Painter declares 'unfinished business' ahead of Q School bid

Kevin Painter

Kevin Painter has declared he has 'unfinished business' in the PDC ahead of his return to Q School next week.

Painter, 53, will attend UK Q School for a third consecutive year, desperate to win back his PDC Tour Card which he lost at the end of the 2018 campaign.

A former TV title winner and World Championship runner-up, Painter still believes he has more to give to the sport as he looks to recapture the form that saw him claim a place in the 2012 Premier League.

"I would call it 'unfinished business'. I believe I came off the tour before it was my time," Painter told The Darts Show Podcast.

"It wasn't a case of getting hammered 6-0 or 6-1 every week and thinking 'I can't do this anymore.'

"I was losing games by the odd leg and I threw away a lot of leads. That was down to poor concentration.

"To be honest, my attitude turning up to ProTours wasn't right, even though I was playing quite well in them.

"I had a couple of personal issues during my last year on tour which affected me.

"Things went against me and I ended up in the position I'm now in."

Kevin Painter
Painter's finest moment came at the 2011 Players Championship Finals

Since moving to the PDC from the BDO in 2001, Painter established himself as a regular face in the latter stages of TV events.

However, since his last TV quarter-final at the 2014 World Grand Prix, Painter's form steadily declined, ultimately resulting in the loss of his Tour Card.

"Whether I can be that player again, time will tell," Painter continued.

"My practice has been going alright, I'm throwing really well now.

"I believe I'm plenty good enough to be on the tour still, but it's up to me to show that.

"There's a case to say that it's harder to get back on the tour than it is to stay on it.,

"You hear a lot about the youngsters but the older players can still throw darts, Mervyn King and Steve Beaton are top examples.

"You don't lose your ability, you just lose your way sometimes when you get older and I need to find my way again."

Both the UK and European Qualifying Schools will see Stage One held across two blocks of three days, from February 8-10 and 11-13, before the Final Stage is held from February 14-17.