Trio Secure World Championship Places

JOHN MICHAEL, Aleksandr Oreshkin and Alex Tagarao have won places in the William Hill World Darts Championship following their victories in the Southern Europe, Russian and Philippines qualifiers last weekend.

Greek ace Michael won through from a field of 229 players, including hopefuls from Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Italy, as he secured a place at Alexandra Palace for a second successive year.

The former European Championship qualifier defeated Spain's Antonio Alcinas 6-4 in the final, and saw off former Ally Pally qualifier Julio Barbero in the semi-finals.

Michael enjoyed a preliminary round victory over Finland's Jani Haavisto at Alexandra Palace in this year's event, before losing to Ian White 3-1 in the first round.

Oreshkin, a two-time finalist in the EADC events in Russia this year, won through to represent his country with his televised debut in the World Championship in December.

The Russian qualifier, which included leading female star Anastasia Dobromyslova and last year's winner Boris Koltsov, saw Oreshkin defeat Anton Kolesov 3-1 in sets in the final.

Tagarao, from Cagayan de Oro, won through the final stages of the annual Philippines' qualifier as he edged out Lourence Ilagan 3-2 in his final.

Tagarao also overcame another former World Championship qualifier, Juanito Gionson, in a five-set semi-final following earlier wins over D.A. Doctolero, Elmer Maranan and Prussian Arsenio in the last 32.

Further International Qualifiers will be held throughout November ahead of the William Hill World Darts Championship, which will be held from December 17-January 3 at Alexandra Palace in London.

Should Nathan Aspinall win the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship final on November 29, he would receive a place in the preliminary round, with the winner of the 2015 Oceanic Masters also then participating into the preliminary round to make 18 players.

Should Max Hopp (who has qualified for the World Championship through the ProTour Order of Merit) win the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship final, no further place would be awarded to the runner-up, and the Oceanic Masters winner would retain a first round place at Alexandra Palace.

William Hill World Darts Championship
Southern Europe Qualifier

Open to players from Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra, Italy, San Marino, Monaco, Malta, Greece, Cyprus & Turkey.
Last 16
Alfonso Santano 6-4 Jacinto Nieto
Julio Barbero 6-2 Jaime Santos
John Michael 6-2 Manuel Bernardino
Miguel Cantero 6-4 James Brown
Javier Toquero 6-0 Victor Rodriguez
Miguel Maya 6-4 Jesus Almazan
Jose Sousa 6-3 Jonathan Loarce
Antonio Alcinas 6-1 Antonio Repas

Julio Barbero 6-2 Alfonso Santano
John Michael 6-4 Miguel Cantero
Javier Toquero 6-2 Miguel Maya
Antonio Alcinas 6-4 Jose Sousa

John Michael 6-3 Julio Barbero
Antonio Alcinas 6-2 Javier Toquero

John Michael 6-4 Antonio Alcinas

Russian Qualifier

Boris Koltsov 6-2 Aleksandr Akutov
Aleksandr Oreshkin 6-1 Odhuu Khundaganai
Anton Kolesov 6-2 Aleksei Kadochnikov
Evengii Izotov 6-1 Maxim Aldoshin
Best of 11 legs

Aleksandr Oreshkin 6-1 Boris Koltsov
Anton Kolesov 6-4 Evengii Izotov
Best of 11 legs

Aleksandr Oreshkin 3-1 Anton Kolesov
Best of five sets

Philippines Qualifier
Last 32

Edmar De Guzman 5-1 Mac Gonzales
Paolo Nebreda 5-1 Cris Samson
Cris Salinas 5-2 Vince Develos
Lourence Ilagan 5-1 Alain Abi-Abi
Bryan Eribal 5-1 Jorge Mediario
Alexis Toylo 5-0 Michael Paculdo
Pipo Garcia 5-4 Gilbert Ulang
Rolando Andrade 5-2 Kirk Caayupan
Jhoe Baylon 5-1 Celso Parfan
Juanito Gionson 5-2 Hansel Ortega
Carl Cagape 5-4 John Lucanas
Jerry Salenga 5-1 Angelito Benavidez
Elmer Maranan 5-0 Eddie Barsubia
Alex Tagarao 5-2 DA Doctolero
Prussian Arsenio 5-1 Edward Santos
JP Detablan 5-0 Louie Devillier
Best of nine legs

Last 16
Paolo Nebreda 5-1 Edmar De Guzman
Lourence Ilagan 5-2 Cris Salinas
Alexis Toylo 5-2 Bryan Eribal
Pipo Garcia 5-1 Rolando Andrade
Juanito Gionson 5-1 Jhoe Baylon
Jerry Salenga 5-2 Carl Cagape
Alex Tagaro 5-2 Elmer Maranan
Prussian Arsenio 5-1 JP Detablan
Best of nine legs

Lourence Ilagan 3-1 Paolo Nebreda
Pipo Garcia 3-1 Alexis Tolyo
Juanito Gionson 3-2 Jerry Salenga
Alex Tagarao 3-0 Prussian Arsenio
Best of five sets

Lourence Ilagan 3-0 Pipo Garcia
Alex Tagarao 3-2 Juanito Gionson
Best of five sets

Alex Tagarao 3-2 Lourence Ilagan
Best of five sets

William Hill World Darts Championship - International Qualifiers
First Round Qualifiers

TBC - Nov 7 DPA Australian Grand Prix Champion
TBC - Nov 8 DPA Oceanic Masters Winner *
Darin Young PDC North American Qualifier
TBC - Nov 30 PDPA Qualifier Winner

Preliminary Round Qualifiers

Rob Szabo (New Zealand) DPNZ Qualifier
Warrick Scheffer (South Africa) South African Masters Champion
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong (Thailand) South Asia Qualifier
Paul Lim (Singapore) DARTSLIVE SUPERDARTS Champion
Kim VIljanen SDC Order of Merit Winner
Per Laursen SDC Order of Merit Runner-Up
Mick McGowan Tom Kirby Memorial Irish Matchplay Champion
Alex Tagarao Philippines Qualifier
John Michael PDC Southern Europe Qualifier
Aleksandr Oreshkin Russian Qualifier
TBC - Nov 7 Greater China Qualifier
TBC - Nov 8 PDJ Japanese Qualifier
TBC - Nov 14 German Qualifier
TBC - Nov 14 PDC Eastern Europe Qualifier
TBC - Nov 15 PDC Central Europe Qualifier
TBC - Nov 29 World Youth Championship Winner *
TBC - Nov 30 PDPA Qualifier Runner-Up

* The DPA Oceanic Masters Winner would participate in the Preliminary Round should Nathan Aspinall win the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship. If Max Hopp (who has already qualified for the World Championship, through ProTour Order of Merit) wins the World Youth Championship, no further place in the Preliminary Round is offered and the DPA Oceanic Masters winner participates in the First Round.

PDC Eastern Europe Qualifier
November 14, Eisenstadt, Austria
Open to players from Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

PDC Central Europe Qualifier
November 15, Tilburg, Netherlands
Open to players from Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and France

For further information about these qualifiers, please visit

* Additional reporting from Russian Qualifier courtesy of Alice Burykina.