Damon Heta has taken a further step towards qualifying for the William Hill World Darts Championship following the latest DPA ProTour weekend in Melbourne.

Brisbane Darts Masters champion Heta is on course to make his World Championship debut in December, having extended his lead over James Bailey at the top of the DPA Order of Merit.

Heta was victorious in two of the four events held at the Seaford Hotel, defeating Gordon Mathers in both finals, and reached one other semi-final as he continued his superb year.

He is now holding an almost unassailable advantage going into the year's final four ProTour events in Canberra from October 11-13.

Mathers' strong weekend saw him reach a third final as he was edged out by Tim Pusey, with Raymond O'Donnell being the other event winner in Melbourne.

2019 Harrows DPA Australian ProTour
Event 23
Damon Heta 6-4 Rhys Mathewson
Robbie King 6-1 Mick Lacey
Raymond O'Donnell 6-5 James Bailey
Steve Fitzpatrick 6-1 Gordon Mathers

Robbie King 6-5 Damon Heta
Raymond O'Donnell 6-5 Steve Fitzpatrick

Raymond O'Donnell 6-1 Robbie King

Event 24

Tim Pusey 6-0 Michael Cassar
Mick Lacey 6-2 Rob Modra
Raymond O'Donnell 6-5 James Bailey
Gordon Mathers 6-0 Paul Cotton

Tim Pusey 6-2 Mick Lacey
Gordon Mathers 6-0 Raymond O'Donnell

Tim Pusey 6-5 Gordon Mathers

Event 25

Damon Heta 6-3 Tim Pusey
Brandon Weening 6-3 Mike Bonser
Raymond Smith 6-1 James Bailey
Gordon Mathers 6-5 Steve Fitzpatrick

Damon Heta 6-2 Brandon Weeding
Gordon Mathers 6-4 Raymond Smith

Damon Heta 6-4 Gordon Mathers

Event 26

Damon Heta 5-1 Tim Pusey
Brody Klinge 5-2 Brendon McCausland
Gordon Mathers 5-3 Mick Lacey
Raymond Smith 5-1 Rob Modra

Damon Heta 5-4 Brody Klinge
Gordon Mathers 5-3 Raymond Smith

Damon Heta 6-1 Gordon Mathers