
James Thompson
Lester Thompson
Shaun Thompson
Mick Todd
Nathan Treadgold
Luke Tucker
Lee Turle
Mark Turner
Martyn Turner
Robert Turpin
Ross Twell
A.J. Urmston-Toft
Graham Usher
Trevor Vallely
Michael Van Der Mescht
Mark Venables
Jack Vincent
Norman Wainwright
Scott Waites
David Walker
Jim Walker
Stuart Walker
Mark Walsh
Richie Walsh
Scott Walters
Chris Ware
Wayne Warren
Philip Wathen
Darren Weaver
Ben West
Chris White
Stuart White
Grant Whittaker
Lee Whitworth
Brian Whybrow
Derek Williams
Jim Williams
Lee Williams
Lewis Williams
Paul Williams
Scott Williams
Stephen Williams
Jason Wilson
Kevin Wilson
Mark Wilson
Samuel Wilson
Stu Wilson
Lorraine Winstanley
Ian Withers
Keith Wong
Adam Wood
Tony Wood
James Woodhouse
Brian Woods
Simon Woolgar
Jonathan Wynn
Pranav Yadav
Yuki Yamada
Luke Yates
James Young

European Qualifying School Entries
Halle 39, Hildesheim, Germany

Dennis Akhtar
Marcel Althaus
Zdravko Antunovic
Martin Apachou
Marco Apollonio
Thomas Arhelger
Andy Baetens
James Bailey
Ronald Balfoort
Arsen Ballaj
Spyridon Ballas
Sandor Ballo
Mindaugas Barauskas
Daniel Barborak
Andrew Beeton
Gerrit Begemann
Robin Beger
Stefan Bellmont
Roman Benecky
Rene Berndt
Christian Bernhardt
Sebastian Bialecki
Manfred Bilderl
Atli Bjarnason
Kevin Blomme
Nico Blum
Maurice Boeve
Aron Boroczi
Wesley Bour
Marco Bout
Jarno Braamskamp
Mario Brescakovic
Rohan Brouwers
Wesley Brown
Wojciech Brulinski
Frank Bruns
Patrick Bulen
Vitor Charrua
Martin Christiansen
Petros Christodoulou
Sven Christophersen
Karl Cron
Meik Dankers
Tim Darmstadter
Mike De Decker
Melvin de Fijter
Jeffery De Graaf
Mathieu De loos
Ryan De Vreede
Kevin Doets
Pavel Drtil
Martin Dufek
Yoeri Duijster
Rene Eidams
Alexander Elia
Johan Engstrom
Cor Ernst
Paulo Ferreira
Sebastian Fey
Patrick Fink
Tobias Fischer
Levy Frauenfelder
Andreas Frei
Rene Fricke
Matthias Orn Fridriksson
Michel Furlani
Adam Gawlas
Elvin Geerlof
Marcel Gerdon
Christian Goedl
Daniel Gogele
Julio Barbero Gonzalez
Dmitrii Gorbunov
Kai Gotthardt
Andreas Gradert
Marco Grafweg
Jochen Graudenz
Romeo Grbavac
Kevin Grebe
Toon Greebe
Helge Gross
Matthias Grube
Lukas Grygar
Fredi Gsellmann
Marcel Gugger
David Haberberger
Christopher Haensch
Philipp Hagemann
Tomas Hamrozi
Niels-Joergen Hansen
Fons Hardeman
Aaron Hardy
Wesley Harms
Cody Harris
Andreas Harrysson
Niels Heinsoe
Simeon Heinz
Patrick Heitmueller
Florian Hempel
Jerry Hendriks
Jimmy Hendriks
Leo Hendriks
Joshua Hermann
Sascha Hertrich
Fabian Herz
Sven Hesse
Stefan Hielscher
Wim Hofsink
Erik Hol
Dragutin Horvat
Peter Hubinger
Wesley Hurrebrink
Michael Hurtz
Ronny Huybrechts
Christian Jentschke
Pavel Jirkal
Thomas Junghans
Jose Justicia
Brian Kaemena
Danny Kaiser
Christian Kallinger
Vincent Kamphuis
Tytus Kanik
Krzysztof Kciuk
Markus Kessler
Frederic Kienz
Tim Killing
Christian Kist
Daniel Klas
Martijn Kleermaker
Daniel Klose
Jens Kniest
Kevin Knopf
Karsten Koch
Pavel Kodera
Thomas Kohlmann
Thomas Kohnlein
Boris Koltsov
Timo Konik
Arjan Konterman
Karsten Kornath
Patrik Kovacs
Boris Krcmar
Tom Veje Kristensen
Nico Kurz
Gergely Lakatos
Bent Lambertsen
Chris Landman
Daniel Larsson
Thomas Lazic
Harald Leitinger
Zoran Lerchbacher
Marina Letica
Raphael Leufgen
Glenn Leysen
Pero Ljubic
Sebastian Loeer
Felix Losan
Ole Luckow
Nandor Major
Petr Maly
Willem Mandigers
Alessio Marconi
Robert Marijanovic
Jose Marques
Angel Martin Sanchez
Alexander Masek
Christoph Mayer
Alessio Medaina
Jorg Meinert
Till Meischner
Alexander Merkx
Erik Meulenmeesters
