Sky Sports presenter Dave Clark is leading the support for the Parkinson's UK Brain Bank, which will aid further research into the condition.

The Brain Bank, which will be based at Imperial College London, is the world's only brain bank dedicated solely to Parkinson's research, collecting tissue from people with and without the condition who donate their brains for research.

Brain tissue donation has already led to major advances in the understanding of Parkinson's, with new treatments now being developed and tested.

Anyone can pledge to donate their brain for research through the Parkinson's UK website via this link.

Sky Sports presenter Clark is leading the support for the Parkinson's UK Brain Bank, and said: "The brain is the most precious thing we have - it contains our loves, our memories, our personality.

"Giving it to medical research is the greatest gift I can offer. Just imagine if your brain was the one that unlocked a cure for this devastating neurological condition?

"The need for effective treatments for Parkinson's has never been greater and scientific research on brains - with and without Parkinson's - is essential.

"That's why my wife Carolyn and I are pledging to donate our brains to the Parkinson's UK Brain Bank."

Clark will follow up his previous charity challenges to raise money for Parkinson's UK  - which include the Dales Way and Coast-to-Coast walks - by climbing to Everest Base Camp in November 2020.

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Find out more about Parkinson's UK through their website, Twitter and Facebook pages.