Gorbunov tops EADC rankings to secure World Cup debut

Dmitriy Gorbunov

Dmitriy Gorbunov secured his World Cup of Darts debut by picking up a further two EADC ProTour titles in Moscow last weekend.

Gorbunov will partner PDC Tour Card Holder Boris Koltsov in the World Cup of Darts in Germany in September having topped the EADC ProTour Order of Merit.

A World Championship debutant last December, Gorbunov doubled his tally of EADC ProTour event wins in 2021 by picking taking glory in Events Five and Six to take his overall tally to four from six events played.

Event Four winner Evgeniy Izotov and Event Five runner-up Vitaliy Khohryakov finished second and third respectively on the final Order of Merit.

Artyom Klyuev

Last weekend also saw the EADC Qualifier for the 2021 World Youth Championship take place, as Artyom Klyuev (pictured) secured his return to the biggest global youth darts tournament with a deciding leg victory over Maxim Aldoshin.

The EADC Qualifier for the 2021/22 William Hill World Darts Championship will take place in Moscow on October 24-25.

The EuroAsian Darts Corporation Tour features players from the following countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

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2021 EuroAsian Darts Corporation ProTour
ProTour 4
April 24

Evgeniy Demidenko 6-4 Dmitriy Gorbunov
Vitaliy Khohryakov 6-5 Timofey Samoshkin
Alexey Kadochnikov 6-2 Maxim Aldoshi
Evgeniy Izotov 6-4 Roman Obukhov

Evgeniy Izotov 6-4 Vitaliy Khohryakov
Alexey Kadochnikov 6-5 Evgeniy Demidenko

Evgeniy Izotov 6-5 Alexey Kadochnikov

ProTour 5
April 24

Dmitriy Gorbunov 6-3 Evgeniy Demidenko
Evgeniy Zhukov 6-3 Alexey Kadochnikov
Vitaliy Khohryakov 6-1 Dmitriy Zhavoronkov
Roman Obukhov 6-3 Igor Shirokiy

Dmitriy Gorbunov 6-4 Evgeniy Zhukov
Vitaliy Khohryakov 6-2 Roman Obukhov

Dmitriy Gorbunov 6-3 Vitaliy Khohryakov

ProTour 6
April 25

Dmitriy Gorbunov 6-5 Evgeniy Demidenko
Alexey Kadochnikov 6-2 Roman Obukhov
Artyom Klyuev 6-4 Vitaliy Khohryakov
Evgrnii Izotov 6-1 Maxim Aldoshin

Dmitriy Gorbunov 6-4 Alexey Kadochnikov
Evgrnii Izotov 6-2 Artyom Klyuev

Dmitriy Gorbunov 6-3 Evgrnii Izotov

EADC World Youth Championship Qualifier
April 25
Margarita Raevskaya 6-5 Georgey Vasiukov
Maxim Aldoshin 6-5 Mikhail Mayorov
Roman Korsunov 6-1 Sergey Tyarasov
Artyom Klyuev 6-1 Pavel Lapinin

Artyom Klyuev 6-5 Roman Korsunov
Maxim Aldoshin 6-1 Margarita Raevskaya

Artyom Klyuev 6-5 Maxim Aldoshin