KIM VILJANEN and Daniel Larsson shared wins on the opening PDCNB ProTour weekend of 2018 in Copenhagen.

Finland's Viljanen, the 2017 champion, continued where he left off last year by defeating Ulf Ceder in the final of ProTour Event One.

Viljanen also overcame Soren Hedegaard, Edwin Torbjornsson, Brian S Andersen, Per Laursen and Madars Razma during the tournament.

He was denied back-to-back titles in Event Two after losing out 6-4 to Vladimir Andersen in the last 16.

Sweden's Daniel Larsson went on to take victory, defeating Darius Labanauskas 6-4 in the final following earlier wins over Joakin Kulan, Mathias Arslev, Alex B Jensen, Magnus Caris, Ceder and Torbjornsson.

The weekend had also seen Larsson secure a place in the year's third European Tour event through the PDCNB Qualifier, with Marko Kantele qualifying for the opening event and Razma qualifying for Event Two.

The next PDCNB weekend will be held in Lithuania from February 23-25. For further details, please see

ProTour Event One
Last 16
Kim Viljanen 6-3 Brian S Andersen
Per Laursen 6–5 Lars Helsinghof
Magnus Caris 6–2 Nicolai Olsen
Madars Razma 6-2 Daniel Larsson
Johan Engström 6–4 Steen Lysen
Roland Lenngren 6-4 Cor Dekker
Aegir Björnsson 6-0 Ricky Nauman
Ulf Ceder 6–4 Pauli Finnila

Kim Viljanen 6–5 Per Laursen
Madars Razma 6–3 Magnus Caris
Johan Engström 6–3 Roland Lenngren
Ulf Ceder 6 3 Aegir Björnsson

Kim Viljanen 6–2 Madars Razma
Ulf Ceder 6–3 Johan Engström

Kim Viljanen 6–2 Ulf Ceder

ProTour Event Two
Last 16
Vladimir Andersen 6-4 Kim Viljanen
Darius Labanauskas 6-3 Roland Lenngren
Dennis Nilsson 6-1 Henrik Primdal
Marko Kantele 6-4 Per Laursen
Ulf Ceder 6–4 Pauli Finnila
Daniel Larsson 6-2 Magnus Caris
Madars Razma 6–3 Pär Riihonen
Edwin Torbjörnsson 6-2 Lars Helsinghof

Darius Labanauskas 6-0 Vladimir Andersen
Marko Kantele 6-4 Dennis Nilsson
Daniel Larsson 6-4 Ulf Ceder
Edwin Torbjörnsson 6-5 Madars Razma

Darius Labanauskas 6–2 Marko Kantele
Daniel Larsson 6–3 Edwin Torbjörnsson

Daniel Larsson 6-4 Darius Labanauskas