DPA & DPNZ circuits hit by cancellations

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Mar 20 2020

The ongoing worldwide situation has led to events on the Australian & New Zealand circuits to be cancelled.

CDC Postpones Opening 2020 Weekend

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Mar 12 2020

The planned opening weekend of the 2020 CDC season in North America has been postponed.

2020 PDC Asian Tour update

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Mar 04 2020

The PDC Asian Tour has been subject to a further schedule amendment due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Koltsov lands double as EADC season begins

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Feb 25 2020

Boris Koltsov picked up two of the first three EADC titles of 2020.

2020 PDC Asian Tour update

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Feb 07 2020

Two weekends of the PDC Asian Tour are to be rescheduled, with the 2020 season to begin next month in Kobe.

2020 PDC Asian Tour dates confirmed

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Nov 27 2019

CDC Continental Cup win for Lauby

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Oct 20 2019

Danny Lauby has won the 2019 CDC Continental Cup by defeating Gary Mawson 8-2 in the final in New York.

Heta seals World Championship debut

William Hill World Darts Championship

Oct 11 2019

Damon Heta has secured qualification for the William Hill World Darts Championship.

Heta Continues Dominant DPA Form

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Sep 24 2019

Damon Heta has taken a further step towards qualifying for the William Hill World Darts Championship.

CDC Event Ten win for Baggish

Overseas Sanctioned Tours

Sep 16 2019

Danny Baggish won his first CDC Magic Darts Championship Darts Circuit title in Event Ten.

The Professional Darts Corporation supports a series of affiliated tours worldwide.

Each territory will stage a circuit of events in their region, which not only produce their own ranking tables but also work as qualification events for tournaments such as the William Hill World Darts Championship, World Cup of Darts or World Series of Darts events.

2020 Overseas Sanctioned Tours and dates:

PDC Asian Tour

PDC Asian Tour 1-2 (March 28-29, Kobe Sanbo-Hall, Kobe)
PDC Asian Tour 3-4 (April 18-19, Leyte Academic Center, Pawing, Palo, Leyte)
PDC Asian Tour 5-6 (May 9-10, PDK Darts Stadium, Seoul)
PDC Asian Tour 7-8 (TBC)
PDC Asian Tour 9-10 (TBC)
PDC Asian Tour 11-12 (TBC)
PDC Asian Tour 13-14 (TBC)

DartPlayers Australia
Winmau DPA ProTour 1-3 (January 31-February 2, Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club)
Winmau DPA ProTour 4-6 (March 6-8, Pine Rivers Darts Club Brisbane)
Winmau DPA ProTour 7-9 (April 3-5, East Devonport Rec Centre)
Winmau DPA ProTour 10-12 (May 1-3, Italian Sporting Club Morwell)
Winmau DPA ProTour 13-15 (May 29-31, Barooga Sporties Club)
Winmau DPA ProTour 16-18 (Date and venue TBC)

PDC Nordic & Baltic
PDCNB ProTour 1-2 (February 27-March 1, Finland)
PDCNB ProTour 3-4 (June 5-7, Denmark)
PDCNB ProTour 5-6 (July 25-26, Denmark)
PDCNB ProTour 7-8 (August 7-9, Denmark)
PDCNB ProTour 9-10 (October 24-25, Latvia)

EuroAsian Darts Corporation
EADC ProTour 1-3 (February 22-23)
EADC ProTour 4-6 (April 25-26)
World Youth Championship Qualifier (April 26)
World Championship Qualifier (October 24-25)

Championship Darts Circuit (North America)
Weekend #1 (March 21-22, Chicago)
Weekend #2 (April 25-26, Toronto)
Weekend #3 (July 11-12, Denver)
Weekend #4 (August 8-9, Calgary)
Weekend #5 (September 12-13, Philadelphia)
Weekend #6 (October 17-18, Halifax)