Qualifying School - Day Four

JAMIE LEWIS, Bernd Roith, Johnny Haines and Dave Smith were the winners of the last four automatic Tour Cards on Day Four of the PDC's Qualifying School on Sunday.

Welsh ace Lewis, 20, will become a full-time professional in 2012 after his success at the Barnsley Metrodome - as he defeated former World Championship semi-finalist Andy Jenkins 6-3 to win a Tour Card.

The youngster from Cardigan dropped only four legs in wins over Hans Hagley, Josh Jones and Stephen Hardy before being handed passage into the deciding game when former World Championship finalist Steve Grubb was forced to withdraw from their Last 16 clash with an arm injury.

Lewis has previously played in events on the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour but will now get his chance to establish himself amongst the game's biggest names this year.

"It's probably the hardest tournament I've ever played in - the standard has been amazing and I've had to play really well to get over the finishing line today," said Lewis.

"It's a huge achievement for me and I can't wait to play on the PDC circuit now. I'm looking forward to ths year enormously and eventually I want to get myself to the top."

Lewis was joined by Germany's Bernd Roith (pictured above) and English pair Dave Smith and Johnny Haines in winning Tour Cards on Sunday.

Roith, who made his breakthrough by qualifying for the 2010 European Championship, defeated former Lakeside Champion Les Wallace 6-5 to win his Tour Card.

The 52-year-old from Tuebinghen was also taken to a deciding leg by youngster Keegan Brown and Nick Fullwell on the day, as well as defeating Mark Lawrence and Paul Marsh in securing his status as a full-time professional.

"This is a great achievement for me," said Roith. "I seem to always make it hard for myself by the experience I've gained in the last couple of years helped me through today.

"I'm looking forward to playing for Germany in the World Cup next month and then I'll concentrate on the PDC circuit."

Leeds-born Dave Smith, nicknamed The Rhino, celebrated a decade on the PDC circuit by preserving his status as a professional with a 6-2 win over Leicestershire newcomer Gareth Cousins in his decider.

Smith also defeated Joey Palfreyman, Canada's Shaun Narain, Daniel Day, Philip Wathen and Daniel Starkey on Sunday, and admitted: "It feels fantastic because I was under pressure.

"I've been privileged to play in the top TV events since I came through in 2002, when I qualified for the World Grand Prix, but that mean nothing here at Q School.

"It was so hard but I know I've got the game to do this, and I want to have a big year now."

Swindon's Haines, meanwhile, followed up qualification as an amateur for four previous UK Opens by winning a Tour Card with a comeback win over Gary Butcher in his decider, as he hit back from 5-3 down to win 6-5.

Haines, 47, had also defeated Matthew Edgar and Jim Walker 6-5 on Sunday and whitewashed Andy Relf 6-0 in the Last 16 as he earned his chance on the PDC circuit.

"It feels brilliant," said Haines. "The UK Opens have been a great experience and it's great that I get a chance to have a go on the circuit now."

Edgar and Walker were amongst 24 further players to win a Tour Card based on ranking points won across the four days at Qualifying School, which takes the number of Tour Card holders on the PDC circuit to 128.

Widnes' John Bowles and Dutch youngster Gino Vos shared the lead on the Q School Order of Merit, ahead of Bolton's Joe Murnan and experienced pair Andy Jenkins and Matt Clark.

The qualifiers also included Isle of Wight youngster Keegan Brown, Daventry's Matthew Edgar, Ireland's recent World Championship qualifier Connie Finnan and 1997 Lakeside Championship winner Les Wallace.

PDC Director Rod Harrington said: "The tournaments have been a huge success and it bodes well for the future of the sport at the top level to see so many quality players winning Tour Cards.

"With £5 million of prize money to play for this year, the standard of competition will be higher than ever and I'm sure we'll see many of these Tour Card winners in front of the TV cameras soon."

The players who failed to win Tour Cards become Associate Members of the PDPA, allowing them to enter the UK Open Qualifiers, non-UK Players Championships and qualifiers for the European Tour events and World Championship.

These include former Las Vegas Desert Classic winner Peter Manley, 1996 World Matchplay champion Peter Evison, former World Masters winner Colin Monk, Chris Mason and Spanish World Cup semi-finalist Carlos Rodriguez.

