European Tour Host Nation & Associate Member Qualifiers dates confirmed

PDC European Tour stage (Kais Bodensieck/PDC)

The dates for Host Nation Qualifiers and Associate Member Qualifiers for the 2023 PDC European Tour have been confirmed.

Having enjoyed a return to a full programme of events in 2022, the PDC European Tour will again see 13 tournaments taking place across the continent in 2023, starting with a debut in Kiel, Germany next month.

There will be eight European Tour events staged in Germany, along with visits to the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The Host Nation Qualifiers for ET1-ET3 will take place from February 10-12 in Hildesheim, with the first five Associate Member Qualifiers also set to be held at Halle 39 next month.

Riesa in Germany will play host to Associate Member Qualifiers for ET6-ET8 on March 29-30, before Host Nation Qualifiers for ET4-ET8 will be held the day before each event gets underway.

The remaining Associate Member Qualifiers for ET9-ET13 will then take place from May 19-21 in Hildesheim, along with Host Nation Qualifiers for ET9-ET12.

The Host Nation Qualifier for the year’s final European Tour events of 2023 in Budapest and Hildesheim will be staged on September 20 and October 12 respectively, a day before each event begins.

Entries are now open for all events, with players able to enter through the PDC Entry System

Important Note: PDPA Associate Members must enter the Host Nation Qualifier for any event in their home country.

2023 PDC European Tour - Host Nation & Associate Member Qualifier Dates
HNQ1/AMQ1 Kiel + HNQ2/AMQ2 Leverkusen - February 10, Hildesheim, Germany
HNQ3/AMQ3 Riesa + HNQ4/AMQ4 Munich - February 11, Hildesheim, Germany
AMQ5 Graz - February 12, Hildesheim, Germany
AMQ6 Leeuwarden + AMQ7 Wieze - March 29, Riesa, Germany
AMQ8 Prague - March 30, Riesa, Germany
HNQ5 Graz - April 20, Graz, Austria
HNQ6 Leeuwarden - April 27, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
HNQ7 Wieze - May 4, Lebbeke, Belgium
HNQ8 Prague - May 11, Prague, Czech Republic
HNQ 9 + AMQ 9 Sindelfingen - May 19, Hildesheim, Germany
HNQ10/AMQ10 Trier + HNQ11/AMQ11 Jena - May 20, Hildesheim, Germany
AMQ12 Budapest + AMQ13 Hildesheim - May 21, Hildesheim, Germany
HNQ12 Budapest - September 21, Budapest, Hungary
HNQ13 Hildesheim - October 12, Hildesheim, Germany

Entries are available through the PDC Entry System.