JAMES BAILEY enjoyed a double success on the opening weekend of the 2018 DPA Harrows ProTour season, as Raymond Smith also took victory in New South Wales.

Smith defeated Tim Pusey 6-4 in the final to claim the year's first tournament with a Friday success at the Blue Cattle Dog Hotel, in an event which saw Justin Thompson and Scott Johnson reach the last four.

The remainder of the weekend was dominated by Bailey, who followed up a quarter-final appearance on Friday by taking victory on both Saturday and Sunday.

Bailey - who competed at the PDC Qualifying School in January and on the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour - was victorious in both finals against 2008 World Championship qualifier Steve MacArthur, with both games going to a deciding 11th leg.

The next DPA Harrows ProTour weekend will be held from March 23-25 at the Seaford Hotel in Victoria. For further information, please visit www.dartplayersaustralia.com.

2018 DPA Harrows ProTour
Event One
Friday February 16, Blue Cattle Dog Hotel, St Clair, NSW

Tim Pusey 6-0 Tremaine Gallagher
Scott Johnson 6-4 Tahuna Irwin
Justin Thompson 6-4 Gordon Mathers
Raymond Smith 6-3 James Bailey

Tim Pusey 6-2 Scott Johnson
Raymond Smith 6-3 Justin Thompson

Raymond Smith 6-4 Tim Pusey

Event Two
Saturday February 17, Blue Cattle Dog Hotel, St Clair, NSW

John Riley 6-4 Mike Bonser
James Bailey 6-4 Gordon Mathers
Steve Powell 6-1 Tim Pusey
Steve MacArthur 6-1 Tyler Fitch

James Bailey 6-0 Joh Riley
Steve MacArthur 6-5 Steve Powell

James Bailey 6-5 Steve MacArthur

Event Three

Ryan Lynch 6-5 Gordon Mathers
Steve MacArthur 6-5 Kerry Allen
James Bailey 6-3 Raymond Smith
Tahuna Irwin 6-5 Kalani Hillman

Steve MacArthur 6-2 Ryan Lynch
James Bailey 6-1 Tahuna Irwin

James Bailey 6-5 Steve MacArthur