PDPA Players Championship - Ireland

THE fifth PDPA Players Championship tournament of 2005 takes place next Saturday at the Citywest Hotel in Ireland.

Phil Taylor won his second successive Players Championship when he came from 2-0 down to defeat Colin Lloyd 3-2 in the last event at Newport recently.

Lloyd and Ronnie Baxter are the other winners following their successes on the Isle of Wight in June, but they will again face stiff competition, with 116 players entering for the Dublin tournament.

PDPA Players Championship
Event Five Draw
Board 1
Wayne Jones
Robert Watson-Lang
Andrew Davies
Colin Lloyd (1)
Tony Smith
Steve Maish
Mick Manning (32)
Cliff Lazarenko

Board 2
Guy Christyn
Keith Deller
Mark Thomson
Steve Beaton (16)
Michael Barnard
Dennis Smith (17)
Graeme Stoddart
Dean Williams

Board 3
Steve Johnson
Ian Critchett
John Part (8)
Henry O'Neill
Matt Clark (25)
Gary Cartmel
Kevin Pearson

Board 4
Paul Heston
Deta Hedman
Andy Jenkins (9)
Jim Layton
Jamie Harvey (24)
Paul Dillon
Graham Begby

Board 5
Mark Pook
Steve Coote
Wayne Mardle (5)
Dwaine Kennedy
Adrian Lewis (28)
Mick McGowan
Rod Harrington

Board 6
Alan Reynolds
Terry Hayes
Dennis Priestley (12)
Gary Welding
Alex Roy (21)
Andy Smith
Geoff Wylie

Board 7
Mark Robinson
Joeri Raets
Roland Scholten (4)
Colin Monk
Darren Webster (29)
Tom Wilson
Michael Kendrick

Board 8
Steven Hyatt
Simon Whatley
Mark Walsh (13)
Sean Palfrey
Bob Anderson (20)
Adrian Gray
Ray Cornibert

Board 9
Darren Johnson
Jason Clark
Phil Taylor (2)
Nigel Peden
James Wade (31)
David Johnson
Barrie Bates

Board 10
Gary Noonan
Yves Cottenge
Terry Jenkins (15)
Eric Bristow
Lionel Sams (18)
Chris Sargeant
Lee White

Board 11
Peter Evison
Mark Lawrence
Kevin Painter (7)
Chris Hook
Paul Williams (26)
Michael Doabe
John Magowan

Board 12
John Scott
Dave Honey
Denis Ovens (10)
Vic Hubbard
Chris Mason (23)
Daniel Sare
Steve Hine

Board 13
Bob Avenell
Brian Whybrow
Peter Manley (6)
Wayne Atwood
Wes Newton (27)
Jimmy Dunlop
Nick Fulwell

Board 14
Ian Whillis
Lee Palfreyman
Mark Dudbridge (11)
Josephus Schenk
Alan Caves (22)
Kieron Leal
Tom Kirby

Board 15

Jason Roberts
Richie Burnett
Rick Andrews
Ronnie Baxter (3)
Dave Jowett
Erik Clarys (30)
Tom Nagels
Harry Anderson

Board 16
Jimmy Mann
Keith Rooney
Bob Lang
Alan Warriner-Little (14)
Darren Williams
Dave Askew (19)
Steven Smith
Colin Osborne