Walsh Edges Out Taylor

MARK WALSH avenged his defeat to Phil Taylor in the 2005 Budweiser UK Open final with a 2-1 win in Sunday's first Regional Final for the 2006 event.

Walsh continued his good form in UK Open tournaments this year with victory over Taylor in a deciding final leg, after the clash was level at a set apiece and two legs each.

Two maximums from Walsh in three visits to the board left the Hertfordshire thrower with 81, which he duly checked out for a 12-dart leg and first blood in the 2006 Budweiser UK Open.

Walsh defeated Dennis Priestley 2-0 in the semi-finals, and also saw off top ten duo Andy Jenkins and Peter Manley during Sunday's event.

Taylor - who came from two sets down to defeat Colin Lloyd in Saturday's PDPA Players Championship - ended Colin Monk's run to the semi-finals with a 2-0 win and also saw off Wayne Mardle at the last eight stage.

Budweiser UK Open - Welsh Regional Final
First Round (best of seven legs)
Kevin Spiolek 4-3 Paul Cosslett
Chris Sargeant 4-0 Jonathan Archer
Kevin Edwards 4-0 Thomas McIntosh
Sean Dowling 4-3 Nick Fulwell
Nigel Peden 4-1 Kieran Leal
Michael Doabe 4-2 Steve Dyer
Steve Alker 4-2 Lee Palfreyman
Aaron Turner 4-1 Jason Gilbert
Paul Everson 4-1 Jason Roberts
Rod Harrington 4-0 Kerry Bannister
Dave Honey 4-0 Ian Critchett
Chris Hook 4-3 Kieron Carter
Reg Harding 4-1 Bob Avenell
Graeme Begby 4-0 Mark Lawrence
Gary Noonan 4-3 Kevin Biggs
Ken Thomas 4-3 Ken Dobson
Dave Whitcombe 4-2 Robert Heard
Rick Andrews 4-1 Mark Layton
Mark Salmon 4-0 Shayne Burgess
Mark Pool 4-0 Mark Boswell
Lindsey McDonald 4-0 Gary Ewington
Paul Heston 4-1 Andrew Stevenson
Norman Fletcher 4-0 Yves Cottenge
James Barton 4-0 Jonathan Platt
Darren Latham 4-0 Jim Leighton
Michael Kendrick 4-1 Paul Redfearn
Steve EVans 4-0 Wayne Atwood
Graeme Stoddart 4-2 Tony Randall
Peter Green 4-3 Andy McGovern
John Scott 4-3 Daniel Sare
Brian Whybrow 4-0 Ian Long
Joeri Raets 4-0 Daniel Guest
Martyn Miles 4-3 Steve Perry
Darren Johnson 4-3 Tom Nagels
Jason Clark 4-1 Derek Freeman
Tony Hook 4-1 Mick McGowan
Ian Eames 4-1 Vince Savage
Kevin Pearson 4-2 Gary Cartmel
Mark Tiller 4-1 Anthony Hopkins
Robbie Green 4-0 Lee White
Darren Williams 4-2 Ray Cornibert
Kevin Harris 4-2 Steven Smith
Jimmy Dunlop 4-1 Martin Burchell
Barry MacLean 4-0 Keith Thomas
Dean Williams 4-0 Cyril Pearce
Mark Frost 4-1 Geoff Wylie
Marcus Knapman 4-0 Paul Amos
Tim Green 4-1 Neil Pointon
Terry Hayes 4-0 Nigel Russell
Kelvin Painter 4-3 Matt Sheehan
Dave Orton 4-1 Colin Osborne
Paul Dillon 4-1 Darren Richardson
Sean Walshe 4-0 Eric Bristow
Stuart Hopton 4-2 Dale Newton
Deta Hedman 4-3 Josephus Schenk
Fraser Hill 4-1 Andrew Davies
Martin Whatmough 4-1 Gary Blades
Chris Gough 4-2 Dwaine Kennedy
Dave Jowett 4-2 Kevin Dowling
Paul Hollis 4-3 Steve Hyatt
Stuart Dutton 4-1 David Platt
Jan Van Der Rassel 4-0 Gary Creamer
Steve Coote 4-3 Andy Nye
Mel Porter 4-1 Paul Clift