Tour Card Winners
Day One: Richie Howson, Andrew Cornwall, Darren Whittingham, Tony West
Day Two: Steve West, Stuart Kellett, Michael Barnard, Kurt Van De Rijck
Day Three: Dean Winstanley, Jeff Smith, Adrian Gray, Andrew Gilding
Day Four: Dave Smith, Johnny Haines, Jamie Lewis, Bernd Roith
Q School Order of Merit Qualifiers: John Bowles, Gino Vos, Andy Jenkins, Matt Clark, Joe Murnan, Gary Butcher, Stephen Hardy, Keegan Brown, Mareno Michels, Ross Smith, Matthew Edgar, Nick Fullwell, Daniel Starkey, Connie Finnan, Gareth Cousins, Gareth Pass, Anthony Littleton, John Scott, Paddy Meaney, Steve Grubb, Jim Walker, Liam Kelly, Les Wallace, Keith Stephen.

Qualifying School - Day Four
First Round
Darren Johnson Bye
Aodhagan O'Neill Bye
Martyn Turner Bye
Matthew Tedstone Bye
Connie Finnan 6-4 Lee White
James Guilfoyle 6-2 Fred Smith
Martin Whatmough 6-2 Andrew Hibbert
Gareth Cousins 6-0 John Walton
John Bowles Bye
Mark Robinson Bye
Sam Hill Bye
David Nelson Bye
Ian Moss 6-2 Peter Harris
Richard North 6-2 Alex Clyburn
Simon Burt 6-0 James Stoneley
Dave Honey 6-3 Geoff Whitworth
Anthony Littleton Bye
Steve Barrow Bye
Nigel Birch Bye
Paddy Meaney Bye
Daniel Starkey 6-3 Geoff Kime
Ian Lever 6-5 Andy Hutchings
Chris Mason 6-5 Ashley Holgate
Chris Aubrey 6-3 Mark Ashby
Jon Bott Bye
Peter Manley Bye
Lee Butler Bye
Philip Wathen Bye
Daniel Day 6-2 David Kelly
Thomas Jones 6-4 Ryan Herrington
Shaun Narain 6-3 Ross Smith
Dave Smith 6-2 Joey Palfreyman
Jon Archer Bye
Gary Butcher Bye
Joe Murnan Bye
Lee Saville Bye
Mareno Michels 6-2 Chris Dale
Andy Firth 6-4 Rees Hall
John Scott 6-1 Paul Hodkin
Ron Atwill 6-5 Dylan Duo
Matt Clark Bye
Stephen Clews Bye
John Turnbull Bye
Stuart White Bye
Tim Hope 6-5 Danny Moore
Gino Voss 6-0 Wilfried Hoberg
Steve McNally 6-1 Richard Hosey
Darrell Claydon 6-5 Paul Sawyer
Jim Walker Bye
Martino Tagliapietra Bye
Adam Hunt Bye
Stuart Woodmore Bye
Neville Roberts Bye
Adrian Bolitho 6-4 Shaun Vernall
Johnny Haines 6-0 Paul Davison
Matthew Edgar 6-1 Ricky Williams
Michael Gorst Bye
Andy Relf Bye
David Charnock Bye
Lee Whitworth Bye
Richie Walsh Bye
Pat Pace 6-0 Jonathan Mulley
Spencer Murphy 6-0 Jim McKevitt
Mark Stephenson 6-0 Andy Pearce
Andy Jenkins Bye
Andrew Hodges Bye
David Sanders Bye
Carlos Rodriguez Bye
Andrew Humphrey Bye
Danny Dyer 6-3 Mark Forman
Kevin Dowling 6-4 Danny Summers
James Young 6-3 Brian Kirk
Andrew Johnson Bye
Karl Forrington Bye
Chris Skeats Bye
Damien Sherwood Bye
Yoshan Roxy Iyer Bye
Campbell Jackson 6-5 Marko Kantele
Kentaro Suzuki 6-0 Darren Ward
Chris Allen 6-2 Daniel Bunker
Peter Hughes Bye
Josh Jones Bye
Hans Hagley Bye
Jamie Lewis Bye
Liam Kelly Bye
Aaron Turner 6-0 Co Stompe Jnr
Stephen Hardy 6-5 Colin Monk
Keith Rooney 6-3 Andrew Palmer
Tony Tasker Bye
Scott Coleman Bye
Michael Veitch Bye
Darren Webster Bye
Martin Perring Bye
Steve Grubb 6-1 Enrico Fraccara
John Jenkinson 6-5 Ryan Harrington
Keith Stephen 6-1 Aden Kirk
Tony Wood Bye
Wayne Pepper Bye
John Trembeth Bye
Jamie Landon Bye
Jerry Hendriks Bye
Matthew Dicken 6-3 Richard Plowman
Jamie Atkins 6-0 Steven Degville
James Thompson 6-5 Darren Latham
Rocco Maes Bye
Ken MacNeil Bye
Nathan Richards Bye
Gareth Pass Bye
Jack Hill Bye
Brandon Walsh 6-0 Norman Fletcher
Les Wallace 6-4 Andy Turnbull
Michael Peel 6-0 Joe Thompson
Paul Marsh Bye
Steve Haggerty Bye
Mark Lawrence Bye
Bernd Roith Bye
Peter Evison Bye
Mick McGowan 6-0 Rhys Dudley
Keegan Brown 6-2 Toon Greebe
Dave Ladley 6-0 Darren Williams
Gary Eastwood Bye
Sean White Bye
Luke Broadbent Bye
Mark Frost Bye
John Millett Bye
Stephen Jauch 6-1 Craig Pope
Nick Fullwell 6-0 Lewis Venes
Matthew Waddoups 6-1 Stefanie Luck

