Dutch Triumph For Terry

TERRY JENKINS warmed up in style for the Sky Bet World Grand Prix by winning Saturday's Open Hotel Blackwater.

Jenkins, a former Antwerp Open champion, secured another big win with a 3-1 defeat of Denis Ovens in the final, having also seen off Jan van der Rassel, Adrian Lewis and Darren Johnson.

Ovens, another in-form player in 2005, produced an impressive whitewash of Christian van Overdijk in the quarter-finals before defeating recent Open Oust Nederland champion Darren Webster in the semis.

Alan Warriner-Little and Dave Askew will head to Dublin following confidence-boosting runs to the last eight.

Open Hotel Blackwater
Final (best of five sets)
Terry Jenkins (Eng) 3-1 Denis Ovens (Eng)

Semi-Finals (best of three sets)

Denis Ovens (Eng) 2-1 Darren Webster (Eng)
Terry Jenkins (Eng) 2-0 Jan van der Rassel (NL)

Quarter-Finals (best of nine legs)
Denis Ovens (Eng) 5-0 Christian van Overdijk (NL)
Darren Webster (Eng) 5-0 Alan Warriner-Little (Eng)
Jan van der Rassel (NL) 5-4 Dave Askew (Eng)
Terry Jenkins (Eng) 5-3 Adrian Lewis (Eng)

Last 16 (best of seven legs)
Christian van Overdijk (NL) 4-2 Alan Caves (Eng)
Denis Ovens (Eng) 4-3 Andy Jenkins (Eng)
Darren Webster (Eng) 4-0 Peter Manley (Eng)
Alan Warriner-Little (Eng) 4-1 Rick Hofstra (NL)
Dave Askew (Eng) 4-3 Co Stompé (NL)
Jan van der Rassel (NL) 4-3 Mark Dudbridge (Eng)
Adrian Lewis (Eng) 4-2 Kevin Painter (Eng)
Terry Jenkins (Eng) 4-0 Darren Johnson (Eng)

Last 32
Christian van Ovedijk (NL) 4-2 Gary Welding (Eng)
Alan Caves (Eng) 4-2 Lionel Sams (Eng)
Andy Jenkins (Eng) 4-1 Alex Wilmink (NL)
Denis Ovens (Eng) 4-2 Erik Clarys (Bel)
Peter Manley (Eng) 4-3 Andy Smith (Eng)
Darren Webster (Eng) 4-2 Mark Walsh (Eng)
Rick Hofstra (NL) 4-3 Tony West (Eng)
Alan Warriner-Little (Eng) 4-1 Wes Newton (Eng)
Co Stompé (NL) 4-1 Barrie Bates (Wal)
Dave Askew (Eng) 4-0 Henk Westerhof (NL)
Jan van der Rassel (NL) 4-1 Pietjan Veenendaal (NL)
Mark Dudbridge (Eng) 4-2 Michael van Gerwen (NL)
Kevin Painter (Eng) 4-3 Bert Koster (NL)
Adrian Lewis (Eng) 4-3 Ewrin Extercatte (NL)
Darren Johnson (Eng) 4-1 Alan Reynolds (Wal)
Terry Jenkins (Eng) 4-0 Robert Treffers (NL)

Last 64 (best of five legs)

Christian van Overdijk (NL) 3-1 Tom Teseelaar (NL)
Gary Welding (Eng) 3-0 Frank Nijveld (NL)
Lionel Sams (Eng) 3-1 John Visscher (NL)
Alan Caves (Eng) 3-0 Joeri Raets (Bel)
Andy Jenkins (Eng) 3-0 Frans van de Weit (NL)
Alex Wilmink (NL) 3-1 Steve West (Eng)
Denis Ovens (Eng) 3-2 Peter Marissen (NL)
Erik Clarys (Bel) 3-0 Jan-Erik Kanis (NL)
Peter Manley (Eng) 3-2 Jelle Klaasen (NL)
Andy Smith (Eng) 3-1 Jeffrey Diepeveen (NL)
Mark Walsh (Eng) 3-0 Henk van der Vegt (NL)
Darren Webster (Eng) 3-0 Ton Winters (NL)
Tony West (Eng) 3-1 Wayne Mardle (Eng)
Rick Hofstra (NL) 3-0 Braulio Roncero (Esp)
Alan Warriner-Little (Eng) 3-0 Rik Vinke (NL)
Wes Newton (Eng) 3-1 Josephus Schenk (NL)
Co Stompé (NL) 3-0 Pieter Miedema (NL)
Barrie Bates (Wal) 3-0 Marco van Maurik (NL)
Dave Askew (Eng) 3-0 Nicola Cuccumazzo (Ita)
Henk Westerhof (NL) 3-0 Daniel Brouwer (NL)
Jan van der Rassel (NL) 3-0 Darren Moulsley (Eng)
Pietjan Veenendaal (NL) 3-2 Steve Maish (Eng)
Mark Dudbridge (Eng) 3-0 Willem de Vries (NL)
Michael van Gerwen (NL) 3-2 James Wade (Eng)
Kevin Painter (Eng) 3-0 Kees Slokkers (NL)
Bert Koster (NL) 3-0 Peter Evison (Eng)
Erwin Extercatte (NL) 3-0 Dennis Priestley (Eng)
Adrian Lewis (Eng) 3-0 Willem van Eijken (NL)
Darren Johnson (Eng) 3-1 Tim Rudolph (NL)
Alan Reynolds (Wal) 3-2 Tony Martinez (Bel)
Terry Jenkins (Eng) 3-2 Wil van Kasteren (NL)
Robert Treffers (NL) 3-2 Jamie Harvey (Sco)