Campbell to represent Canada at World Cup and World Championship

BetVictor World Cup of Darts

Sep 28 2020

Matt Campbell will represent Canada at the World Championship and World Cup of Darts.

DartPlayers Australia unveil 2021 ProTour plans

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Sep 21 2020

DartPlayers Australia have announced plans for their 2021 ProTour.

PDC Nordic & Baltic Tour update

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Sep 14 2020

The planned restart of the 2020 PDC Nordic & Baltic circuit in October has been cancelled.

CDC circuit to resume in Canada & USA

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Sep 04 2020

The Championship Darts Corporation is set to return to action later this month in Canada & USA.

Super League Germany Group B concludes on PDCTV this weekend

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Jun 05 2020

The 2020 Hylo Care PDC Europe Super League Germany group stage concludes on June 6-7 - watch live on PDCTV.

CDC Update: Edmunds wins, Denver weekend cancelled

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Jun 01 2020

Kiley Edmunds has won the CDC Championship League's opening season, with a second event now set to be held.

Super League Germany continues on PDCTV this weekend

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

May 28 2020

The third weekend of the Hylo Care PDC Europe Super League Germany event on May 30-31 will see Group A conclude their round-robin fixtures.

Super League Germany showing live on PDCTV this weekend

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

May 22 2020

The 2020 Hylo Care PDC Europe Super League Germany event continues on this weekend live on PDCTV.

Watch PDC Europe Super League Germany on May 16-17 in PDCTV

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

May 16 2020

Watch the first two days of the Hylo Care PDC Europe Super League Germany on May 16-17 in PDCTV.

2020 PDC Europe German Super League set to commence

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

May 14 2020

The 2020 PDC Europe Super League Germany will be televised live on Sport1 and through PDCTV in May & June.

The Professional Darts Corporation supports a series of affiliated tours worldwide.

Each territory will stage a circuit of events in their region, which not only produce their own ranking tables but also work as qualification events for tournaments such as the William Hill World Darts Championship, World Cup of Darts or World Series of Darts events.

2020 Overseas Sanctioned Tours and dates:

PDC Asian Tour

PDC Asian Tour 1-2 (March 28-29, Kobe Sanbo-Hall, Kobe)
PDC Asian Tour 3-4 (April 18-19, Leyte Academic Center, Pawing, Palo, Leyte)
PDC Asian Tour 5-6 (May 9-10, PDK Darts Stadium, Seoul)
PDC Asian Tour 7-8 (TBC)
PDC Asian Tour 9-10 (TBC)
PDC Asian Tour 11-12 (TBC)
PDC Asian Tour 13-14 (TBC)

DartPlayers Australia
Winmau DPA ProTour 1-3 (January 31-February 2, Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club)
Winmau DPA ProTour 4-6 (March 6-8, Pine Rivers Darts Club Brisbane)
Winmau DPA ProTour 7-9 (April 3-5, East Devonport Rec Centre)
Winmau DPA ProTour 10-12 (May 1-3, Italian Sporting Club Morwell)
Winmau DPA ProTour 13-15 (May 29-31, Barooga Sporties Club)
Winmau DPA ProTour 16-18 (Date and venue TBC)

PDC Nordic & Baltic
PDCNB ProTour 1-2 (February 27-March 1, Finland)
PDCNB ProTour 3-4 (June 5-7, Denmark)
PDCNB ProTour 5-6 (July 25-26, Denmark)
PDCNB ProTour 7-8 (August 7-9, Denmark)
PDCNB ProTour 9-10 (October 24-25, Latvia)

EuroAsian Darts Corporation
EADC ProTour 1-3 (February 22-23)
EADC ProTour 4-6 (April 25-26)
World Youth Championship Qualifier (April 26)
World Championship Qualifier (October 24-25)

Championship Darts Circuit (North America)
Weekend #1 (March 21-22, Chicago)
Weekend #2 (April 25-26, Toronto)
Weekend #3 (July 11-12, Denver)
Weekend #4 (August 8-9, Calgary)
Weekend #5 (September 12-13, Philadelphia)
Weekend #6 (October 17-18, Halifax)