ALEKSEI KADOCHNIKOV enjoyed a double success on the opening weekend of the 2019 EADC season, with Andrey Pontus also picking up an event win.

Kadochnikov was successful in Event One and Event Three as he followed up his three EADC victories in 2018 with a brace to begin this year's campaign.

He overcame Pontus in Saturday's Event One final with a 6-4 success, before losing out in the later Event Two at the last eight stage to Dmitriy Gorbunov.

Gorbunov went on to reach the final, only to lose out 6-2 as Belarus' Pontus claimed his first EADC win.

Pontus' strong weekend continued as he reached the Event Three semi-finals on Sunday, only to lose in a deciding leg to Kadochnikov.

Kadochnikov then went on to defeat Maxim Aldoshin 6-3 as he repeated his success in two finals last year against the same opponent to take victory.

Leading Russian ace Boris Koltsov missed the weekend due to his participation in the PDC Players Championship events in Barnsley.

2019 EuroAsian Darts Corporation ProTour
Event One

Aleksei Kadochnikov 6-1 Vladimir Pisarev
Andrey Pryalkin 6-5 Maxim Belov
Anton Kolesov def Oleg Soldatov
Andrey Pontus def Roman Obukhov

Aleksei Kadochnikov 6-2 Andrey Pryalkin
Andrey Pontus 6-1 Anton Kolesov

Aleksei Kadochnikov 6-4 Andrey Pontus

Event Two

Dmitriy Gorbunov 6-4 Aleksei Kadochnikov
Maxim Belov 6-5 Pavel Levenkov
Maxim Aldoshin 6-5 Anton Kolesov
Andrey Pontus 6-0 Roman Obukhov

Dmitriy Gorbunov 6-0 Maxim Belov
Andrey Pontus 6-3 Maxim Aldoshin

Andrey Pontus 6-2 Dmitriy Gorbunov

Event Three

Aleksei Kadochnikov 6-2 Dmitriy Gorbunov
Andrey Pontus 6-1 Anton Kolesov
Maxim Aldoshin 6-3 Dmitry Zhavoronkov
Roman Abukhov 6-4 Vladimir Akshulakov

Aleksei Kadochnikov 6-5 Andrey Pontus
Maxim Aldoshin 6-3 Roman Obukhov

Aleksei Kadochnikov 6-3 Maxim Aldoshin