ALEKSANDR ORESHKIN and Maxim Aldoshin shared victories on the opening weekend of the 2018 EuroAsian Darts Corporation season.

Russian left-hander Oreshkin, a two-time World Championship qualifier, defeated Aldoshin 6-4 in the final of the year's first event.

Aldoshin gained revenge with a 6-2 semi-final triumph in the Sunday's second event before going on to take the victory by defeating Vladimir Akshulakov 6-4 in the final.

Oreshkin remains clear at the top of the EADC rankings, which include 2017 events, with Boris Koltsov in second, Evgenii Izotov in third and Aldoshin fourth.

2018 EADC Tour
Event One
Saturday February 24

Aleksandr Oreshkin 6–4 Alexander Basharin
Grigory Kirilenko 6–3 Maxim Belov
Maxim Aldoshin 6–5 Dmitriy Gorbunov
Vladimir Akshulakov 6–1 Evgenii Izotov

Maxim Aldoshin 6–4 Vladimir Akshulakov
Aleksandr Oreshkin 6–3 Grigory Kirilenko

Aleksandr Oreshkin 6–4 Maxim Aldoshin

Event Two
Sunday February 25

Aleksandr Oreshkin 6–0 Aleksei Kadochnikov
Maxim Aldoshin 6–4 Maxim Belov
Roman Obukhov 6–2 Aleksander Shevel
Vladimir Akshulakov 6–2 Evgenii Izotov

Vladimir Akshulakov 6–0 Roman Obukhov
Maxim Aldoshin 6–2 Aleksandr Oreshkin

Maxim Aldoshin 6–4 Vladimir Akshulakov