Sniper Shoots Down Stompe

DARREN WEBSTER won the Open Oost Nederland in Vroomshoop, defeating Dutchman Co Stompe in Sunday's final.

Norfolk-based Webster was taken all the way by his top Dutch opponent, winning a deciding final set to capture the first prize.

He defeated 2004 champion Erwin Extercatte 2-1 in the semi-finals, and also counted Terry Jenkins and Jan van der Rassell among the players he saw off on the way to the win.

Stompe eased past Albertino Essers in the other semi, while Andy Smith, Adrian Lewis and Erik Clarys had encouraging runs to the latter stages.

The weekend got off to a bang when Henk Westerhof hit a nine-dart leg in his first round game of the tournament.

There was, however, disappointment for PDC stars Roland Scholten, Denis Ovens and Matt Clark, who went out at the last 64 stage.

Final (Best of 5 sets, best of 5 legs)
Darren Webster (Eng) 3-2 Co Stompé (NL)

Semi Finals (Best of 3 sets, best of 5 legs)
Darren Webster (Eng) 2-1 Erwin Extercatte (NL)
Co Stompé (NL) 2-0 Albertino Essers (NL)

Quarter Finals (best of 9 legs)
Erwin Extercatte (NL) 5-2 Andy Smith (Eng)
Darren Webster (Eng) 5-0 Terry Jenkins (Eng)
Co Stompé (NL) 5-2 Jeroen Geerdink (NL)
Albertino Essers (NL) 5-4 Henk Westerhof (NL)

Last 16 (best of 7 legs)
Erwin Extercatte (NL) 4-2 Dennis Nijmeijer (NL)
Andy Smith (Eng) 4-2 Adrian Lewis (Eng)
Darren Webster (Eng) 4-3 Jan van der Rassel (NL)
Terry Jenkins (Eng) 4-3 Fernand van der Velde (NL)
Jeroen Geerdink (NL) 4-0 Guy Christyn (Bel)
Co Stompé (NL) 4-0 Michael Lie Ten (NL)
Albertino Essers (NL) 4-1 Erik Clarys (Bel)
Henk Westerhof (NL) 4-2 Alex Wilmink (NL)

Last 32 (best of 7 legs)
Dennis Nijmeijer (NL) 4-3 Eric Soekra (NL)
Erwin Extercatte (NL) 4-3 Alex Schut (NL)
Adrian Lewis (Eng) 4-1 Jan Meesters (NL)
Andy Smith (Eng) 4-1 Peter Voskamp (NL)
Darren Webster (Eng) 4-0 Pietjan Veenendaal (NL)
Jan van der Rassel (NL) 4-0 Salmon Renyaan (NL)
Terry Jenkins (Eng) 4-1 Dennis Schulten (NL)
Fernand van der Velde (NL) 4-1 Tony West (Eng)
Jeroen Geerdink (NL) 4-0 Henk Spies (NL)
Guy Christyn (Bel) 4-2 Remon Hurrebrink (NL)
Co Stompé (NL) 4-0 Fons Hardeman (NL)
Michael Lie Ten (NL) 4-1 Erik Filart (NL)
Erik Clarys (Bel) 4-1 Arjan Cath (NL)
Albertino Essers (NL) 4-1 Jean Paul Fahner (NL)
Henk Westerhof (NL) 4-3 Dennie Nijs (NL)
Alex Wilmink (NL) 4-0 Rick van de Schuur (NL)

Last 64 (best of 5 legs)

Eric Soekra (NL) 3-1 Roland Scholten (NL)
Dennis Nijmeijer (NL) 3-0 Catharinus Gerrits (NL)
Erwin Extercatte (NL) 3-1 Steve West (Eng)
Alex Schut (NL) 3-1 Dimitri Wielders (NL)
Adrian Lewis (Eng) 3-2 Wesley Ruis (NL)
Jan Meesters (NL) 3-1 Alexander Pas (NL)
Andy Smith (Eng) 3-1 René Wolting (NL)
Peter Voskamp (NL) 3-2 Wilbert van Koerten (NL)
Darren Webster (Eng) 3-0 Harold van Melsen (NL)
Pietjan Veenendaal (NL) 3-1 Chris de Ruysscher (Bel)
Jan van der Rassel (NL) 3-1 Bert Boerkamp (NL)
Salmon Renyaan (NL) 3-1 Edwin van Laar (NL)
Terry Jenkins (Eng) 3-1 Tom Grevink (NL)
Dennis Schulten (NL) 3-2 Kees Slokkers (NL)
Fernand van der Velde (NL) 3-0 Timo Kingma (NL)
Tony West (Eng) 3-1 Jeroen Kromeich (NL)
Henk Spies (NL) 3-2 Denis Ovens (Eng)
Jeroen Geerdink (NL) 3-1 Jeffrey Diepeveen (NL)
Guy Christyn (Bel) 3-1 Wichard Knoops (NL)
Remon Hurrebrink (NL) 3-2 Peter Mollu (Bel)
Co Stompé (NL) 3-1 Matt Clark (Eng)
Fons Hardeman (NL) 3-0 Daniel Brouwer (NL)
Michael Lie Ten (NL) 3-1 Tony Smith (Eng)
Erik Filart (NL) 3-2 Maichel Stoeten (NL)
Erik Clarys (Bel) 3-1 Tom Feringa (NL)
Arjan Cath (NL) 3-2 Bert Benjamins (NL)
Jean Paul Fahner (NL) 3-1 Ronald van de Hof (NL)
Albertino Essers (NL) 3-0 Mark Hol (NL)
Henk Westerhof (NL) 3-1 Jopie Durant (NL)
Dennie Nijs (NL) 3-1 Benno van Rijn (NL)
Rick van de Schuur (NL) 3-1 Wesley Bunk (NL)
Alex Wilmink (NL) 3-0 Dick Twiest (NL)