Second Round (best of nine)
Wayne Jones 5-1 Kevin Spiolek
Steve Beaton 5-0 Chris Sargeant
Kevin Edwards 5-0 Mark Landers
Sean Dowling 5-3 Colin Lloyd
Colin Monk 5-1 Nigel Peden
Steve Maish 5-3 Michael Doabe
Keith Deller 5-4 Steve Alker
Matt Chapman 5-0 Aaron Turner
Paul Everson 5-0 John Lowe
Rod Harrington 5-4 Peter Evison
Dave Honey 5-3 Mark Holden
Chris Hook 5-4 Darren Webster
Lionel Sams 5-3 Reg Harding
Graeme Begby 5-0 Richie Burnett
Alan Warriner 5-3 Gary Noonan
Ken Thomas 5-3 Alex Roy
Tony SMith 5-1 Dave Whitcombe
Andy Callaby 5-2 Rick Andrews
Peter Allen 5-4 Mark Salmon
Phil Taylor 5-1 Mark Pool
Gary Welding 5-0 Lindsey McDonald
Wayne Mardle 5-3 Paul Heston
Kevin Painter 5-2 Norman Fletcher
Adrian Gray 5-3 James Barton
Matt Clark 5-4 Darren Latham
Michael Kendrick 5-3 Ian Whillis
Steve Evans 5-3 Steve Johnson
Jimmy Mann 5-4 Graeme Stoddart
Andy Hayfield 5-3 Peter Green
Sean Palfrey 5-4 Andy Hayfield
Terry Jenkins 5-0 Brian Whybrow
Mark Dudbridge 5-1 Joeri Raets
Andy Hamilton 5-1 Martyn Miles
Darren Johnson 5-2 Alan Reynolds
Andy Jenkins 5-4 Jason Clark
Mark Walsh 5-2 Tony Hook
Ian Eames 5-3 Jamie Harvey
Kevin Pearson 5-2 James Wade
Mark Robinson 5-1 Mark Tiller
Chris Mason 5-4 Robbie Green
Darren Williams 5-1 John MaGowan
Kevin Harris 5-0 Cliff Lazarenko
Peter Manley 5-0 Jimmy Dunlop
Erik Clarys 5-0 Barry MacLean
Mark Thomson 5-0 Dean Williams
Mark Frost 5-1 Michael Barnard
Dave Askew 5-1 Marcus Knapman
Andy Smith 5-3 Tim Green
Adrian Lewis 5-4 Terry Hayes
Eddie Lovely 5-4 Kelvin Painter
Dave Orton 5-2 Steve Hine
Ronnie Baxter 5-2 Paul Dillon
Simon Whatley 5-2 Sean Walshe
Robbie Widdows 5-4 Dale Newton
Barrie Bates 5-1 Deta Hedman
Alan Caves 5-0 Fraser Hill
Denis Ovens 5-0 Martin Whatmough
John Part 5-0 Chris Gough
Roland Scholten 5-2 Dave Jowett
Vic Hubbard 5-3 Paul Hollis
Dennis Priestley 5-4 Stuart Dutton
Jan Van Der Rassel 5-0 Mick Manning
Steve Coote 5-3 Dennis Smith
Bob Anderson 5-0 Mel Porter

Third Round
Wayne Jones 5-2 Steve Beaton
Kevin Edwards 5-0 Sean Dowling
Colin Monk 5-1 Steve Maish
Matt Chapman 5-1 Keith Deller
Paul Everson 5-4 Rod Harrington
Dave Honey 5-3 Chris Hook
Lionel Sams 5-2 Graeme Begby
Ken Thomas 5-4 Alan Warriner
Tony Smith 5-3 Andy Callaby
Phil Taylor 5-4 Peter Allen
Wayne Mardle 5-2 Gary Welding
Adrian Gray 5-1 Kevin Painter
Matt Clark 5-0 Michael Kendrick
Jimmy Mann 5-2 Steve Evans
Andy Hayfield 5-3 Sean Palfrey
Mark Dudbridge 5-3 Terry Jenkins
Andy Hamilton 5-0 Darren Johnson
Mark Walsh 5-3 Andy Jenkins
Kevin Pearson 5-2 Ian Eames
Chris Mason 5-3 Mark Robinson
Kevin Harris 5-4 Darren Williams
Peter Manley 5-0 Erik Clarys
Mark Frost 5-4 Mark Thomson
Dave Askew 5-4 Andy Smith
Adrian Lewis 5-2 Eddie Lovely
Ronnie Baxter 5-0 Dave Orton
Simon Whatley 5-1 Robbie Widdows
Barrie Bates 5-0 Alan Caves
John Part 5-4 Denis Ovens
Vic Hubbard 5-3 Roland Scholten
Dennis Priestley 5-2 Jan Van Der Rassel
Bob Anderson 5-1 Steve Coote

Fourth Round
Wayne Jones 5-1 Kevin Edwards
Colin Monk 5-1 Matt Chapman
Paul Everson 5-3 Dave Honey
Lionel Sams 5-3 Ken Thomas
Phil Taylor 5-0 Tony Smith
Wayne Mardle 5-4 Adrian Gray
Matt Clark 5-3 Jimmy Mann
Mark Dudbridge 5-1 Andy Hayfield
Mark Walsh 5-2 Andy Hamilton
Kevin Pearson 5-4 Chris Mason
Peter Manley 5-1 Kevin Harris
Mark Frost 5-0 Dave Askew
Adrian Lewis 5-3 Ronnie Baxter
Barrie Bates 5-2 Simon Whatley
John Part 5-1 Vic Hubbard
Dennis Priestley 5-4 Bob Anderson

Fifth Round
Colin Monk 5-2 Wayne Jones
Lionel Sams 5-2 Paul Everson
Phil Taylor 5-1 Wayne Mardle
Matt Clark 5-4 Mark Dudbridge
Mark Walsh 5-3 Kevin Pearson
Peter Manley 5-3 Mark Frost
Adrian Lewis 5-3 Barrie Bates
Dennis Priestley 5-4 John Part

Colin Monk 5-2 Lionel Sams
Phil Taylor 5-1 Matt Clark
Mark Walsh 5-4 Peter Manley
Dennis Priestley 5-0 Adrian Lewis

Semi-Finals (best of three sets)
Phil Taylor 2-0 Colin Monk
Mark Walsh 2-0 Dennis Priestley


Mark Walsh 2-1 Phil Taylor