NINE players will retain their ever-present records at the 2019 BetVictor World Cup of Darts in Hamburg this weekend.

The ever-popular international tournament will see 32 countries competing represented by two players each competing at The Barclaycard Arena live on Sky Sports from Thursday June 6 - Sunday June 9.

Former World Champions John Part and Raymond van Barneveld will be absent from the Canadian and Dutch line-ups respectively for the first time in World Cup history, meaning nine players will keep up their record of playing in every event since 2010.

Here, we take a look at how the nine ever-presents have fared over the years.

Mensur Suljovic (Austria)

Best run: Quarter-Finals (2016, 2017)
Partnered by: Maik Langendorf (2010, 2013), Dietmar Burger (2012), Rowby-John Rodriguez (2014-2017), Zoran Lerchbacher (2018-)

Simon Whitlock (PDC)

Simon Whitlock (Australia)

Best run: Final (2012)
Partnered by: Paul Nicholson (2010-2015), Kyle Anderson (2016-)

Brendan Dolan (PDC)

Brendan Dolan (Northern Ireland)

Best run: Semi-Finals (2014, 2016)
Partnered by: John MaGowan (2010), Mickey Mansell (2012-2015), Daryl Gurney (2016-)

William O'Connor (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

William O'Connor (Republic of Ireland)

Best run: Last 16 (2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Partnered by: Mick McGowan (2010-2012), Connie Finnan (2013-2015), Mick McGowan (2016-2017), Steve Lennon (2018-)

Toni Alcinas (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Toni Alcinas (Spain)

Best run: Semi-Finals (2010)
Partnered by: Carlos Rodriguez (2010-2014), Cristo Reyes (2015-)

Darin Young (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Darin Young (USA)

Best run: Quarter-Finals (2012)
Partnered by: Bill Davis (2010), Gary Mawson (2012), Larry Butler (2013-2018), Chuck Puleo (2019-)

Per Laursen (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Per Laursen (Denmark)

Best run: Last 16 (2012, 2016)
Partnered by: Vladimir Andersen (2010), Jann Hoffmann (2012-2013), Dennis Lindskjold (2014), Per Skau (2015), Daniel Jensen (2016), Alex Jensen (2017), Henrik Primdal (2018), Niels Heinsøe (2019-)

Haruki Muramatsu (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Haruki Muramatsu (Japan)

Best run:
Quarter-Finals (2013, 2018)
Partnered by: Taro Yachi (2010), Morihiro Hashimoto (2012, 2014, 2015), Sho Katsumi (2013), Keita Ono (2016), Yuki Yamada (2017), Seigo Asada (2018-)

Dyson Parody (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Dyson Parody (Gibraltar)

Best run: Last 16 (2015)
Partnered by: Dylan Duo (2010-2014), Manuel Vilerio (2015-2016), Dylan Duo (2017), Justin Broton (2018), Antony Lopez (2019-)

The BetVictor World Cup of Darts will be held from June 6-9 at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany.

Broadcast live on Sky Sports, the tournament will see 32 countries represented by two players each in the unique event which features both doubles and singles matches.

Tickets are available now through PDC Europe.