Exclusive Ted Evetts documentary available now in PDCTV

Fallon Sherrock & Ted Evetts (PDC)

PDCTV Subscribers can now watch our exclusive documentary, "Ted Evetts - On the Other Side of History".

The specially-produced feature-length interview looks at Evetts' fledgling career and the moment which shot him to worldwide fame, when he was defeated by Fallon Sherrock at the World Championship.

The 23-year-old joined by friends to look back on the historic night as he was on the "Other Side of History", and he also discusses his hopes for creating global headlines of his own.

Watch "Ted Evetts - On the Other Side of History" exclusively in PDCTV.

"It's one of those nights that I'm never going to forget - it's going to be a pub quiz question for the rest of my life!" said Evetts.

"Fallon played exceptional that night, it was brilliant. We had a great game together.

"There's nothing I did that night that was going to change what happened - she played that great, her doubles were absolutely fantastic, and her scoring - any time she needed a two-treble visit - was there.

"I was over the moon for her, because I've known Fallon since I was probably 17, maybe 18.

"I don't mind being known as that...but if I play well, start winning events then it will flip on its head."

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