MAX HOPP, Dimitri Van den Bergh and Ronny Huybrechts enjoyed a double success on Thursday by qualifying for the German Darts Open and Austrian Darts Open.

Former World Youth Champion Hopp was one of the four Host Nation Qualifiers for ths weekend's German Darts Open, where he will compete in Saarbrucken alongside Rene Eidams, Dragutin Horvant and European Tour debutant Tobias Muller.

Muller will face another newcomer to the European Tour circuit, Dutchman Maik Kuivenhoven, in Friday's first round of the German Darts Open.

Fellow countrymen Jermaine Wattimena, Danny Noppert and Jan Dekker also came through the South & West Europe Qualifier to seal their places in the German Darts Open, alongside Spain's Jose Justicia.

Belgian duo Dimitri Van den Bergh - the reigning PDC Unicorn World Youth Champion - and Ronny Huybrechts also secured places in the Saarbrucken event before going on to qualify for the Austrian Darts Open.

Hopp also won a spot in the Austrian Darts Open in the South & West Europe Qualifier, with fellow countrymen Gabriel Clemens, Kevin Munch and newcomer Simeon Heinz also qualifying to compete in Graz.

Spain's Cristo Reyes and Dutch left-hander Ron Meulenkamp were the other qualifiers for the Austrian Darts Open, with the final four spots being available in the Host Nation Qualifier on April 19.

German Darts Open (ET3)
Host Nation Qualifier

HNQ1: Max Hopp
HNQ2: Rene Eidams
HNQ3: Tobias Müller
HNQ4: Dragutin Horvat

South & West Europe Qualifier
EQ1: Jermaine Wattimena
EQ2: Maik Kuivenhoven
EQ3: Dimitri van den Bergh
EQ4: Jan Dekker
EQ5: Danny Noppert
EQ6: Jose Justicia
EQ7: Zoran Lerchbacher
EQ8: Ronny Huybrechts

Austrian Darts Open (ET4)
South & West Europe Qualifier

EQ1: Cristo Reyes
EQ2: Ron Meulenkamp
EQ3: Max Hopp
EQ4: Simeon Heinz
EQ5: Kevin Munch
EQ6: Gabriel Clemens
EQ7: Dimitri Van den Bergh
EQ8: Ronny Huybrechts