Did THE BIG 180 encourage you to check your risk of prostate cancer?

The BIG 180

THE BIG 180 was an multi award-winning campaign between the PDC, Paddy Power and Prostate Cancer UK at the 2023/24 Paddy Power World Darts Championship.

We joined forces and raised £1 million for Prostate Cancer UK!

As well as raising funds via every maximum scored during the tournament, we also wanted darts fans to check their risk of prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men.

Over 136,000 men completed the Prostate Cancer UK risk-checker during the campaign. As a result, nearly 100,000 men found out they were at high risk of prostate cancer.

These are darts fans who wouldn’t have known otherwise. Were you one of them?

We’re looking for men who took the risk checker and as a result found out they had prostate cancer. If that was you we hope you found it early enough, and are doing well. Would you share your story with us? 

Early diagnosis is the key to surviving prostate cancer. But with no screening programme, men have to ask for a blood test. 

Hearing stories from others can help many men take action around their own risk. 

Just email us below with your contact details and we’ll get back to you to get your story, you could help us save more lives. 


About Prostate Cancer
1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer, and your risk is higher if you're over 50, black, or have a family history of the disease. It's the most common cancer in men and kills over 12000 brothers, dads, granddads every year.

It doesn't need to be this way. Men do not need to die of disease.

The earlier prostate cancer is diagnosed the easier it is to treat, but with no UK screening programme it’s vital that men understand their risk.

Click here to visit the Prostate Cancer UK Risk Checker