Host Nation Qualifiers confirmed for European Tour Events 1-3

Lukas Wenig

Nine players won places in the year's opening three PDC European Tour events at Thursday's Host Nation Qualifiers in Riesa, Germany.

The qualifying events saw places on offer in Riesa this weekend, as well as in the forthcoming tournaments in Hildesheim and Munich for non-PDC Tour Card Holders based in the host nation of each event.


The year's first European Tour event, the International Darts Open in Riesa, saw five players qualify: Fabian Schmutzler, Niko Springer, David Schlichting, Dragutin Horvat and Nico Kurz.

Heading to Hildesheim to compete in the Interwetten German Darts Championship (ET2) will be Lukas Wenig (pictured) and Nico Springer.

The final event of the day saw Wenig and Horvat book places in Munich for the Interwetten German Darts Grand Prix (ET3).

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European Tour 1-3 Host Nation Qualifiers
Thursday February 24
ET1 Host Nation Qualifier
Last Ten

Fabian Schmutzler 5-3 Marco Obst
Niko Springer 5-0 Michael Hurtz
David Schlichting 5-1 Benjamin Greisert
Dragutin Horvat 5-2 Kai Gotthardt
Nico Kurz 5-2 Stefan Glathe

ET2 Host Nation Qualifier
Last Four

Niko Springer 5-2 Fabian Schmutzler
Lukas Wenig 5-1 Franz Roetzsch

ET3 Host Nation Qualifier
Last Four

Lukas Wenig 5-3 Lukas Sekinger
Dragutin Horvat 5-3 Patrick Plötz