Second Round
Darren Johnson 6-3 Aodhagan O'Neill
Martyn Turner 6-2 Matthew Tedstone
Connie Finnan 6-2 James Guilfoyle
Gareth Cousins 6-3 Martin Whatmough
John Bowles 6-2 Mark Robinson
Sam Hill 6-3 David Nelson
Ian Moss 6-2 Richard North
Dave Honey 6-5 Simon Burt
Anthony Littleton 6-4 Steve Barrow
Nigel Birch 6-5 Paddy Meaney
Daniel Starkey 6-3 Ian Lever
Chris Mason 6-5 Chris Aubrey
Peter Manley 6-2 Jon Bott
Philip Wathen 6-0 Lee Butler
Daniel Day 6-0 Thomas Jones
Dave Smith 6-1 Shaun Narain
Gary Butcher 6-1 Jon Archer
Joe Murnan 6-0 Lee Saville
Mareno Michels 6-4 Andy Firth
Ron Atwill 6-3 John Scott
Matt Clark 6-2 Stephen Clews
Stuart White 6-0 John Turnbull
Gino Vos 6-3 Tim Hope
Steve McNally 6-5 Darrell Claydon
Jim Walker 6-3 Martino Tagliapietra
Adam Hunt 6-3 Stuart Woodmore
Adrian Bolitho 6-1 Neville Roberts
Johnny Haines 6-5 Matthew Edgar
Andy Relf 6-2 Michael Gorst
David Charnock 6-2 Lee Whitworth
Richie Walsh Walkover (Pat Pace timed out)
Mark Stephenson 6-3 Spencer Murphy
Andy Jenkins 6-1 Andrew Hodges
Carlos Rodriguez 6-5 David Sanders
Andrew Humphrey 6-1 Danny Dyer
Kevin Dowling 6-0 James Young
Karl Forrington 6-0 Andrew Johnson
Damien Sherwood 6-0 Chris Skeats
Yoshan Roxy Iyer 6-1 Campbell Jackson
Kentaro Suzuki 6-2 Chris Allen
Josh Jones 6-3 Peter Hughes
Jamie Lewis 6-0 Hans Hagley
Liam Kelly 6-5 Aaron Turner
Stephen Hardy 6-5 Keith Rooney
Scott Coleman 6-3 Tony Tasker
Michael Veitch 6-5 Darren Webster
Steve Grubb 6-1 Martin Perring
Keith Stephen 6-3 John Jenkinson
Wayne Pepper 6-5 Tony Wood
John Trembeth 6-3 Jamie Landon
Matthew Dicken 6-2 Jerry Hendriks
Jamie Atkins 6-4 James Thompson
Ken MacNeil 6-5 Rocco Maes
Gareth Pass 6-2 Nathan Richards
Jack Hill 6-1 Brandon Walsh
Les Wallace 6-4 Michael Peel
Paul Marsh 6-5 Steve Haggerty
Bernd Roith 6-3 Mark Lawrence
Peter Evison 6-2 Mick McGowan
Keegan Brown 6-4 Dave Ladley
Sean White 6-3 Gary Eastwood
Mark Frost 6-2 Luke Broadbent
Stephen Jauch 6-0 John Millett
Nick Fullwell 6-3 Matthew Waddoups