Andrea Micheletti
Mareno Michels
Frantisek Mika
Roemer Mooijman
Frederic Mozelewski
Tobias Mueller
Kevin Munch
Szabolcs Nemeth
Kenny Neyens
Sead Nicevic
Claus Bendix Nielsen
Wessel Nijman
Stefan Nilles
Dennis Nilsson
Marco Obst
Baran Oezdemir
Gabriel Florin Olar
Dennie Olde Kalter
Michal Ondo
Kysilka Ondrej
Sebastian Oschitzki
Christos Papadopoulos
Karel Papezik
Gabriel Pascaru
Bernhard Payr
Dragutin Pecnjak
Ricardo Perez
Patrick Peters
Lasse Petersen
David Pisek
Wesley Plaisier
Michael Plooy
Patrick Plotz
Karolina Podgorska
Mike Poge
Mehdi Poggi
Paul Pohl
Sebastian Pohl
Erik Poliak
Marek Polyak
Martin Popelka
Ivan Springborg Poulsen
Benjamin Pratnemer
Nandor Pres
Rene Preumel
Sven Preuss
Brian Raman
Anoop Ramdajal
Michael Rasztovits
Marek Raz
Michael Regus
Dolf Reker
Hendrik Riedel
Nico Riehle
Par Riihonen
Mario Robbe
Roxy-James Rodriguez
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Owen Roelofs
Franz Roetzsch
Bernd Roith
Gabriel Rollo
Fabian Roosenbrand
Michael Rosenauer
David Rosi
Stefano Roso
Andre Ruiter
Anton Salge
Konstantinos Samaras
Manuel Sanwald
Andreas Dirk Sauer
Lukasz Sawicki
Malte Schleinitz
David Schlichting
Sara Schliemann
Nico Schlund
Andreas Schnellhardt
Hannes Schnier
Peter Schnupfhagn
Rowdy Schoremans
Christoph Schroeder
William Schwass
Filip Sebesta
Karel Sedlacek
Vitezslav Sedlak
Martin Sevcov
Steffen Siepmann
Bjarni Sigurdsson
Johan Singerling
Jesper Skovgaard
Armando Slotboom
Kay Smeets
Michal Smejda
Jens Sonntag
Jeffrey Sparidaans
Philipp Spindler
Daniel Sprudzs
Sebastian Steyer
Michael Stoeten
Markus Straub
Daniel Sussmund
Veniamin Symeonidis
Radek Szaganski
Pal Szekely
Langi Szilveszter
Stefan Taferner
Erik Tautfest
Derk Telnekens
Danny Tessmann
Alfred Tettampel
Dominik Thiel
Christian Till
Hendrik Tjaden
Thibault Tricole
Patrick Tringler
Alexander Trobs
Paolo Trutalli
Michele Turetta
Michael Unterbuchner
Wouter Vaes
Sander Van Beem
Patrick van den Boogaard
Peter van den Broek
Dennis van der Ende
Jitse Van der wal
Jeremy van der Winkel
Davy van der Zande
Dirk van Duijvenbode
Jeffrey Van Egdom
Lorenzo Van Hove
Danny Van Klompenburg
Bob van Oerle
Berry van Peer
Justin van Tergouw
Danny van Trijp
Wesley van Trijp
Gian van Veen
Marvin van Velzen
Richard van Zijtveld
Mario Vandenbogaerde
Tonny Veenhof
Richard Veenstra
Janos Vegso
Kevin Vennik
Maikel Verberk
Wilco Vermeulen
Sven Vogelsberg
Mitchell Von Schukkmann
Gino Vos
Matthias Wagner
Nico Wagner
Marvin Wehder
Lukas Wenig
Brian Weszkallnies
Holger Wolka
Sandro Wyss
Michal Zarybnicky
Zereso Zeverboom
Willi Zimmermann

Q School Orders of Merit
Separate Q School Orders of Merit will be produced for the UK and European Qualifying Schools, from which 19 players will win Tour Cards (12 from UK Q School and seven from European Q School).

Players will be awarded one point per win from the first round which is drawn without Byes. Wins by virtue of a walkover from this round onwards shall be counted as a 5-0 win. If a player withdraws midway through a match their opponent shall be awarded the win by 5 legs to however many legs the withdrawing player has won at the time of withdrawal.

If two or more players are tied on points following the four days, they will be separated in the ranking list by (in order until they can be split) Legs Won and Leg Difference. Results from the preliminary round before the first round drawn without byes are disregarded for this countback. If the players cannot be split, a play-off will be organised.