Flash Links Up With Legend

MARK DUDBRIDGE believes that he will be "200 per cent" better prepared for the Ladbrokes.com World Championship this year.

Dudbridge reached the final at the Circus Tavern 12 months ago in only his second appearance at Purfleet, losing 7-4 to Phil Taylor.

The Bristolian has spent the past two months practising with former World Champion Bob Anderson at his Somerset home, and feels that he is better prepared to challenge for the title this time around.

"I'll be 200% better prepared than last year," he said. "It's made a hell of a difference, for both of us.

"The main thing for me is that he's taught me how to practice and that it's not all about going up and playing games of 501.

"He's got lots of games that he's devised over the years, which has made the practice very interesting and makes the hours fly by.

"I am really excited. With the practice we've put in, I feel as good as I've ever felt and that's really important."

Anderson, the 1988 World Champion, has reached the semi-finals in the past two years at the Circus Tavern.

Despite his supposed veteran status, the 57-year-old concedes that playing alongside Dudbridge has also been a benefit to his preparations.

"I spoke to Mark and said that as we both live close to each other it would do us both good to practise together," he revealed.

"For the last six-to-eight weeks we have been doing just that and I know it has been beneficial to me, and I hope it has been for Mark - I think it probably has been.

"Both of us are going to walk out on stage knowing we have prepared properly, and that's very important in this game.

"We've worked very hard and pushed each other, and that's terrific."

Tickets for the first three days of the Ladbrokes.com World Darts Championship are still available - click here for details.