Third Round
Darren Johnson 6-1 Martyn Turner
Gareth Cousins 6-3 Connie Finnan
John Bowles 6-2 Sam Hill
Ian Moss 6-2 Dave Honey
Nigel Birch 6-5 Anthony Littleton
Daniel Starkey 6-4 Chris Mason
Philip Wathen 6-2 Peter Manley
Dave Smith 6-2 Daniel Day
Gary Butcher 6-3 Joe Murnan
Mareno Michels 6-3 Ron Atwill
Matt Clark 6-5 Stuart White
Gino Vos 6-3 Steve McNally
Jim Walker 6-3 Adam Hunt
Johnny Haines 6-1 Adrian Bolitho
Andy Relf 6-3 David Charnock
Mark Stephenson 6-1 Richie Walsh
Andy Jenkins 6-3 Carlos Rodriguez
Kevin Dowling 6-2 Andrew Humphrey
Karl Forrington 6-1 Damien Sherwood
Yoshan Roxy Iyer 6-3 Kentaro Suzuki
Jamie Lewis 6-2 Josh Jones
Stephen Hardy 6-5 Liam Kelly
Michael Veitch 6-0 Scott Coleman
Steve Grubb 6-5 Keith Stephen
Wayne Pepper 6-2 John Trembeth
Matthew Dicken 6-3 Jamie Atkins
Gareth Pass 6-5 Ken MacNeil
Les Wallace 6-3 Jack Hill
Bernd Roith 6-2 Paul Marsh
Keegan Brown 6-1 Peter Evison
Mark Frost 6-4 Sean White
Nick Fullwell 6-2 Stephen Jauch
Losers - 2 Ranking Points

Fourth Round
Gareth Cousins 6-3 Darren Johnson
Ian Moss 6-2 John Bowles
Daniel Starley 6-2 Nigel Birch
Dave Smith 6-5 Philip Wathen
Gary Butcher 6-4 Mareno Michels
Matt Clark 6-3 Gino Vos
Johnny Haines 6-5 Jim Walker
Andy Relf 6-4 Mark Stephenson
Andy Jenkins 6-5 Kevin Dowling
Karl Forrington 6-1 Yoshan Roxy Iyer
Jamie Lewis 6-2 Stephen Hardy
Steve Grubb 6-5 Michael Veitch
Wayne Pepper 6-5 Matthew Dicken
Les Wallace 6-1 Gareth Pass
Bernd Roith 6-5 Keegan Brown
Nick Fullwell 6-1 Mark Frost
Losers - 3 Ranking Points

Fifth Round
Gareth Cousins 6-3 Ian Moss
Dave Smith 6-2 Daniel Starley
Gary Butcher 6-2 Matt Clark
Johnny Haines 6-0 Andy Relf
Andy Jenkins 6-1 Karl Forrington
Jamie Lewis Walkover (Steve Grubb withdrew through injury)
Les Wallace 6-2 Wayne Pepper
Bernd Roith 6-5 Nick Fullwell
Losers - 5 Ranking Points

Sixth Round
Dave Smith 6-2 Gareth Cousins
Johnny Haines 6-5 Gary Butcher
Jamie Lewis 6-3 Andy Jenkins
Bernd Roith 6-5 Les Wallace
Winners get PDC Tour Cards
Losers - 9 Ranking Points

In addition to the Tour Card winners, Ranking Points for the Qualifying School Order of Merit will be allocated as follows:
Last 64 Losers: 2 points
Last 32 Losers: 3 points
Last 16 Losers: 5 points
Last Eight Losers: 9 Points

In the event of a Points tie in the table, places will be separated by the following count-back method:
Points gained on Day Four
Then Points gained on Day Three
Then Points gained on Day Two
Then Total Leg Difference over all four days
Then Leg Difference on Day Four
Then Leg Difference on Day Three
Then Leg Difference on Day Two
If all the above are equal, a Play-Off may be organised between the tied players.

The Final Qualifying School Order of Merit (updated following Day Four) is below - the top 24 players win a Tour Card:


Pos Name Points
1 Bowles, John 17
1 Vos, Gino 17
3 Jenkins, Andy 16
3 Clark, Matt 16
3 Murnan, Joe 16
6 Butcher, Gary 15
7 Hardy, Stephen 14
7 Brown, Keegan 14
7 Michels, Mareno 14
7 Smith, Ross 14
7 Edgar, Matthew 14
12 Fullwell, Nick 13
13 Starkey, Daniel 12
13 Finnan, Connie 12
15 Cousins, Gareth 11
15 Pass, Gareth 11
15 Littleton, Anthony 11
15 Scott, John 11
15 Meaney, Paddy 11
20 Grubb, Steve 10
20 Walker, Jim 10
20 Kelly, Liam 10
23 Wallace, Les 9
23 Stephen, Keith 9
-- ------------- -
25 Relf, Andy 8
25 Moss, Ian 8
25 Pepper, Wayne 8
25 Forrington, Karl 8
25 Veitch, Michael 8
25 Dowling, Kevin 8
25 Birch, Nigel 8
25 Rodriguez, Carlos 8
25 Latham, Darren 8
25 Johnson, Andrew 8
35 Johnson, Darren 7
35 Hunt, Adam 7
35 Jones, Josh 7
35 Charnock, David 7
35 Kime, Geoff 7
40 Wathen, Philip 6
40 Iyer, Yoshan Roxy 6
40 Turner, Martyn 6
40 Atkins, Jamie 6
40 Wood, Tony 6
45 Stephenson, Mark 5
45 White, Stuart 5
45 Hill, Sam 5
45 Day, Daniel 5
45 Bolitho, Adrian 5
45 Ladley, Dave 5
45 Tedstone, Matthew 5
45 Jackson, Campbell 5
45 Harrington, Ryan 5
45 Burt, Simon 5
45 Aubrey, Chris 5
45 Webster, Darren 5
45 Duijvenbode, Dirk van 5
58 Jauch, Stephen 4
58 Evison, Peter 4
58 McNally, Steve 4
58 Manley, Peter 4
58 Mason, Chris 4
58 Coleman, Scott 4
58 Hutchings, Andy 4
58 Pearson, Steven 4
58 Young, James 4
58 Rooney, Keith 4
58 Duo, Dylan 4
58 Pace, Pat 4
70 Dicken, Matthew 3
70 Frost, Mark 3
70 Thompson, James 3
70 Hibbert, Andrew 3
70 Greebe, Toon 3
70 Lawrence, Mark 3
70 Lever, Ian 3
70 Williams, Darren 3
70 Turner, Aaron 3
70 Hendriks, Jerry 3
70 Palfreyman, Joey 3
70 Perring, Martin 3
70 Stompe, Co Jnr 3
83 Sherwood, Damian 2
83 Honey, Dave 2
83 MacNeil, Ken 2
83 Humphrey, Andrew 2
83 Suzuki, Kentaro 2
83 Hill, Jack 2
83 Atwill, Ron 2
83 White, Sean 2
83 Walsh, Richie 2
83 Trembeth, John 2
83 Marsh, Paul 2
83 Barrow, Steve 2
83 Murphy, Spencer 2
83 Narain, Shaun 2
83 Claydon, Darryl 2
83 Davison, Paul 2
83 Hope, Tim 2
83 Dyer, Danny 2
83 Mulley, Jonathan 2
83 Hodges, Andrew 2
83 Venes, Lewis 2
83 Monk, Colin 2
83 Degville, Steven 2
83 Peel, Michael 2
83 Atwood, Wayne 2
83 Landon, Jamie 2
83 Walsh, Brandon 2
83 Waddoups, Matthew 2
83 Maes, Rocco 2
83 Padgett, Matt 2
83 Clews, Stephen 2
83 Bott, Jon 2
83 Pearce, Andy 2
83 Turnbull, John 2
83 Hosey, Richard 2
83 Gorst, Michael 2
83 Hughes, Peter 2
83 Rose, Terry 2
83 Simpkins, Jason 2
83 Holgate, Ashley 2
83 Hoberg, Wilfried 2
83 Tagliapietra, Martino 2
83 Turnbull, Andy 2
83 Tasker, Tony 2
127 Whatmough, Martin 0
127 Whitworth, Lee 0
127 Craven, Simon 0
127 McGowan, Mick 0
127 Pastfield, James 0
127 Downs, John 0
127 Guilfoyle, James 0
127 Haggerty, Steve 0
127 Fordham, Andy 0
127 Hunt, Joseph 0
127 Kantele, Marko 0
127 Slater, Richard 0
127 Gent, John 0
127 Firth, Andy 0
127 Sanders, David 0
127 Robinson, Mark 0
127 Allen, Chris 0
127 Sawyer, Paul 0
127 O'Neill, Aodhagan 0
127 Woodmore, Stuart 0
127 Dale, Chris 0
127 Broome, David 0
127 O'Regan, Jimmy 0
127 Summers, Danny 0
127 Jenkinson, John 0
127 Smith, Fred 0
127 Bunker, Daniel 0
127 Mawson, Gary 0
127 North, Richard 0
127 Jones, Thomas 0
127 Kirk, Brian 0
127 Kirk, Aden 0
127 Clements, Chris 0
127 White, Lee 0
127 Palmer, Andrew 0